Feeling a Bit Sick?

This is my healthy diet table to prevent people from getting these 5 main diseases that are below. My table is telling you what to eat/prevent makes a healthier lifestyle.
These are the five main cause of death, world wide.


Changing the food choice and diet is an important thing for a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat healthy to remain a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent a higher risk to the 5 leading diseases world wide. You will need to follow the healthy eating choices, of what to eat and what not to eat. The table above shows what you should be preventing to do and what you should not be preventing. If all people follow these directions and spread this good news, then more people in this world will have a healthier life, which also means less death.

Moving on, this message is very important because eating healthy and staying healthy will not just have your body to be very healthy it will also, realise your stress, pain, and make you happier and more relaxed.