My Humanities Goal connected particular strand.

my humanities goal is to collaborate better in Humanities, and it connected to my particular strand——- to practice my reading skill, because if i have a better reading skill, I’ll participate my group project, because i can read, and understand what they are doc discussing about.

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Student as a learner goal

My goal for humanities: i wish to works with a variety of peers, because i didn’t really like to work with others except for my friends, i wish i can work with others and get to know each other better. During the projects, I’ll ask people i don’t really know about to be my peer, and we can work together.

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Greek Perspectives ThingLink project

This my Greek Perspectives ThingLink project, the topic i wrote about is “Anthestria ——— Why is Dionysus important to the wine maker?”

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My Hero’s Journey Narrative

My story is mainly about a girl living in future in earth that is almost distoyed. And she finds out that if she stops the war during 2020, she might save the earth, and she time travels with her partner to the past, and try to stop the war.

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I want to choose the Ukulele class.

(These are small group ukulele lessons. They will offer three spare ukuleles for students who forget to bring theirs to school. They can also help students to buy quality ukuleles at a low price. Their goal is to teach and make the students happy and improve their musical skill.)

Just like it said, I’m really interested in playing the instrument such as Guitar, and Ukulele so I want to learn how to play it.




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The ancient civilization, China.

To read full article, click here.

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Where am I from

Please enjoy this wonderful book!

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Hello world!

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