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Our ideal costumers would be middle schoolers, high schoolers and maybe even teachers. Our group noticed that there wasn’t any lip balm in the PTA store, and a lot of people need lip balm. So why don’t we make lip balm, and people don’t have to order online. They could just buy it straight from the PTA store!

Prototype Sketch:

River Field Study – Data Collection 6

On April 8, 2019, my group and I went to the Wenyu River for out 6th data collection. The last time I went was in January, and there were visible signs of change from my last visit. Spring had officially arrived, there were purple flowers and grass on the ground, the trees were starting to grow leaves again.

In April, the air quality for our river site was 87, or 0.029 micrograms per cubic meter in the air, or to simplify it, ug/m3. The metro site was 80, or 0.026 ug/m3. The road site’s AQI was 84, or 0.028 ug/m3. The AQI in the forest was 82, or 0027 ug/m3.

I notice that the air quality had increased during the winter months, and now spring has arrived, the air quality has decreased a bit.

Next time we collect data, I think the air quality will continue to decrease because as spring and summer come, there will be more rain and flowers and stuff so the air would be good.


Flowers are blooming

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

On March 7, I was sick, but my group went to the Wenyu River to collect the data of the PH level in 4 locations: The river, the forest, the road and the metro.

In March, the PH level for the river was 0.028 ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter). The AQI for this would be 84. The PH level for the forest was 0.018 ug/m3, and the AQI would be 63. The PH level for the road was 0.021 ug/m3, and the AQI for this would be 70. The PH level for the metro was 0.022 ug/m3, which would be 72.

I notice that the data has been increasing and decreasing a lot. In November, the air quality was so bad, the highest one was at 208. However in January, I noticed that the AQI was really healthy, the lowest one was 0. In March, the AQI was okay, it ranged from 63 to 84. Next time we collect data, I wonder if the data continue to decrease, or will it increase again?

Freedom of Speech

In the video below, Angel and I debate about whether freedom of speech should be allowed or not. We considered different viewpoints and used evidence from videos and books we saw.



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