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Define market and initial idea


Our idea is custom ID cards. Our ideals customers are high school students, as high school students have more money to spend, and also have ID cards.

















Chūntiān láile. Gè zhǒng gè yàng de huā dū kāile. 

Hóngsè de huā gēn shēnlán sè de huā shuō:“Nǐ kàn wǒmen de liàng liàng de huābàn, bǐ nǐmen de hǎokàn duōle!“ 

Shēnlán sè de huā duì báisè de huā jiǎng:“Nǐ kàn nǐmen de báibái de huābàn, kàn de wǒ dū xiǎng shuìle!“ 

Báisè de huā duì lǜsè de huā shuō:” Nǐ wèishéme gēn shùyè yīyàng de yánsè ne?“Tā jiēzhe shuō,“xiàng wǒmen chún bái cái hǎo!“ 

Zhè jìxùle hǎojiǔ, zhídào yīgè rén cóng huāyuán de dàmén zǒu jìnqù. 

Měi gè huā dū xiàng nàgè rén wèn:“Hēi, nǐ yǐwéi nǎ zhǒng yánsè de huā zuì hǎokàn?“ 

“Wǒ yǐwéi nǐmen dōu hǎokàn a,” nàgè rén huídá dào:“Zhème duō gè zhǒng gè yàng de yánsè zài yīqǐ, shéi huì yǐwéi bù hǎo kàn?“ 

Zhè shí, měi duǒ huā dū zhīdàole, méiyǒu yī zhǒng yánsè de huā zuì hǎo kàn, dànshì tāmen gè zhǒng gè yàng de yánsè zài yīqǐ cái shì zuì hǎo kàn.


Flowers started blooming. It was undoubtably spring.  

A red flower told the navy-blue flower, “look at how shiny and bright our petals are compared to yours!” 

“Your petals are so plain,” the navy-blue flower said to the white one while yawing.  

“Why do your petals look like leaves?” the white flower asked the green flower, “ours are obviously superior!”  

All this bickering lasted for a long time, until a person walking into the garden. All of the flowers asked him, “which one of us looks the best?”  

“Obviously the white one,” the white flower said while pointing its pure white petals at the man. 

“Well it’s defiantly the red one.” the red flower said while facing the man.   

The man thought for a second, then said, “I think all of you looks nice, after all, only a madman would think that all of these colors together doesn’t look nice!” 

All the flowers realized that none of them looked better than the other, but together, they looked the best.  

WenYu river: April

On April 8, we went to the wenyu river again. This time, it wasn’t cold nor hot. Trees and plants also started to bloom.

We had to reach to get the water, we might have gotten inaccurate turbidity data for location 2, as we might have gotten some of the mud into the bucket.

This time, L2 turbidity had a unusually high difference (72.5-12).

X axis is the time (every 10 is 1 month) Y axis is turbidity. This is for location 2

Location 3 data. X axis is the tie (10=1 month) Y is the turbidity (NTU)

I think the turbidity might continue to drop in both cites , as in location 2, we messed up, causing the turbidity reading to be wrong. In location 3, the turbidity has been constantly decreasing over time. The pH has generally been staying the same. I wonder if the pH will remain the same and the turbidity will continue to drop.

Project Advocate: driving question

Practicing for the drama performance


Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that we can make more sense of complex issues by breaking them down. For example, while looking at the issue of child labor, we broke it down into parts trailing back to child labor. This allowed us to see and analyse individual parts of the problem instead of getting overwhelmed by the complexity of the problem. Before this project I used to think that you can solve problems with just one perspective, now I think that for most issues, we need many perspectives to solve them. For example, during the analysing of child labor, we saw each person’s perspective (e.g. ), and how to add incentives to motivate cocoa farmers to not use child labor.


Looking back on Project ReCharge,  I realise that to evaluate different ideas, we can rank them in different fields relative to different ideas. For example, we can rank ideas by cost, how effective they are etc. This helps evaluating ideas and seeing how they compare to each other.


Considering Viewpoints

July 2,2019 

We were told to wake up early, to monitor a protest. We packed up and left the station. We stood by the protesters, not blocking their path in the street. People marched through, carrying signs and chanting about anti-vaccination. While I personally disagree with what they had to say, we still respected their right to freedom of speech. 

