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April field study

Opening statement…bring the reader into your blog post. What was the date? Where did you go? What was the purpose of the trip? What were the weather conditions like? How has the site changed from the last visit? What are signs of the season?

On April 8 we went to the wenyu river and did our field study, and saw that the weather was slightly polluted than the last time but the trees and flowers began to grow.



This photo describes how that spring is here and that flowers are growing


this photo represents how the seasons have changed and became more springtime




In April, the results were a bit more polluted than the last couple of one but still healthier than the ones at the beginning of the year.


I notice that the data is slowly rising back up and probably will be more unhealthy the next time we go


Next time we collect data, I wonder if the pollution will be more polluted or less because of the air quality

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

On March 7th, 2019, we went on a field study to the Wenyu River to go measure the Average PM 2.5 near the river on a sunny beautiful day.



: The Wenyu River.



In March, the results of the Average AQI were better than any other Average. For example, January had an average of 17 while March had an average of 10.

I notice that the data is slowly decreasing and becoming healthier, so I believe that in around April to May it may be very low.

Next time we collect data, I wonder If we can get a lower average than March due to the Average slowly decreasing; but, only winters AQI increase. Probably due to the fact that in winter more people will use items that will increase the AQI, like heater or cars.

Express It: Final & Exhibition

Link to the final project

Looking back on this project, I learned how to knap and do jiu-jitsu

Knowing what I know now, I would change the modern actions to Shakespeare actions differently because I think when we first did the practice we used muffins and not Shakespeare quotes or speech

The mistake I learned from the most was making the knap and not letting the audience seeing it.

One skill I think I can use in the future is jiu-jitsu because jiu-jitsu is used for self-defense so it can come in handy late

Express It! Create and Improve

  • Looking at my first and second skit, I noticed that doing the knap when the fighting happened there was a lot of dead air so we had to improve on it, along with the choking,
  • One of the biggest challenges was making it Shakespeare and not modern. 
  • I struggled to express the fly when I got pushed back
  • After getting feedback from my peers and facilitators, I learned that we had to change the muffins to something else, and ms Northcott suggested to bite a finger.
  • I took feedback from ms Northcott and ms Difalco To improve how the play roled out. 

Express It!: Develop and Plan

While making our skit for Bard and Brawl, I realized that where you stand on the stage is important because during a combat scene you’re trying to make it look as real as possible, so you want to hide the knap and the spaces between the hits from the audience.

For our play, we decided to do Muay Thai and a little jiu-jitsu in our fight scene.  During our combat scene, one of the moves we will be using is from jiujitsu and is the takedown as well as the rear naked choke. for a counter move, we will use a kick to the opponent’s waist to give space to do a tactical standup to run away from the opponent.

Link to video

Field study 4: January

During January 25th, 2019 we went on a field study to the wenyu river for data collection.

This is one of the spots we recorded on in the wenyu river.



In January, the pm 2.5 was lower than others, like during November and October. I notice that the data was the lowest of all. Next time we collect data, I wonder if the AQI will be lower or higher than September.

Project collision

In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver Video games by drones. The drone will release the package from a height of up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall.

For Drop 0, a package with the dimensions of The box height is 18cm and the width is11cm was dropped from a height of 5 meters. Below is a photograph of the package:

The package will hold video game boxes Inside, items are organized like this:

The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle.

  1. Reset stopwatch
  2. Bring package to the balcony for drop
  3. clear area of people
  4. plug the computer to force plate
  5. Start the recording of the force plate
  6. start the videos
  7. make sure the package is 40 cm off the bar of the balcony
  8. start the stopwatch and drop at the same time
  9. stop stopwatch as soon as the package hits the ground
  10. stop videos
  11. measure the distance from the middle of the force plate to the center of the box within a 30cm radius 
  12. get the package and bring it to a safe place
  13. get the videos of the Ipads
  14. record the force and stopwatch time in the data table

During the drops, I noticed that the box was durable but kept on bouncing away. The following data was collected:

A force plate at the bottom of the drop was used to collect data on the impact force of the package. Our group was kinda successful. As a project metric for accuracy, we want our project to be closer to the target and have some sorta waterproof thing attached to it.

