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Catchall Thing


When I made my catchall, one of my biggest obstacles was making the shelf, after it was laser cut, it didn’t work well with super glue because all of the glue just got absorbed by the wood. Then when I used epoxy, the horizontal shelf tops didn’t stick straight and it took many tries to finally get it. One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to use your time wisely, because we didn’t get that many classes to finish this, when you had a mistake in your product you had to fix it really fast, or having to end up finishing it at home or during office hours. Also start planning really fast and not take too long on your prototype because it’s just a rough model on how your prototype will look. One thing that I would like to change is my shelf. If I had more time, I would design it so that it would fit together easier and not take that much effort. Maybe to make a hole the same size as the end of the shelf top, and just fit the shelf top into the side of the triangle and apply a little bit of glue.

Projet Guillotine

Il s’appelle Louis XVI. Il est né le  vingt trois Août,  mille sept cent cinquante quatre. Louis XVI était le dernier roi de France. Il était executé par la guillotine le vingt et un Janvier,  mille sept cent quatre vingt treize.

 Louis XVI

Marie Antoinette

Elle s’appelle Marie Antoinette. Elle est né le deux Novembre,  mille sept cent cinquante cinq. Marie Antoinette  était la dernière reine de France.
La guillotine est une machine d’exécution qui coupe la tête des gens.

Ma guillotine

How Does Food Help Fight Lung Disease?

Our task was to choose a disease from the top 5 causes of death in the world. After we chose, we had to write a definition and the foods that are good and bad for the specific type of disease we chose.

The disease I chose was lung disease: definition:

Lung disease is any problem in the lungs that prevents the lungs from working properly. The lungs and respiratory system allow oxygen in the air to be taken into the body, while also getting rid of carbon dioxide in the air breathed out.

The table below shows what things we should be eating to stay healthy and what we shouldn’t be eating.

Things we should be eating to be heathy Things we should avoid to be healthy
Fruits Smoking
Fish Processed foods
Dairy Bad fats
Whole foods Carbonated drinks
poultry sugar

This image came from:–health-coach-fitness-pal.jpg













During this task I found out that the top 5 diseases that cause death around the world are mostly related to nutrition. I also found out that  eating healthy everyday can eventually lead to a healthier and longer life.

We had a food party today and we had to bring a healthy dish, and this is the dish I brought:

Radish & bean paste

Ingredients: radish and bean paste

I brought this because my dad really enjoys it and so I also enjoy it, another reason is because the radishes I brought were grown in our garden. Also because it’s a vegetable it is good for you because it contains vitamin C, it also contains carbohydrates,  and prevent respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

Overall I think the health unit helped me understand what food is good for you and what is not.

The Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspect

Sabrina and Daphne start school at the Ferryport landing Elementary. Daphne gets Snow White as a teacher, and Sabrina gets stuck with a grumpy teacher called Mr. Grumpner. Then the next day Mr. Grumpner gets killed, then the next day the janitor, Charlie also gets killed The Grimm’s try to find out who killed Mr. Grumpner and Charlie. They later find out the nice councilor is Rumpelstiltskin. They find out he is part of the scarlet hand, and when the school is blown up by him, who turns into a human bomb, Mr. Canis doesn’t make it out in time. Later when they get out, Sabrina went to where her parents were. She finds herself trapped with Puck, and has to deal with the Jabberwocky and an insane girl.
Sabrina is stubborn, and does whatever she thinks is right. She usually takes on the role as a leader when she is alone with someone, but later, she sometimes finds that having everyone look at her for the answer is stressing. She also is sometimes overprotective of Daphne, but it’s only because she wants her sister to be safe. She is always fighting with Puck, but they have feelings for each other.
My connection is that I now I also doubt fairy tales are real. Like them I now think that fairy tales are real documented things.

The Children of Green Knowe

I think only Tolly and Ms. Oldknowe can see Toby, Linnet, and Alexander, because they were part of the family and the only ones that live in the house. I think Boggis couldn’t see it because he wasn’t part of the family and didn’t live in the house. I also think Tolly couldn’t see the children at the beginning and only hear them because, he was part of the family, and just moved in. Later he could see them because he lived in the house for longer, and know the secret.

