Temple Field trip2019

What did you learn?

Lama Temple

lama temple were built in 1694 the 33 year of Qing emperor, At lama temple there are many different hall for different use. There is esoteric hall which was built in 1744 and this hall is a spot for lamas to study Tantric buddhism. YongHegong Hall built in 1694 and it used to be Prince Yong’s royal reception room. Exoeric Hall built in 1744 a spot for lamas to study exoteric buddhism.

Confucius Temple and School

Daoist Temple

At the Daoist temple there is many different rooms that represent the prediction of what will happened to you after life.

The fugitive

The movie the fugitive is mainly about the main character Richard Kimble’s wife was killed on a night, the police think he killed his wife so the caught him and decided to us poison to killed him. But Richard knows who killed his wife so he escape and started finding the killer which i a one arm man.

i recommend this movie to my classmate because in the movie it showed many action scence that shows you more clearly of what is happening than the book. The movie has also edit many details to make the watcher more interesting of what will happened next. It has strongly show the character’s character traits from all the scenes. the movie also teach us that don’t gave up no matters what happened, and you needs to have a solution to solve your problem.

Life of pi

The book I read is life of pi by Yann Martel, this story is about a boy who’s traveling with his family on a ship, but it sank  and all his family died except him then he started with his adventure trying to survive with a tiger which the wave brings him on the sea. I enjoyed reading the book because in this book the writer describe the story very clearly and through out the story it teach you a lot of things  that tells you how hard is life. I will recommend this book to grade 7 student because in this book can tells you that no matter what happened don’t gave up and what it means to be a Survivor , i think is better to let grade 7 student to know more about these two statement through out reading the story. And it could let them to more deeply understand it.

Book: The locked room and other horror stories

The favorite part that i enjoyed about this book is one of the horror story called lost heart, this book is about diffrent kinds of horror stories. And the lost heart is about a man who wants magic but he needs to take out three younge people’s heart to get the magic. And on one day his younge cousin came to his house but when he was in the house he had many weird dream. And one of the night the man told him to come to his room only in 11 o’clock and to not told anyone. But when he goes to his room and nocked the door it was locked but it opens at 11 o’clock then when he went into the room with his heart take out. Then he saw a book and notice that he was the third younge people he gonna take heart out of.I will recommend the book to the people who liked and enjoyed but not the ones who scared.

My catchall

For our design class for this semester, we have been making cathchall for ourself and the purpose for making catch all is to let us not losing our things and be easily to know where is our things.

My biggest success is that i finish my catch all on time and have the basic design that is similar to what i plan before.

Overall,i think this product was unsuccessful because my design is too simple and there is no part that is catching people’s eyes, no part that is very special.

if i did this again , one thing i would do differently Is to Change my cathchall more detailed exquisite.



Humanities goal connected to one particular strand

I wish i could improve my writing, i want to improve my writing on getting the readers attension, wrote my story more interesting and detailed and get better on my grammar and learned how to write in show not tell.

for achieved my goal I needs to practice more on my writing, read more book and to see how does other author wrote their story and what is their structure.

Humanities student as a learner goal

My goal is to manage time in self directed manner. For my goal I needs to manage my time in class usefully, do my work in class on time not distracting other and not being distracted.For the goal I needs to done all my work on time and not asking my friend and disturb them from their work.For seeing how I get for the end off the year I needs to see if I have done my work on time throughout the year has the teacher talk too me many time for not letting me being distracted by others or distracting others.


In my thinglink i explained the perspective of how the fisher man family that i have visit , that how is Poseidon important to him.