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Make It: Final Presentation

Looking back on this project I learn how to use makey makeyand scratch.

Knowing what I know now, i would do my controller differently because i did my first idea but it didn’t com out  well.

The mistake i learn most is my controller, i learn that your first idea isn’t always the best idea.

One skill  I think I can use in the future is programming. One thing I am proud of is showing other people my project.

Make It: Create and Improve

Today’s  feedback session I  asked these  questions to the other group that came to test our game.

Is the health system fair? Answer is it is fair but you can give more health to the knight.

Is the dragon predictable .And the other group thought that it is predictable because the dragon is moving in the same direction and bounce at the edge.

Is the controller functional. And the other group thought that the “Cap” that we are using is not so good.


My makey makey controller

This is my program for the game

The other group like about our shooting in our game because it looks real.

the second ting that they like about our project is controller is creative.

But we can still improve our project by making the controller look better.

And we can make the ghost more unpredictable.

Our first priority tomorrow is to check that our game and controller is functional, then i will try to do some improvement about our controller.


Make It: Develop & Plan

During this project, I will use computer, makey makey controller, 8 wires and foil.I will learn how to use Scratch, and Makey MakeyI plan to use  Scratch helping website to help me level up my programming skill and I have a lot of experience with scratch .

This is my sketch of my controller

I got my idea with a picture of what I am doing, and I have  Done some brain storm.I will test it by letting others play my game afeed back. below is a picture of my game and my brain storm.

This is my program

Make It :Define & Inquire

When working  with Makey Makey, I made a controller with box and use it to play music on my computer.  When working with Scratch  i made a game about cat crossing the road, and i have already started with making my project “Wizard and the Dragon”

My audience will be adult and other student, and maybe younger students.

I noticed that my controller is not looking good enough for example there are still letters on the box. One problem that my user is facing is that the game is not good enough and there are a lot of ways to cheat.

I was inspired by a cool game that my team mate showed me it is a game that a wizard shooting fire ball so I thought that maybe I could make a game  about wizard throwing a fire ball.  I hope i will be able to make a challenging and fun game.

How ever, I think it might be difficult to make this game special.


My name is Austin.Zuo

I think I am good at thinking because I like creating things and thinking.

I want to be more collaborate.

© 2018 Austin

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