No matter how far you run, reality will someday catch up to you.

A yolky finish



During the last two weeks, we did a project about growing and shrinking eggs with different liquid

My design is repeatable by another person because following the procedure you can get these items easily done by buying the items in store or from your home. I realized that not measuring the control might have been an issue because I could have used it for later as a reference on how it shrunk or grown. Also, an improvement that I would make if doing this investigation again is measuring the plain egg’s hight, and width, so you can like the control see how it can shrink and grow to air. Some additional information that I would like to collect to have me understand more about this phenomenon would probably be measuring the syrup egg in water or making a timelapse so I can get a better understanding of what’s happening in the egg.

3145_001   3146_001   3169_001  2784_001

When I first watched the phenomenon, I thought that the egg grows and shrink due to the density of the other liquid.

My evidence indicated that the egg was growing when placed in water and shrunk in syrup

Key evidence to support this includes the egg growing is the water molecules entering the egg while the syrup had too large molecules so it couldn’t get in but push the egg smalled
Now, I believe that the egg grows and shrink because think a wall with holes as the egg and toys as the molecules the water molecules or the smaller toys can get in but large molecules or syrup molecule which are bunched up can’t get in.


This movement of matter is based upon different molecules and cell in the egg

My evidence that supports this is the yolk contains cells and the white contains molecules my evidence supports this is because when after placing the vinegar for 24 hours then placing it in the syrup in 24 hours there is a watery substance on the top of the syrup.

What? So What? Now What?

I think that a problem in the future will be global warming and pollution, for example, we are still using coal or smoke any way possible.

I think this will be a problem in the future because pollution will pollute the earth with plastic waste and create a hard life to live in due to food containing plastic.


An issue we are facing today that will get worse with pollution is polluting food. For example, Joseph Kennedy, Owner at Content Pathway (2016-present) at Quora claims that the food you eat has a chance of containing plastic so you can get sick, but not just food but also water and soil, the plastic will infect the plastic and the soil to make the crops and the plants bad to eat or drink.


Another example of this problem is the actual pollution itself. It can infect your lungs and you could die, how pollution spreads have many different ways. 1 way is cars, they let out flumes that instead of dissolving they spread and pollute the surrounding,

This show’s that if we don’t start doing something we can pollute the earth and trash it. This is important because it’s our lives life we have to worry about, it’s the earth’s life, so we have to do something about this.


We can solve this problem by doing small things like walking or biking to school than riding a car, you can also solve this problem by Conserving energy by remembering to turn off lights, computers, and electric appliances when they are not used.

River Field Study – Data Collection 3


At November 20 we went to Wenyu river for a field study.

Photo Caption: Trees in the Wenyu River apparently really polluted, I think this because the trees are trapping the pollution in the trees.

In November, the AQI increased rapidly to around 140 to 160 Aqi. I notice that the data was good in the beginning and rising in the middle but increased a lot during November. In January, we will return to the site again and I wonder if the AQI will decrease or increase when we get back.

Music process

  • When we first started with our project I thought to myself thinking ”oh this is going to be easy!” so I started typing random numbers and tried to convert them to notes. It didn’t end up so well. On the second day, I finally make something, a tempo. It helped but I could work but I needed a melody or something nice. But I realized that I needed to make some of it part of the Feltron project. So I redid the tempo but no melody. After a couple of days, I finally I made a good melody with the help of a friend and It sounds amazing. Mr. long told me that I needed to improve on the end but other than that it’s pretty good.  After some tweaking I finally completed it and it sounds good with the organ at the ending and an oddly weird beginning it sounds good.

Music Song

Stories of the future Day 0


I think that three problems that must be solved in 2050 are,

  1. Global warming
  2. World peace
  3. Cancer

Two wonders I have about 2050 is,

  1. Will we discover new life on different planets/galaxies?
  2. Will we discover new animals in the ocean?

I have an optimistic and a pessimistic view of the world, on one side I think that the world would be a great place like new technology or a better place. But on the other side, I think world pollution and global domination or even the world breaking apart.


looking back on today, the topics of food water and cites connect by how we live. with the food and water to survive and the cites as shelter.

I used to think I was both but now I’m more of an optimistic because thinking about the future you never know what’s going to pop up but thinking in a positive standpoint you can see things become better, but when thinking of a pessimistic view thinking the world would suck it would actually end up that way in my terms.

summing up today in 11 words. “People that work to achieve things will achieve things.”

