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Ignite Week Final Report Post

For this Ignite week project, I choose Creative area because I think it’s important to create a project with creative thinking. I thought I grew in this area because I made a witch both came from a movie I like and I think it is a very creative. One example of how I used problem solving was me circle plastic cake doesn’t came out the way I wanted, so I made a perfect circle by the laser cut tools. I enjoyed learning how to use laser cut to cut recycled plastic. I think that this skill will benefit me in the future because it both help me laser cutting modelling skill and knowledge of recycling plastic. Overall, this Ignite week helped me grow because I learn to be more creative and using feedback to improve my product.



Ignite week Final Blog Post

Looking back on this project, I learned how to use recycled plastic to make creative project, and also I learn that

making a project I need to have many try and generate as much idea as you can and prototype it and create the final project.

Knowing what I know now, I would use a different plastic to make my small circle because i think it is not flat when it’s out of the oven.

The mistake I learned from the most was not writing down the dimension because it might not fit.

One skills I think I can use in the future is  creativity. One thing I am proud of doing is making the

Ignite Week Create and improve blog post

Looking at my first and second prototype, I noticed my scale and the design doesn’t came the way I want so I changed the scale and design to best fit my idea. But when I am working, One of the biggest challenges was making part of my project with laser cut tools(adobe illustrator) because it is a irregular shape and I have to draw it out of shapes. I struggled to make my project on the illustrator After getting feedback from my user, I learned how to use tools and how to make irregular shape using anchor and handle. I took feedback From Mr.Geoff to improve my laser cuting modelling skill.

This is my material to cut the connection and my “circle cake”

Ignite Week Develop and Plan Blog Post

I use sander to smooth the plastic “cake” and i use laser cutter to make better circle, but the plastic “cake” doesn’t turn out flat so i use a hot fan to warm it and then try to smooth it to make it flat 

This is my prototype                                                     this is the two plastic cakes

I hope during this project i will develop my creating skill. I think i can improve my feed back by getting feed back from class mates.

This idea came from a movie i like and the way i generate idea is, searching for a big category and find some picture that inspires me then I try to make it in to a creative project.

Ignite Week Define and Inquire Blog Post

My audience or user of my product is me or other people who like space and science.  My product will be key chain related to space and a SIFI movie inspired me. The movie is about sun is getting old and it is going to explode in 2150 and the exploding gas will destroy earth and turn in to a white dwarf. To save humans, the united government puts engines on earth so earth can fly in the speed of 2nd universe speed so earth can reach enough speed to escape and move to a new sun 4.5 light years away. When earth is near Jupiter because people want to use Jupiter’s gravity to increase the speed of earth, but earth was being dragged to Jupiter because of it’s gravity is bigger that all of the engine power.
this movie inspired me because I like the concept and the science of the movie. And I think making the part about Jupiter dragging earth is creative.

Image result for the wandering earth earth picture





This is the picture that inspired me

How ever I think it will be difficult to make because I don’t know how to make the connection between the to circle.






The wobbly modern simple Chinese style tea table

For my one day I made a Chinese Tea set. It is a box with a top made of strip of wood so the water can leak in to the box . it is made of 10mm wood and the box is 30*60cm I put hot glue on the in side to make it water proof.

First I cut the big wood pieces by saw then put them to gather by nail and wood glue.





This is the picture of the table

1 Day

This is my material. I am making a Chinese tea set


My tea set is 30*60 but due to the material i have to change my technique of making it. it is a small table that have a hollow middle and place to pour the water in side.

Project Collision: Final Blog Post / Driving Question Reflection

Looking back on Collision, I learned that. Every time we make a change about our product we have to do at least3 tests because every time our force is different so, we have to calculate the average. For example, when we do our first drop the force plate detected when the first drop the force is 464But the second time it is 559 we have to make sure the average data is precise. Before this project I used to think I can make changing of my design by observation, now I think using computer and tools is more reliable. For example, when we are dropping our first design we didn’t record the data and I think it didn’t decrease the force much but when we record the data we actually got a 25% decrease of force. During this unit, I realised that testing and dropping and study our failure and improving is very valuable. We have tested many time and improving our product and we finally came up to a parachute that will make our box soft land. And we also added wing like a boom guide to improve accuracy.

January Field Study Blog Post

This is the photo of site A .                             This the photo of site B


This is the data we have collected

according privies datas and data we collected today we found out that as the weather getting colder the turbidity is getting lower and lower. I thing the turbidity will get higher when we enters spring.

Drop 1

During drop 1 we added a parachute on the packet we are dropping. But when we drop the packet in a hight of 5m the parachute opened completely but the packet still falls in a very fast speed.

We think the parachute didn’t slow the packet down because the bag is not big enough and the air resistance is not enough.

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