The Sisters Grimm: The Fairy Tale Detectives

Daphne and Sabrina Grimm were orphans. Their parents disappeared one night, and their car was found at the edge of a road, and had a red hand printed in the car. They were on a train going to a place called Fairyport Landing, where an old women claimed to be their grandmother. She was called Relda Grimm and had a friend called Mr. Canis. Sabrina didn’t believe her because she was serving weird food and talked to the house. On the other hand Daphne liked her and loved her food. One day they were following three goons when their grandma and Mr. Canis were stolen by a giant. They found Jack and tried to save their grandmother, but found out he tricked them. In the end they saved their grandmother and found out their parents were still alive.

One of the main characters is Sabrina Grimm. She doesn’t really believe in anyone except herself and Daphne. But in the end she excepts that Ms. Grimm is her grandmother and loves her. She also jumps head first into an adventure without a plan and hopes to think of one along the way.

My connection is that like Daphne I have read a lot of fairy tales. But like Sabrina I can’t remember a lot of the magic words and spells.

Fantasy Story Reflection

1. What was the best part of writing fantasy stories and why was it the best?
I liked the part where there is a lot of action. I like the parts with a lot of action because the parts with action is where all the fun stuff happen.

2. What are some elements that make up a fantasy story? List as many as you can and then pick one to describe in detail.
Some of the elements that make up a fantasy story is, two worlds, hero’s journey, talking animals, unrealistic. I will explain the two worlds because there is a normal world and a unreal world.

3. What is the best fantasy story you have read? You may not use either of the two I read to you. Tell me why you think it was the best.
I liked the Code of Claw, the fifth book of the Gregor and the overlander series. I liked that book the best because it has lots of funny parts and a lot of action.

Wellness project reflection

1. Why do you think it is so important to learn about wellness?
I think it is important because you can learn about your self and your wellness so you can adjust.

2. What are some ways you practice wellness? What are some ways you could improve?
The way I practice wellness is by trying to sleep more. The way that I can improve is to sleep more.

3. In learning about how to keep various body systems healthy, we discussed both healthy habits and things to avoid. Choose one system and comment on how to maintain its wellness. Remember the posters are at the back of the room and your inquiry booklets are also available.
I did the nervous system for my info poster. Healthy:Exercise regularly, Get plenty of rest,Try preventing high blood pressure and diabetes, Eat foods with vitamins B6 and B12 and folate, which are the three types of vitamin B, Prevent dehydration
Don’t drink alcohol or consume drugs.

4. What did you learn about yourself from your wellness project?
I learned that I need at least 8hours of sleep every day, or else I wont be well the next day.

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Charlie and his family shot up in to the air with Mr. Wonka. They flew to space but went up a little high, Mr. Wonka drove the great glass elevator into the space hotel the Americans created. They boarded the space hotel and saw Vermicious Knids and scrammed. When they were out of reach they saw the Knids attacking the transport capsule. Mr. Wonka attached a thick Iron ropes to the transport capsule. They went back to earth and got invited to the white house.

The main character is Charlie. He is a very worrisome person, he always worry if something is illegal or can do. He is also helpful because every time Mr. Wonka needs help he helps him.

My connection is that I have been on a glass elevator before, but just not shooting off into space

My Teacher is an Alien

The day after spring break Susan’s teacher Ms. Schwartz went missing, their new sub Mr. Smith is very strange. After school Susan follows Mr. Smith home. She finds out that Mr. Smith’s real name is Broxholm and he is an alien. The next day Peter and Susan sneak in to Mr. Smith’s house, again. They find Ms. Schwartz in the attic in a column of blue light. Ms. Schwartz could talk to them through telepathy, and told Susan and Peter Broxholm was planning to steal the best, worst, and three most average kids on march twenty sixth. They tried to take pictures of the column and print it at the drug store. But they could only see the column of light and not Ms. Schwartz. At the night of the Spring concert Susan played her piccolo in front of Mr. Smith. A few seconds later the whole band mainly made of sixth graders started to join in. They played like their life depended on it. They got Mr. Smith to take off his mask. Suddenly, Peter ran out of a door and ran away with Broxholm. When the police and Susan arrived at Broxholm’s house, Peter and Broxholm were already heading of in an UFO.

The main character in the story is Susan. She is brave because she went into Broxholm’s house three or four times. She is also very determined because she is determined to unmask Mr. Smith.

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