Big Data is always Watching

Big Data is always Watching.  

Aidan Robinson 

What would it feel if you had eyes watching your every step, but not just 1 but more? Big data is changing, and we know it but the farther we improve, the more people will steal your data. In this essay, I will tell you that. We should not share our personal data, because companies can track your every move and that once your data is shared your data may be used, and companies will sell your data to other companies.  


I think that we should not share our data because that company can track your every move. BBC quoted that. In China, they have a lot of security cameras. People can track you anywhere you go, and soon in 2020, they can track who you last met. But, most people don’t want that. Like what Ji Feng, a poet said that he can feel eyes on him every day, like invisible people following him. So, that even if the privacy is helping people in many ways, some people still feel unsafe wherever they go.     


I think that we should not share our data because that, once our data is shared your data may be used. Because Social Media Today quoted “Whenever you make a new account there’s always terms and agreements and that people totally read it right? Wrong they just ignore it and press OK. But within those terms and agreements might just have stuff like.” “Oh, we can now see whatever you’re doing online and that we can use your data.” So that even when making an account we still need to check what is happening to your data.  


I think that we should not share our data because companies will sell your data to other companies. Because Nilay Patel, from the verge, quoted that. The ISP can now sell your data to other companies without permission. (Nilay Patel 4/5/2017) This means that people can just go around selling our data to other companies or people. And even if we try and block our data People that are called the data brokers will break in and collect your personal data and sell it to other companies. So, we know that not everywhere on the internet is safe.     


Even though big data is still a treat to people, people still approve of sharing their data. Like Facebook or WeChat. For example, before technology people sent letters and the only people that will know are you or me, right. Now think right now. We have an email that can sent stuff fast, faster than putting mail inside, but people can see what you are sending and know your personal data.   


So, there are my three reasons why you shouldn’t share your data. Humanity is changing, with better technology that need’s lots of data. But, now it’s time for you to decide which side to choose. To share your personal data or keep your data safe.  

Make It: Final Presentation

During the week we did ignite week, ignite week is when we get to do something for a week out of some options. I did Make Your Gamey.  In this project, we code in Scratch and Makey Makey. so we chose to make a maze escape the room kind of game. and during it, I had a lot of fun and troubles.


Looking back on this project I learned how to program more with Scratch.

Knowing what I know now I would do more rooms and secret locations differently because I wanted to do 8 rooms but only got to do 4 rooms.

The mistake I learned from the most is not using space on the doors and how easy it is to make a locked door.

one of the skills I can use in the future is how the doors appear and lock.

One of the things I am proud of doing this was how well the game played out (even though a little bit has broken spamming the space.)


scripts of sprite 1

table of consoles and work.




Make It: Create and Improve


1. Is the game fun?


2. is the game easy to play?

it can’t be fun if it’s easy.

3. Will the controller be too uncomfortable to use?

easier to use if the controller was more sensitive, or you can have a controller going up and one going sideways.

Make It: Develop and Plan


During this project, I will need to use makey makey and Scratch.

I will need to learn how to make the rooms with accessible items in it that can work along with keys to defeat the boss.

I plan to use Scratch and Makey Makey to level up because if using scratch you can learn a lot of coding using it and makey makey letting your hand go from the keyboard to a controller.

My ideas came from sketches of us brainstorming for how we are going to make a puzzle level.

I will test it by letting my teammates test it along with the other students and the teacher.

the first test                                                                                       first key room                                                                         Four rooms complete!

Model of design.

Make it: define and inquire



Day 1

Learning with these wires can be very interesting. The makey makey can be a very confusing board but when solved, you can do some very interesting things with this board.

I learned that with scratch, you can make an interesting idea to scratch, maybe coding, or animating or even making music,

My audience or users are parents and kids because I feel like the game that we are making will have the audience enjoy it.

I notice that people sometimes need to refresh their brain a bit, for example, maybe they had a bad day or just really tired so we want to make a game they can really enjoy.

I was inspired by 8 bit 2d game like the ones that can move up down left right and has a Birdseye view. For example, Undertale), Original Legend of Zelda and more that I probably don’t know about.

I hope I am able to achieve finishing this game and letting people enjoy it and get the top score.

However, I think it might be difficult to complete it because that working with a maze in 2d overview surrounding with a lot of backdrops can be complicated but I still think we can achieve it.

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