Express It: Develop and Plan

During this project I will need to use plastic and maybe a metal hinge to make it open. I will need to learn how to use plastic to create things and also how to change the things in the design. I plan to use Plastics and websites about creating stuff out of plastic to level up my skill.

I got my ideas from a small brainstorm but mostly just a random idea. I will test it by seeing if it opens or no and filling it with pens or pencils to make sure it will be big enough Below is a sketch of my design. I first made a cardboard copy then used plastic and metal hinges and screws to make the box open and close.

Here is the cardboard copy

Define and Inquire: Snazzy Plastics

My audience are people who have a bunch of pencils but nowhere to put them.  A problem for people with no pencil cases are that they might randomly misplaced the pencils and start losing them. I don’t really know what inspired me because I just kind of picked it . This might express me because I don’t have a pencil case and sometimes lose pencils.  One thing that might be challenging is the opening part because it would be hard to make plastic open and if it opens too many times it might break. Another problem might be that it might not look even and it won’t work properly.


OneDay Reflection

This OneDay I chose to do Food Reviews and it was fun I guess. I decided to do Food Reviews because i wanted to try different kinds of food and try to do food reviews. What did you do well? Something that I did well was maybe I wrote about how the food place’s aesthetic was and how authentic it was. Some of the food places were authentic and the food tasted good. Though some places seemed to be a little too big and the aesthetic wasn’t too good.

What did you learn? I learned how to make a food review I guess. I also learned how different looks of a place can change someone’s opinion on the place.  I also learned how to make a food review more descriptive and better. using more descriptive words can be better in a food review so that the reader or the person looking at your food reviews would know more about the place and how the food is.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? I didn’t really face any challenges because it was Food Reviews so I didn’t overcome anything. Why is OneDay important? OneDay is important because you get to do what you might want to do and people can know what they like to do.

Here is a picture



Food Reviews

For OneDay I chose to do Food Reviews because I wanted to try different foods. The first place we ate was at Pinnacle Plaza. It was a Hong Kong Breakfast place. There were noodles and other things like that

Here is a photo of it. The place seemed a little too big for the amount of people. The noodles were a bit oily. The sofa was pretty comfortable. The menu had different things and they were different kinds of meat for the noodles like ham, spam, and I think some others. There was a claw machine.

These are the noodles that they serve

This is one side of the menu

The second place was in Shine City and it was a Korean place. The food we had there were beef, pork, and some other stuff. Here are some pictures of the food and place. The place was called TanTanDaLu. The place was big and looked good. It was authentic with the utensils being things in Korea. The food was not bad and the sauce worked well with the meat. There aren’t really a lot of servings though.

The last place was a Japanese place called Kyo Sakura but i didn’t eat anything because I don’t like seafood and I wasn’t hungry. There was ramen and sushi and other things and it looked good. There was bit of a smell of smoking near the stairs and the place was also pretty authentic. The decor look kind of just slapped together quickly and wasn’t the best. Some things were expensive. Here is the only photo of this place.


Driving Question

Looking back on Collision, I learned that the most important part of designing a product is that can the product survive the travel to the buyer’s place. For example, if our product could survive the travel then the customer would not have a product and people would not invest in a product that won’t work. Before this project I used to think the first idea could just be added on but now I think sometimes you actually have to change the whole design. For example, our group changed up the whole design, the original was a parachute but that affected the accuracy too much and so we got rid of the parachute. Looking back on Collision, I realized that it is important to have the process because then you will know what you need to improve on and change it. For example, we needed to improve our accuracy and the process showed that because we missed 7 out of 9 times.


River Field Study-Data Collection 4

On January 25 2019 our group went to the Wenyu River to check the PM 2.5 and then converted it into AQI


Photo Caption: The river bank part of the data collection. The area with the lowest AQI out of the 4 areas we went to.



In January, the AQI is the lowest AQI we have had out of all 4 of the data collection. For example our second lowest in September, the banks had 66 AQI while today in January the banks were only 55 AQI. This also is the case for all the other locations. I notice that the AQI is decreasing and then increasing in Fall and then decreasing again in Winter. Next time we collect data, I wonder if in February the AQI will increase and then in Spring if the AQI increases or decreases.

