Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: The Nixie’s song

Nick Vargas, a young boy who just lost his mom adopted a stepsister called Laurie. The two had totally different opinions, that’s how this book originated. Laurie wanted to save Nixie quickly so she can know about the fairies. Even though Nick thought the exact opposite, he got in trouble to carry Nixie into the river. Later on, they found out the fairies were basically everywhere! They almost got into a “fairy trouble”.

My character analysis will be on Nick. I totally agree with him because I don’t believe in Fairytales. I think it’s worthless to save someone to tell about fairies. Not even are warning. They are full of make-up and weirdos.

Connections: I have read another book called “Slappy New Year” by R.L. Stine. The main character Ray Gordon always wants to scare his young (but huge) brother. So he bought this silly dummy from Jonathan Chiller called Slappy. But something went wrong. After his brother kept on getting Ray in trouble by trashing his own room. Ray finally wanted to change his mind. But he was so fed up that he read the spell to bring Slappy “alive”! Slappy cause any severe, or life threatening actions. Guess who takes the blame? Yes, Ray gets blamed on everything. Finally, he trashed and broke Slappy before returning it.

Book summary: The tale of Despereaux

Summary: Despereaux is a mouse who gets mistreated by lots of people in his kingdom. We know mouses and rats are vermin and cause a lot of troubles. He met a rat named Roscuro who “killed” the queen by falling into her soup. But both of them had a friend. Who is the queen’s daughter, Princess pea. She helped Despereaux into the mouse council. But the mouse and the rat experienced lots of hazards on the way.

Character Analysis: King Phillip is a real rude and arrogant man who looks down on animals with disabilities and things that looks gross. He doesn’t accept our differences among people.

Connection: I’ve read a book in the Goosebumps series called “Slappy new year” when all the charcters (except Ray) was beliving in his truths about Slappy. He bought Slappy to scare his young (and giant) brother, but accidentally gotten into his family’s arrogances about his truths. For any reason, nobody belived him about Slappy’s trouble

My book club

The book “homework machine” by Dan Gutman, was very different from other books. All of the paragraph were written as character perspectives. The character who invented the machine, Brenton Damagatchi, called four classmates to his house and make this huge awesome plan called Belch. Belch helped them do the homework throughout the year. Near summer break, they decided to break the plan up so there won’t be any proof. But it won’t work! Belch became a hardrive! So then they threw the machine in the Grand Canyon!

Sam Dawkins: Hi guys, I am Sam. You can call me Snik. At first, I was a person who hated any type of work and loved hanging out. Over time with my classmates, I have found something cool, hanging out is the first step to working as if failure is the first step of success.

Connection: My parents have both skipped fourth grade, I had a pretty tough time last year. Through Sam, I got more and more experienced at what to do when you feel bored.

The 39 clues: The black circle

Summary: Two brave kids, Amy and Dan Cahill finished their Cairo, Egypt trip. They are headed for their three-hour trip to Russia. At Russia, they had to find the black circle. That’s one of the case to find their ancestors. On their way, they met their cousins who were traitors. Ian and Natalie Kabra. They’ll always stop Amy and Dan’s way to save their family. Can Amy and Dan finish the quest?

Connections: Sometimes when family members pass away, they always try to get information about their family ancestors. I have a friend whom his grandpa passed away. He visits home every year to find clues.

Year of the Bore

Dear Family Wong (the wisest&holiest):

In the past year I was in the beautiful country “meiguo”.  I learned a lot from Mrs. Rappaport’s English list. I met a lot of friends. One of them started as a mightin’ scary mean guy, and punched me square in both eyes. Her name was Mabel. She was probably mad at me because I suck at baseball. But because I had a kind heart, and helped her while she was soaking in the rain. Mabel taught me baseball. She called me her superstar Jackie Robinson. I felt so different than when I just came.

Banana Bread

Banana bread needed more ingredients and more amount of the ingredients to put in the mixer. We had to prepare for the buttermilk first. Our group didn’t work well because all of them were EAL students.

We used fractions to measure out the ingridences we needed for the batter. If we were to double the recipe, we could make the bread more tasty.

We better prepare the buttermilk already for someone else. We also should make a hint that says spray cooking oil.

My experience is not only I learned a new way of making Banana Breads, I cooperated with EAL students.