When I made my catchall, one of my biggest obstacles was making the shelf, after it was laser cut, it didn’t work well with super glue because all of the glue just got absorbed by the wood. Then when I used epoxy, the horizontal shelf tops didn’t stick straight and it took many tries to finally get it. One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to use your time wisely, because we didn’t get that many classes to finish this, when you had a mistake in your product you had to fix it really fast, or having to end up finishing it at home or during office hours. Also start planning really fast and not take too long on your prototype because it’s just a rough model on how your prototype will look. One thing that I would like to change is my shelf. If I had more time, I would design it so that it would fit together easier and not take that much effort. Maybe to make a hole the same size as the end of the shelf top, and just fit the shelf top into the side of the triangle and apply a little bit of glue.