This is the fourth book of the series, Gregor the Overlander. In this book every day Gregor returned to the under land to visit his friends. Then one day Nike, the messenger bat picked up Luxa’s crown that she gave the Nibblers in case they were in danger. That night he, Luxa, Ares, and Aurora secretly went to the Nibbler’s colony to see what was threatening the Nibblers in the jungle. All the Nibblers in the jungle were gone and out of their colony. The next day they tried too sneak of on a picnic to look for the Nibblers living in the Fount. Except they had troubles when Boots Gregor’s sister, Temp, Howard, and Nike wanted to join them they had to agree. They went to the Fount but again the Nibblers were gone. They went down the swag and then there was an earthquake. They got out but all of them were soaking wet because the river collapsed on them. Later there were the currents that were hard to pass. They finally got the bats out of the currents. Then they witnessed the Nibblers being chased by Gnawers in to a pit. The the gnawers shut the cave off and just waited. The poisonous gas killed all the Nibblers that were in the cave. Then Gregor returned home and Luxa, Aurora, Nike, and Howard went to find the other Nibblers.
The main character in the book is Gregor. He is brave because even though he is only twelve he maintained to kill rats and fight. He also adapts very well because he adapted to eating raw fish and he doesn’t scream when he gets scars anymore.
The connection I have is to the hero’s journey. He departed from the docks of the river going to the water way. One of the trials he faced was having to cross the currents and get the bats to safety.