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More about Boy : Roald Dahl’s tales from childhood

In this story I learned that don’t be so naughty that you get in a lot of trouble. Getting in a little trouble is okay but not a lot. It also tells us people could not be so nice in the olden days. Before Roald Dahl became a writer his nose almost fell off, twice. It was hard for him because he was in war for quite a while and was sick. Even before that he got spanked a lot in school and had a hard time. He was good at sports and enjoyed it. Roald Dahl was in the hospital for a long time and needed a lot of resting.
My connection to the story is that I am not perfect in school and do not meet all the expectations. When I grow up I also don’t want to be part of a war like how Roald Dahl didn’t want to be part of war, but he had to.

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane

In this book Gregor lost Boots in Central park. Then he discovered Temp’s leg, so he followed it and went to the waterway drop. Ares told him to drop so he dropped down and Ares caught him. They flew to Regalia and visited Vikus. Vikus told them they had to take Boots down to the Underland because she was in danger of being killed. In the prophecy it says that the baby has to die, and everybody thinks it is Boots. They go on a journey to kill the Bane. They meet gigantic squids, Howard’s bat Pandora gets swallowed by mites, they almost got swallowed by a whirlpool, and in the end giant serpents attack them. Gregor and Ares go to find the bane. He almost kills the Bane but instead smashes his sword in a rock. He and Ares brought the Bane to Ripred and fly’s back to Regalia. In Regalia they are put on trial for not killing the Bane. Then Nerrisa makes the final decision of not killing them. She said that they weren’t supposed to kill the Bane. In the end Gregor and Boots go home.
The main character in the book is Gregor. He is brave because even though he is only twelve he maintained to kill rats and fight. He also adapts very well because he adapted to eating raw fish and he doesn’t scream when he gets scars anymore.
My connection is with the hero’s journey. He departed from Central park. Some of the trials he faced was they meet gigantic squids, Pandora gets swallowed by mites, they almost got swallowed by a whirlpool, and in the end giant serpents attack them. He went back home by Central park.

Gregor and the Marks of Secret

This is the fourth book of the series, Gregor the Overlander. In this book every day Gregor returned to the under land to visit his friends. Then one day Nike, the messenger bat picked up Luxa’s crown that she gave the Nibblers in case they were in danger. That night he, Luxa, Ares, and Aurora secretly went to the Nibbler’s colony to see what was threatening the Nibblers in the jungle. All the Nibblers in the jungle were gone and out of their colony. The next day they tried too sneak of on a picnic to look for the Nibblers living in the Fount. Except they had troubles when Boots Gregor’s sister, Temp, Howard, and Nike wanted to join them they had to agree. They went to the Fount but again the Nibblers were gone. They went down the swag and then there was an earthquake. They got out but all of them were soaking wet because the river collapsed on them. Later there were the currents that were hard to pass. They finally got the bats out of the currents. Then they witnessed the Nibblers being chased by Gnawers in to a pit. The the gnawers shut the cave off and just waited. The poisonous gas killed all the Nibblers that were in the cave. Then Gregor returned home and Luxa, Aurora, Nike, and Howard went to find the other Nibblers.
The main character in the book is Gregor. He is brave because even though he is only twelve he maintained to kill rats and fight. He also adapts very well because he adapted to eating raw fish and he doesn’t scream when he gets scars anymore.
The connection I have is to the hero’s journey. He departed from the docks of the river going to the water way. One of the trials he faced was having to cross the currents and get the bats to safety.

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

Dear Family,
I have missed you guys so much after a year. I wish I could come home earlier and enjoy the life in Chungking. You guys should really come and visit America it is a great country. There are all sorts of cool stuff for example: a lot of candy, machines that do amazing things, a thing called a radio that has things you can listen to, a machine that can wash clothes, and all sorts of fun stuff. The buildings in Brooklyn, New York tower over anything. You can’t even see the top to the high buildings! I really want to go home.

