Sabrina and Daphne start school at the Ferryport landing Elementary. Daphne gets Snow White as a teacher, and Sabrina gets stuck with a grumpy teacher called Mr. Grumpner. Then the next day Mr. Grumpner gets killed, then the next day the janitor, Charlie also gets killed The Grimm’s try to find out who killed Mr. Grumpner and Charlie. They later find out the nice councilor is Rumpelstiltskin. They find out he is part of the scarlet hand, and when the school is blown up by him, who turns into a human bomb, Mr. Canis doesn’t make it out in time. Later when they get out, Sabrina went to where her parents were. She finds herself trapped with Puck, and has to deal with the Jabberwocky and an insane girl.
Sabrina is stubborn, and does whatever she thinks is right. She usually takes on the role as a leader when she is alone with someone, but later, she sometimes finds that having everyone look at her for the answer is stressing. She also is sometimes overprotective of Daphne, but it’s only because she wants her sister to be safe. She is always fighting with Puck, but they have feelings for each other.
My connection is that I now I also doubt fairy tales are real. Like them I now think that fairy tales are real documented things.