Daphne and Sabrina Grimm were orphans. Their parents disappeared one night, and their car was found at the edge of a road, and had a red hand printed in the car. They were on a train going to a place called Fairyport Landing, where an old women claimed to be their grandmother. She was called Relda Grimm and had a friend called Mr. Canis. Sabrina didn’t believe her because she was serving weird food and talked to the house. On the other hand Daphne liked her and loved her food. One day they were following three goons when their grandma and Mr. Canis were stolen by a giant. They found Jack and tried to save their grandmother, but found out he tricked them. In the end they saved their grandmother and found out their parents were still alive.

One of the main characters is Sabrina Grimm. She doesn’t really believe in anyone except herself and Daphne. But in the end she excepts that Ms. Grimm is her grandmother and loves her. She also jumps head first into an adventure without a plan and hopes to think of one along the way.

My connection is that like Daphne I have read a lot of fairy tales. But like Sabrina I can’t remember a lot of the magic words and spells.