Shirley Temple Wong


I learned that working together to complete a project makes you think more because if your partner asks you a question or says something it makes you think. Team work also makes the process faster and better, which when we did this project we didn’t have a lot of time. Also because the marshmallow is heavier then the spaghetti so it is hard to get it on.

Science Reflection

1. Since one of the standards of this unit was to introduce you to how a scientist thinks, what are some insights you have learned from this unit about scientists?
Scientists draw models that are big, accurate, colorful, and detailed. They write lab reports and write explanations.
2. Which of all the experiments/demonstrations that you did was your favorite? Why?
The one with the whirlpool because the dye spins in different patterns and different ways, and almost every time it spins a little differently.
3. How do you think this unit is going to make you more ready for science in grade 6?
Because in six grade and above you will be writing more lab reports and draw more specific models

Writing Reflection

1. Summarize your story. Include the ending.
My story is about a killer whale named Willy. He launched a plan to eat all the penguins in Antarctica. He and the seals succeeded in eating all the penguin except for two, Mr. Mister and Biivzxklapytine. Willy didn’t know that the last two penguins existed so he couldn’t eat them. The last two penguins gave birth to four eggs. Than at the end the whole Antarctica died except for Willy and the four penguin eggs, or thats at least what people think.
2. How did you character overcome problems in your story?
Willy over came the problem of not having food by, searching day and night in caves and caverns for food.
3. What are some of the special parts of writing you included in your story? – think about what we have talked about while reading.
There is a part about a little bit of adventure in the beginning that Willy goes out hunting himself while knowing there are dangers out in sea. There is also a section on emptiness.
4. What is the genre of your story and what makes it so?
It is fiction because penguins cant make sling shots and fling ice and fish.
5. What is needed to make your story ready to publish in a class anthology of stories?
6. Do you think others would be interested in reading your story? Why or why not?
Yes because there are interesting parts like there is a part about emptiness and a part of a lacking of food.

Banana Bread

1. Compare the preparation of the muffins to the banana bread. Other than the obvious food differences, what was different about the preparation? What was the same? What worked well in your group? What are some things you are still not sure of?
What was different was that we had to make a thing that wasn’t on the recipe. What worked well was when one person was stirring the batter one other person held the bowl so it wouldn’t fall.
2. How did you use fractions in this recipe? What would have happened if you had to double the recipe? What is the difference between and teaspoon and a tablespoon?
If we are doubling the recipe you just add twice of everything you need. The difference is that a tablespoon is bigger than a teaspoon.
3. What is a helpful hint to someone else that might make use this recipe.
If you don’t have buttermilk use milk and vinegar or milk and lemon.
4. What was a highlight for you about today’s experience (other than eating the delicious bread)?
Mashing up the bananas we peeled.
5. Any other comments.

Beware the Ninja Weenies

I will only summarize one of the little stories I read.
There are two kids and their friends that are really annoying and went to a fake ninja school to train and”try”to be a ninja. They end up being really annoying and threaten people. The main character got threatened to invite Jimmy and his friends to his birthday party. At lunch that day the main characters friend Kyle’s grandfather dressed as a cleaning lady and put poison in to Jimmy and his friends food. Kyle’s grandfather is actually a ninja and Kyle is training to be one.
The main character is “I”. He doesn’t have a lot of friends and is always picked on. This affects the story because Kyle’s grandfather helps out by poisoning Jimmy, his friends, and the fake ninja master. Jimmy also threatens the main character for him to invite Jimmy and his friends to his party.

Cinnamon Muffins

How did you use fractions in the cooking? Be specific.
For example we used fractions for milk, and basically all the ingredients we used for cooking.
Would it be possible to double the recipe? Half it? Explain your answer.
It is possible to double it because you can just double all the ingredients. But it is hard to half the ingredient because it is hard to like measure like 1/6.
Describe a highlight from the cooking today.
Eating the Muffin.

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