Beezus has an annoying little sister called Ramona. Ramona is always ruining things for Beezus. One day it was Beezus’s birthday. When Beezus came home from school, she expected a birthday cake that her mom baked. But instead there was nothing. She found out Ramona had ruined the cake. She read a book to Ramona while mother was baking the second cake. later when the cake was almost ready Beezus and her mother found out Ramona had stuffed her doll into the oven and the cake was ruined and smelled like rubber. Beezus’s mom called aunt Beatrice to bring a cake. When aunt Beatrice arrived she brought presents and the cake, they had a good time talking about how aunt Beatrice and Beezus’s mother were like Ramona and Beezus.

The main character is Beezus, she is kind but is sometimes annoyed by her little sister Ramona. She thinks Ramona is always ruining things for her. But in the end she realizes that you just might not always love your sibling.

My connection is a text to self. Because I have a sibling that is younger than me, I often think he is embarrassing me or ruining things for me.