28 Mar 2018, 6:35am
HumANitIEs SixTh GrADe

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The Invention that changed the world

The Great Wheel That changed out world

To read the full article Click here .

9 Nov 2017, 1:33am

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DIY Cardboard Bubblegum Vending Machine

Hello, Itz MEH, Angel!

I made a DIY Gum ball Machine out of cardboard!!!

Come on and check my Imovie of how I did it and my process journal about what i did each day! 

My Imovie


My Process Journal

Angel Genius Hour  Process Journal 2017

12 Sep 2017, 1:04am
HumANitIEs SixTh GrADe

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Where I Am From

A poem describing where i am from and what is value to my life and memory.


2 Feb 2016, 1:51am
EleMEntRy StUFf

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The All-New Amelia

Author: Marissa Moss

 If you like those journal books that are written like real handwriting, then this book should be a really good fit book for you. It is about a girl named Amelia who is really active and loves to experience new things. Amelia also has a jelly-roll-nose sister, Cleo. Amelia always sees Cleo making perfect faces. Amelia really wants to know why Cleo always does that.

At school, Amelia’s class had a new student called Charisse. She is perfect on everything, like nail polish and lip-gloss… Amelia really wants to be friends with her, but also still be friends with her BFFs Carly and Nadia. So Amelia tried to start being as perfect as Charisse. Amelia tried on nail polish, tried to be perfect, and now, she is like Cleo, staring at the mirror to make those perfect faces.

But not long, after Carly found out that Amelia is starting to get these nail polish and stuff on, Carly thinks Amelia isn’t herself anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Amelia become friends with Charisse??? Will Carly stop being mad about her????

Read to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 





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