The Island of Dr. Libris

This book is about a boy named Billy. He has to stay in a summer lodge with his mother, His mother rent the lodge from a professor named Dr. Xiang Libris. He discovered a key that unlocks a book case. Every time he opens a book in the lodge he hears the characters on the island. When he rowed his boat to the island he uses his key to open the dome on the island, after he goes in he can see the character from the books. If he reads two books the characters and the book mix together. He later used H.G Wells time machine in the dome to make his parents fall in love again.
Billy is the main character in the book he gets picked on a lot. He is also brave because in the big Theta dome he helped defeat the sheriff of Nottingham, the giant from Jack and the bean stalk, Space lizard from a comic and video game. He also has a very strong Theta wave, even when the dome is shut off he can still control stuff.
My connection to the story is that I read other books like Robin Hood he was mentioned in the story, Jack and the bean stalk, Tom Sawyer, H.G Wells time machine, Journey to the center of the earth.

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  1. Well done Annabel. I am interested in some of your personal thoughts about the books you read and what makes you think as you read. This sounds like it was a great book and really had some inspiring moments for you. Explain them more and use details from the story to support your thinking.

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