Freedom of speech should be allowed. It allows for the government to change for the good. For example, the women’s and civil rights movements. Freedom of speech also allows for people to debate upon things and even change or improve their view by looking at other people’s views. When would we be at the point of giving citizens too much rights that they can cause harm to others? 


July 2, 2019 

Chants filled the air, words that stung like a bee to my ear. I sat in my bed unable to do anything about the situation. People spreading words of anti-vaccination, how vaccines cause damage. I drew the curtains and drank in the scene. Protesters filled the street, waving signs and chanting all at the same time as guards watched them. 

Freedom of speech should not be allowed. It allows people to spread harmful messages such as anti-vaccination  hateful messages and that climate change is not real. This can cause problems by influencing others to believe in wrong things. But when might we give too much power to the government? 

March 7 Wenyu River

March 7, we went back to the Wenyu river. It was a little cold, but not nearly as cold as in January.



The bridge (L1) is still fenced off

Location 2 Turbidity (x axis is the month and the y axis is the NTU)

Location 3 Turbidity (x axis is the month and the y axis is the NTU)

In March, both locations were similar in both pH and turbidity (turbidity only had a 2.8 difference while pH had 0.5). This times turbidity was decreasing, with a turbidity of 29.8 (NTU) on location 2 and a turbidity of 27 on location 3.

I notice that the pH stays constant through the time (7.5-9). The turbidity generally goes up when it’s colder, (January and November) and it goes down when the temperature is higher (September and March). We had 1 outlier, location 2’s 70 turbidity. This may have occurred by us doing something wrong with the instructions as it was only the second time collecting data.

Next time we collect data, I think that the pH will stay fairly the same (8-9 pH) and the turbidity will go down even further


Snazzy Plastics Conclusion

Looking back on this project, I learned how to laser cut and design with plastics. Knowing what I know now, I would do  the planing differently because I changed my design many times, with wasted a lot of time. The mistake I learned from the most was taking a long time to decide what to do next. One skills I think I can use in the future is designing with different things that I never used before. One thing I am proud of doing is designing with different things that I never tried using before.

Snazzy Plastics: Create and Improve

During this project, I will need to use plastics, an hand saw to cut the plastics and clamps to hold the plastic in place. During this project, I will need to learn how to use plastics to create different objects. I plan to use Plastics to help me improve my creative skills by designing headset stands which are both aesthetically pleasing and also  functional. I got my ideas by doing a brainstorm of what an ideal headphone stand would look like, and I sketched out a general plan of my headset stand. I will test it by putting weight on the headphone stand. If the objects don’t stand up by themselves or the stand falls over, then I will need to redesign the stand.

Below is a sketch/model of my design

Headset First Sketch

Ignite week: snazzy plastics intro

My audience are people who own headphones. A problem that headphone users have to deal with is finding a place to put their headphones. For example, headphones laying on a table or a desk take up a lot of space and also doesn’t look that good. Furthermore, you could break your headphones on accident. This expresses me, as when I finish using my headphones (whether it be gaming or just listening to music) I usually have nowhere to put it. This means that the headphones take up a lot more space, doesn’t look good and also can be broken. Having a headphone stand solves all of these problems. I was inspired by different headphone stands already in production. I hope that my headphone stand will be able to function correctly (not falling over) and also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Some difficult parts is for the stand to be able to take the weight of the headphone and not fall over, and also for the overall design to look good.

Inspiration for my design

One Day: Beats Conclusion

In One day, I had beats. In beats you make your own music for One Day. I made 3 different music (all practice though) to learn how to use LMMS. Using LMMS was harder than I first expected. My goals were to learn the basics of LMMS and also have a finished product. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have a finished product, but learned most of the basics of LMMS. Some of the hard parts was making the melody, choosing the correct instruments, using the automation, and fine tuning the instruments.

first try (getting the hang of LMMS)

Second try (trying to make a melody)

Third Try (repetition with limited melody)

Going forward, I would include a more thought out melody, and also have more drops/sweeps in the song. Using something like MueScore to plan out the melody before adding it to LMMS would have helped a lot.

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