Double Dribble

Owen and Russel are twins. They both play in a basketball team named pioneers. Owen is the more athletic one while Russel is the smarter one. Their team was on on a winning streak and everything was perfect, until two new twins came… The Matthews twin’s; Their names are Mitch and Marcus A.K.A. “The M&M’S”. They are completely identical, they… Read more →

The Children of Green Knowe

Q: Why could only Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowe see Toby, Linnet and Alexander? A: I think they can see them because they are Tolly’s ancestors. Also because the children always wander around in the house and Tolly can hear their laughter. Mrs. Oldknowe also told a lot of stories about them, and hung a lot of pictures on the walls.… Read more →

Wellness Project

It is important to learn about wellness because wellness is a important part of life, if you don’t feel well, than you would be ill. Sometimes it might even be a serious illness like diseases. Also you will learn about yourself and the people around you. My wellness project is flexibility. I improved by practicing everyday, the moves that use… Read more →

Fantasy Writing

The best part of Fantasy Writing was the imagination. I like it because you can imagine whatever you want and write it down for other people to read. Also you would let other people know what you are imagining. The elements of writing a story is having a good idea, planning the good idea, writing the good idea and editing… Read more →

The Land of Stories

Weird things have been happening, their mother had a new boyfriend, the fairy godmother suddenly became very very busy. Alex and Conner miss their grandmother (fairy godmother) so much they were hugging books in the library. Conner was super surprised and angry when he knew his mother had a new boyfriend, he thought his mother would only love his father,… Read more →

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great

This is my book club book: Sheila is a selfish, show-off, lying brat! She tells everybody she knows everything but makes excuses that she couldn’t do it. Sheila actually doesn’t know how to do it! Sheila is spending the whole summer at TarryTown. Sheila wanted to go to Disney Land, but she ended up living in a 12-year-old boys bedroom… Read more →

Ernest and Rebecca

Rebecca is going to spend the whole summer with her grandpa and grandma at a farmhouse. Rebecca’s sister Coraline is going with her, at first Coraline didn’t like the place because it doesn’t have internet so she couldn’t chat with her friends. Rebecca didn’t enjoy it so much at first too, but slowly she started to have fun! Rebecca and… Read more →

Babysitters Club 👶🏼

Claudia thinks her sister is really mean, Janice always teaches Claudia math. Claudia hates math, she loves art and designing (just like me😉). Janice always gets A in tests, but Claudia only gets a C or even lower. Claudia thinks her parents like Janice more because she is smarter. One day while Claudia and Janice were fighting, Mimi had a… Read more →