Don’t use disposable cup in ISB (為何一次性杯子投入垃圾桶會很嚴重的影響?)


I hope the all of the students in ISB, will never use disposable cup, if you used disposable cup and throw it in the trash can, it will cause global warming. Do you know how many innocent animals will be sacrificed when global warming occurs? The global warming caused by the disposable cups you put in , how many animals in the Arctic are you decide going to sacrifice? 10 animals? 20 animals? 30 animals or 100 more animals? So for stopping this to happened, we need to less using disposable cups, we need to use mugs or glass cups, for these Arctic animal’s sake, I hope everybody can stop using these disposable cups and became recycle to these disposable cups and not throwing these disposable cups to the trash can. If I had an disposable cup, I’ll use mug, glass and not plastic cup.

My One Day Results (Alex Y.S. Chiang)

Hello everyone, I’m Alex Chiang from 7-1, yesterday in One Day, I created Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh’s (1853-1890) Sunflowers, although I failed but I still did it, after I draw Sunflower, I turned to French painter Paul Cézanne’s (1839-1906) Three pears and I did it with paint, this time I did it pretty well, if I didn’t have the teacher’s support, then this artwork will defiantly fails and I will be the low grade artist. But I did it, I finally reached my goal to be a famous artist.


My greatest Catch-all ever (Kuomintang TW Network (Alex)

My biggest success was getting my catch-all done, because my catch-all is my great masterpiece I ever completed, why do I said that? because I can fit all my devices into my catch-all

One thing I’d like to change is make my catch-up even more creative and more design, because if I can add more features, that will make it excellent and perfect

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is add more features to my catch-all, because the more features that I have in my catch-all, the more creative that I am

Taiwan Generals VS. Ms. Park

I choose this project, because I want to challenge myself and try my best about it.

I choose stop motion, because I want to take a best shot of this

I inspire this project, because regular evil and real life evil needs to be  eliminated in this world

My idea of the character is my final idea

My background picture is made from whiteboard, and Taiwan Generals were toys, and Ms. Park is in the whiteboard drawing, and grenades were also draw in whiteboard, and important message by the US President to the generals my own typed message in my iPhone 6s

9:00 – 10:00 – Done my 1st frame, the difficult is very small

10:00 – 11:00 – Done my 2nd frame, the difficult starts kind of hard

11:00 – 12:00 – Done my 3rd frame, the difficult starts getting smaller

12:00 – 13:00 – Done my 4th frame, the difficult getting smaller and smaller

13:00-14:00 – After done my 5th frame, my frame is done

14:00-14:59 – Done my sound effects

15:00 -15:20 – Show it to Mr. Jason, post it on Dragons Tube, all done