Group Name(top chef)

During top chef, me and my group-mates made 3 fantastic dishes. We have been planning for 1 hour the day before and also spend 2 hours to shop at Jenny Wang. We made scallops with salad for an appetizer, and lobster pasta for mains. At last, we completed the panna cotta. We learned how to clean the scallops, to kill the lobster by putting it into the refrigerator to make it sleep and then out it into the boiling pot. The thing that we didn’t think of is the bad stove in the kitchen. It took 40min to boil a small pot of water and 20min to cook the lobster. So we don’t have that much time to work on the pasta and it doesn’t turn out really good. At last, we made our panna cotta. Elvin messes up with burnt sugar and made it into a black hard thing that we can’t use. We don’t think it will taste good so we spend time on the plating and it looks really good, we win the presentation.