Spring Rock Trip [Reflection]

Highlight – One of my highlights from the spring rock trip was the Jacob’s Ladder, it was really funny and caused me to get closer to the people that I was climbing high with. We did not make it to the top, however it was an amazing experience especially how I got to be with one of my good friends from class (Will M).

Challenge – One of the challenges that I was able to overcome was walking on high platfrom, specifically when the are very thin. Even though there was very important and helpful support, I was able to come up with an easy strategy to get through it. This provided me with more fun the worry (which I didn’t have to much of) as I crossed over the course.

Collaboration – One of the moment of collaboration is when I was I was helping Will and Julia climb up the Jacob’s Ladder, and of course, they were there for me too when ever I needed help climbing up. Also before we got up, I felt like Will and I co-operated, as we helped each other get over the fact that the Jacob’s Ladder was a little wiggly.


Sports/Activites/Club Trimester 1

1.  Describe the activities/sports/clubs  you are planning to participate in this trimester.

I plan on participating in soccer for my first trimester in 7th grade, as it is my favorite sport, and I would like to exceed in it. It is from 3:45 – 5:30, with coach Jason and coach Tommy. I will also be participating in Chess that ends at 4:30.

2. How do you keep yourself organized?

I plan on keeping myself organized by only doing 1-2 activity/sport/club per trimester. I do this because, if I do activites for the whole week, I will come home at times like 6 PM every school day giving me barely any time for any fun activities, I would only do homework (depending on how much) and have dinner, and barely any time with the family. So plan on doing soccer, this benefits me because I spend time with my friends there, and I get to enjoy the (beautiful) game of soccer. Soccer is only on Tuesday and Thursday though, so I would have time from 6-7:30 PM to do homework, and 8-9 PM for if I still have homework, for practicing on a subject, or free time. I also plan on joining the chess club, to enjoy the fun game of chess, and also to have fun with my friends in it (Will). This will mean that on Monday, I will comeback earlier at 4:30 PM, still having time for my River Garden friends, as I have to go home at 6 PM. This schedule allows me to hang out with my friends, get homework done, eat dinner, have family time, and some electronical time.