The average force on impact was 172N. As a project metric, our group has decided to reduce the impact.

Summary: Project Metrics

Our team has decided that the three most important criteria to design towards are to keep the box safe is Below, each metric is described and the goals were determined by data from Drop 0.

  • Waterproof
  • Accurate
  • Reduce the force by 86N.

We want to make the box safe with the products clean.

Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that we will be successful in dropping the box.

Project Collisions: Blog Post #1

On Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisions with an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was a balloon tied to a string around a piece of paper with the egg inside of it.

Then, working in a group, we decided to not use one balloon to hold it but four balloons to hold the egg so we began to sketch different ideas of the design. We came up with different designs but started to see how it could fail, and not succeed. So we used an idea of that sticks would be in the bottom of the paper so that when it dropped the sticks would stop the fall.

As the egg was dropping, I thought to my self it wouldn’t work but as I watched the egg fall with four balloons desperately trying to stop it the egg crashed to the bottom with the sticks snapping in half and a broken egg.

Our design was unsuccessful because when we worked on the balloon idea we weren’t thinking about how the balloon would stop it but we thought it would pull it up so we attached as many balloons as we can and tossed it off a cliff just to see the egg skydiving with nothing to stop the fall but a little tug

Next time, I would use a parachute on the design than a balloon because then the parachute can stop the fall, unlike the four balloons.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I got the interest in delivering products that people need, like food, entertainment, books, and school necessary products. Through this project, I hope to learn about how people delivery things creatively without fail to their customers.

A yolky finish



During the last two weeks, we did a project about growing and shrinking eggs with different liquid

My design is repeatable by another person because following the procedure you can get these items easily done by buying the items in store or from your home. I realized that not measuring the control might have been an issue because I could have used it for later as a reference on how it shrunk or grown. Also, an improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is measuring the plain egg’s hight, and width, so you can like the control see how it can shrink and grow to air. Some additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon would probably be measuring the syrup egg in water or making a timelapse so I can get a better understanding of what’s happening in the egg.

3145_001   3146_001   3169_001  2784_001

When I first watched the phenomenon, I thought that the egg grows and shrink due to the density of the other liquid.

My evidence indicated that the egg was growing when placed in water and shrunk in syrup

Key evidence to support this includes the egg growing is the water molecules entering the egg while the syrup had too large molecules so it couldn’t get in but push the egg smalled
Now, I believe that the egg grows and shrink because think a wall with holes as the egg and toys as the molecules the water molecules or the smaller toys can get in but large molecules or syrup molecule which are bunched up can’t get in.


This movement of matter is based upon different molecules and cell in the egg

My evidence that supports this is the yolk contains cells and the white contains molecules my evidence supports this is because when after placing the vinegar for 24 hours then placing it in the syrup in 24 hours there is a watery substance on the top of the syrup.

What? So What? Now What?

I think that a problem in the future will be global warming and pollution, for example, we are still using coal or smoke any way possible.

I think this will be a problem in the future because pollution will pollute the earth with plastic waste and create a hard life to live in due to food containing plastic.


An issue we are facing today that will get worse with pollution is polluting food. For example, Joseph Kennedy, Owner at Content Pathway (2016-present) at Quora claims that the food you eat has a chance of containing plastic so you can get sick, but not just food but also water and soil, the plastic will infect the plastic and the soil to make the crops and the plants bad to eat or drink.


Another example of this problem is the actual pollution itself. It can infect your lungs and you could die, how pollution spreads have many different ways. 1 way is cars, they let out flumes that instead of dissolving they spread and pollute the surrounding,

This show’s that if we don’t start doing something we can pollute the earth and trash it. This is important because it’s our lives life we have to worry about, it’s the earth’s life, so we have to do something about this.


We can solve this problem by doing small things like walking or biking to school than riding a car, you can also solve this problem by Conserving energy by remembering to turn off lights, computers, and electric appliances when they are not used.

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