Dog Shape Catch All

I made this Catch all in DT for Dana to put all her essentials in and so she doesn’t lose them, and if she had things that she uses very often she could put it in this catch-all.

My biggest obstacle making this catch-all was trying to glue all the pieces I layer Cut together I tried wood glue, super glue and it didn’t work at last I used Hot glue.

Overall I think this product was successful because it looks very unique because it’s a dog shape and it’s very useful because she could put her essential in the catch-all.

One thing I’ll like to change is the pieces in between so there would be more variety of things you could put in the catchall, for example, she could put tiny things and they won’t get lost because of their’s more middle pieces.


Precious Plastic One Day

In one day I had chosen¬†the choice of precious plastic, precious plastic is using used plastic that people going to throw away but cutting them down into smaller pieces of plastic and melt them to reuse them into to other objects. I have decided I wanted to make a clock and if I had time I wanted to also make a drawstring bag out of used plastic bags and ironing them down and using string. we had two types of plastic to choose from type 2 and 5 and we couldn’t combine them so I picked type 2 plastic with the color blue mixed with white pieces of plastic.¬†

My First Feeling about this blog



Siberian Husky Walking On Beach Against Cloudy Sky….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.10.1173.IRvxTQHMcVs#imgrc=Z2Skh8v4B_YO7M:

This picture make me feel excited because dogs make me really happy and excited and i am also really excited about the blog.

28 Jul 2016, 10:55am

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