Reduce water waste/减少浪费水源

There is a very serious problem in our school. The school’s toilets are automatically flushing, which is not environmentally friendly because seven gallons of water are wasted each time a toilet is flushed. Our school toilets flush every few seconds. I am assuming they do this because some people don’t flush the toilet when they finish using it, but this will put the environment at risk. Only 2.5% of the world’s water is now clean and humans don’t know the importance of wasting water. We must cherish the rest of the clean water, and we must also know that some families on the earth have no clean water to use.



My catchall is made for putting a headphone and any personal belongings. There is a bass that can have phones, lunch card, stapler, etc.

One thing that was hard was using sand paper to make the edges round.

One thing that I should improve on is making it bigger and more complex to put more things on my catchall

One thing I did well was using the sand paper to smooth the edges even if it was hard, I was also proud of not getting the colours messes up at the bottom

The Spring Break at the Amazing Huang Shan 😇

On Spring break I went to Huang Shan, we came from Beijing and rode a 7 hours train to get to Huang Shan. On the train I was just sitting there eating because I was to border to do anything but then my friend Samantha had a pice of paper so then I drew a Zentangle.  

Then when we got off the train we ate dinner. Everyday we climbed the mountain and everyday we changed hotel. It was hard for my mom to go everywhere with a luggage. But she was still very strong with taking care of us. At night we were in the dark and it looked like it was a forest and we had to walk all together because www couldn’t see a thing. My brother fell in the water , he was all wet so he had to take his clothes off and have coats around him. He even got his shoes wet so he hade to walk on the stone of the lake on bare foot. He was in big trouble because he did a lot of things that frustrated my mom. We even live on the top of the mountain and the hotel on the mountain was 4 star It was a good hotel but the last one was much better then any of them. It was like it was royal. We had a awesome time at Huang Shan


u=3475310153,625867709&fm=21&gp=0                    Newest hoverboard


Its popular to ride on a hoverboard at U.S.A. .  People gives hoverboards as Christmas presents. Hoverboards had been caught on fire but they still can’t figure out why it got on fire but it has to be something about the batteries. A lot of people fell off the hover boards and got injured. The hoverboards can be out of control and can make the rider fly out and when the hoverboards starts to go by tis self or if it stops by its self the riders can get hurt. Something about the hover boards is that its too new so they didn’t make the safety rules about the hover boards yet. This problem is getting bigger so they decided to not sell anymore hoverboards. Have you seen videos of hoverboards blowing up on youtube. It is very true to be careful with hoverboards.

My Weekend

On Saturday I went to jazz then I did gymnastic. When I got home my mom had to go to the ball so I gave her a good by kiss. Then I had to go up stairs and do homework when It was 6:16 we went down stairs and ate dinner. Then I got to play I pad with my brother.

On Sunday I had ballet. After ballet I played with my friend and we dig a hole and chat then we played swings.  Then I had another class of english, I was too tired so I went back home and ate noodles. actually I had a birthday party too. One was called Spiracles and one was called coconut. The bad thing is one of our chairs caught Coconut’s tail so he tried to escape but he was traded so he started to go around and scratch


Linda Ragsdale Teaching us a Important lesson

Today at the assembly we learned a really important lesson with Linda Ragsdale. The lesson we learned is to be nice and do not let someone flip your heart upside down. When they flip your heart around that means the bully won because they want you to be mad. But if you do not listen to them and calm yourself down you may win and they will not bother you anymore.When you see anyone that has fire in them tell them to calm down. Be a good friend and do not just go away and leave someone staying mad. The most important thing is YOU CAN NOT BE MEAN TO ANYONE. I am spying on you😑😑😑. Say nice things to other people nicely. Do you know what word Linda Ragsdale call when she teaches about talking nicely ? The answer is PEACE TALK. So I wish you keep being nice and do not ever make someone mad. The other important thing is do not let other people give you FIRE.

My Favourite Bouncy Ball

I have a bouncy ball that bounces really high if you give energy but the bad thing is that it is sticks the dust. When you want to wash it the ball will be as clean as new but it becomes sticky when you clean it with a towel. The only way to make it not sticky is  to never wash it. But if you never washout again it will become a fur ball. So it takes hard work if you take care of it well. Their are different colours  mine is green, but the only thing is that my Chinese teacher gave it to her. Wish you can find where to buy the ball.


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Whales and dolphins get bigger aquarium tanks

A lot of people feel bad for the whales and dolphins because people thinks they are too big to fit in a fish tank. The people thinks they should be out side in the ocean. Others think the people that works at the aquarium should not force the animals do tricks. The people who works there says that animals only do tricks at performance but they would rather swim in the ocean. Some of the aquarium did what people said and changed it. How they are changing it is that they cancelled the dolphin shows and gave whales bigger tanks to swim in. But some aquarium still doesn’t listen and they make things worse. They still can’t stop orcas shows.

I think they are correct because the whales will die and the dolphins will be tired. They can’t be squished too. Making a change is difficult but we can do it by giving them better environment . So they can live better.

The webs site that you need to copy and paste


Seattle schools change start time after science shows teens need more sleep


They are saying that teens should go to school late so they are ready to focus and can live better by sleeping a lot.  They say some school takes money to change the time. So most school won’t change the time late to school. Last year a big group of doctor said it’s a good idea to go to school late so they can be very healthy. The starting school late can help in many ways. But they said younger kid need to start school early. In Chicago they tried to listen to the parents but the task failed because the school leader did not listen to the parents.   

Why I think it is a good idea

I think it’s a good idea because teens have to work really hard so if they have more sleep they can work harder. I think they should work hard and leave early too. Some teens that sleep at midnight and wake up at 6:00 is a bad idea because they won’t focus on the teacher. The parents are right they should let the teens stay sleeping until 8:45 . Kids still need to wake up at 7:45 because they don’t need work so hard .