Drop 1 Results

Our team constructed the first design using newspaper, string and a box.  Multiple drops took place and we noticed that we kept missing because the box always glides away and so we never had the force.

In order to improve our design, we paid attention to area where it failed. The following “FAILS” happened during the drop:

  • Kept drifting away
  • Never hit force plate

Some things also went well. Big successes include

  • Making parachute that works
  • No damage on product
  • Landed safely

For our next design, we will improve upon the first prototype by maybe not using a parachute and using a crumple thingy to protect against the force without break and it will be more accurate or we can build a parachute heavier so that it doesn’t glide.

Dropping Items

In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver Diarrhea Pepto Chewable Tablets. The drone will release the package from a height up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall.

For Drop 0, a package with the dimensions of  11.9 x 5 x 2.5 was dropped from a height of 5 meters. Below is a photograph of the package:

The package will hold the chewable pills but we put markers and erasers to imitate the weight of the chewable. Inside, items are organized like this:

The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle.

During the drops, I noticed that when our package dropped there was not a lot of force because our package was small and. was light so soft landing might not be an issue. The following data was collected:

The average time it took for our package to fall the 5 meters was about 0.9353 seconds. Using LoggerPro, we plotted out the fall of the package.

The fall was a bit slow at the start but started to accelerate at the middle part and stayed about at a constant speed after it accelerated

A force plate at the bottom of the drop was used to collect data on the impact force of the package. Our group hit the target 1 out of 3 times which I don’t think is very good.  As a project metric for accuracy, we want our project to try to hit the target more often so that the package won’t be lost.

The average force on impact was 37.3 N because that was the only time we hit the force plate. As a project metric, our group has decided to maybe try to lower it to make it as soft as possible but maybe not.

Summary: Project Metrics

Our team has decided that the three most important criteria to design towards are Accuracy, Soft landing and big quantities. Below, each metric is described and the goals were determined by data from Drop 0.

  • Metric 1: Being able to hit the target more than 50 percent of the time, maybe more than 75
  • Metric 2: The package having a soft landing so that the things inside don’t break. Reducing the force by 25 percent.
  • Metric 3: We want to have more things inside so that the people using it would have more supplies to use rather than needing to keep getting it and maybe run out quickly.


Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that we put like a outer shell thing to protect the package and maybe if it works a parachute but if it glides away then maybe not.

Egg Dropping

On Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisions with an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was a paper box thing with a ballon under it to cushion the fall. The material were one piece of A4, one balloon, Some string and maybe some extra things for the design part of it.

Then, working in a group, we decided to create a design that had a balloon at the bottom and a parachute at the top. The parachute was made out of newspaper. Since 2 people in our group had a balloon idea that was similar so we just made a balloon and the parachute another idea of a person in our group. The egg was also put in a balloon to make it easier to connect to the strings that attach the design together.


As the egg was dropping, I felt like it was not going work because we did not have enough time to actually finish the design and scrapped it and just wrapped into a box without the balloon or the parachute.


Our design was unsuccessful because we did not have enough time to finish the full design and so we just wrapped into a box to throw down without any thing to really protect the egg


Next time, I would try to finish a design that we could finish in that amount of time. I would also like to make the parachute smaller because our original parachute was the whole newspaper sheet. I would also like to add a box or protection to protect the egg rather than it just hanging there.


Project Collisionsis using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I saw that people delivered blood and things to help you live or make your life easier. I would like to deliver medicine maybe because it can help people.

Through this project, I hope to learn about how people send drones to deliver stuff so that they can walk less and I also want to know how to drop something from 10 meters and not have it break.

SciFi Final Piece

Once a greedy, spoiled ,rich civilian becomes a person who was thrown out of the city, poor and depressed. He searches for a new home while plotting against the greedy and villainous president and government. Forced into a small hole he searches desperately for food and water and a better shelter. He meets new people and soon tries to take down the government who is planning to get rid of people who are less privileged than themselves. He suffers by hearing about the deaths of his new friends and soon becomes the president for taking down the old president.

SciFi Final Thing 

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