"People cry not because they are weak, but it's because they were strong for too long"

A new technology-Minecraft

My story talks about the struggle two students in AlasKansas (Canada) with their childhood of growing up in famine. After being inspired by the new technology in Minecraft, the imaginary character named Lasik (which Elon was desperate to help) wanted to set humanity on Mars. Out of everything I did, I like the exhibition the most because that’s when you can present to everyone your actual work.

BZhang G7 U2 Stories of Future Driving Question Reflection

What is inside such liquid like Karo Syrup?

The picture below represents my observations of the egg that either grows or shrinks in special liquids. Based on my team’s observations, the first egg that was in the vinegar was a little bit heavier than the second egg in the vinegar. And due to substances in the corn syrup that will get caught in some pores on top of the egg, it will eventually get pressured and shrink its size. The displacement of the syrup was about 100 ml, and the diameter after being soaked in corn syrup was 13cm. Vice versa, if the egg is soaked in any hydro-oxide particles (like water), then air is let out of the egg, causing it to expand. Except for the data in the pictures shown down below, the displacement of water was a little less, about fifty milliliters along with a 20cm egg in diameter. In addition to those two experiments, there’s a security check as the initial step. That was using vinegar to de-shell the eggs, a displacement of 80ml of acidic vinegar did something quite interesting. Instead of interacting with the holes on the egg, it physically “eat away” the eggshell, giving it an ugly look and a smell like chocolate exposed in the sun for a month. I used to believe the egg did not interact so much with the vinegar, but it turns out that the difference between the acids and the alkalines were quite obvious. Inconsiderate that the egg does not change its mass due to the vinegar. In fact, the egg displaced a whole lot of vinegar, which it moved around with the acid too!

The greatest Soviet apartment

Our concept is based on Sola’s idea of creating a small but special toilet while making the base wide and spacious. The living room is separated by a divider which has the kitchen on the near side, and an eight square meter bedroom on the far side. A toilet was created using a special function, and it was enlarged to fit on different altitude so that not all of the bathroom needs to be cramped in a small space.

Our individual response

Foragers: From farmers to present.

Foragers to the Futures Outline

River Field Study: Data Collection 2

The data we collected about oxygen in the river was -1.55 pct of oxygen per cubic meter on the west side of the river, and -1.52 pct of oxygen per cubic meter on the east side (under the bridge) of the river. The temperature of the water was 23°c. 

The were some problems with my logger pro, we got very abnormal data, the air pressure of the water was supposedly 20-30%. But my messed up data showed -1.55%. Normally, dissolved oxygen should take up around 8% of the air, now it dropped down to -152%.

Stories of the Futures Day Zero

Urgent Problems

  1. The scarcity of resources and overpopulation growth
  2. Pollution and extinction among many species
  3. Conflicts and unsolved problem in society


  1. Why are there these unwanted conflicts?
  2. How do we solve these issues as soon as possible?
  3. Can we try our best to solve global warming and food scarcity?

It’s impossible to believe that there’s one world, one earth, one community, one

I feel 73% optimistic about our future world because there are just so many wonders and miracles about the earth and its future we need to appreciate. The fate of the constantly growing population will face is the scarcity resources. Now I feel a little pessimistic about our future supplies. Will the oil that we are constantly using be able to survive to the next generation? Will the water be clean? Will we have enough space to live in? How will the earth system deal with the extra people along with the climates? Will global warming be even more severe? Except for the rice experience, I feel that increased cities and decreased supplies and resources are quite overwhelming to mankind. Humankind is becoming endangered, resources are becoming scarce. There’s no hope for future, three, two, one gone, there goes launching towards the future. When the population goes up, resources do the exact opposite.


Project Big Data 

Have you ever wondered how our information get transferred from places to places? Or if along that route, someone had looked at your privacy and you don’t know who that person is? Today, data is becoming more and more advance every second. And with data comes users, so they are all being dragged into this never-ending loop of information and technology and computers that they are becoming so addicted to it! Even basic privacy is being ignored and users are abusing our complicated system. Therefore, we should be extra cautious with our information being shared. 

Where did the data come from, where will it go to? What’s in all this action being transferred? According to Ted Ed talks, if suddenly someone asked for your fingerprints or even your face, what will you do? Are you wondering who is processing your data and why they are doing this? Because once your data is out, it’s literally out for good. Anyone else who has access to your information or data can steal it and inappropriately use it without your permission. To me, even when I use my finger to unlock my iPhone 6s and my face to recognize someone else’s social media payment, I always recap my thinking from putting all my information in the submit form. Such as a survey, an envelope or voting. Even for just a private recording, there will occasionally be surveillance cameras stalking everything I say. But what it should do is track important evidence and signs where criminals take actions. 

Because security cameras are basically everywhere and it’s the number 1 monitor of our safety, there are people who get wrongly accused for doing nothing even if they just simply returned to the crime scene. If that happens, jaywalkers can run away, and an unknown suspect can mysteriously get caught. Densely populated areas are places where there are many inhabitants, it would be close to impossible to track what everyone is doing. So how will they be able to find the exact right person that committed? Also, many online locations are being stalked or hacked, so this is a big problem if we invented these machines. Because if new cameras are installed, they interfere with many people’s personal business. 

Earning salaries and making money is very crucial. In fact, it’s supposed to be part of our daily lives. But if everything is OK in moderation, then these moral senses all have a legal and an illegal to it. There are so many ways that stock markets, insurances and online sources get their money illegally. Companies can sell your data illegally without your permission just to make that one of a little profit. Also, once they do that, those who sold your data and privacy can regret like a pauper who recently just got bankrupt. To me, I really don’t prefer selling or giving up most of your data for others to sell it illegally or blackmail it just for profit, it’s back for both sides. 

In summary, big data is a great way for us to communicate, just be sure to control the two edges. As I mentioned before, anything is okay in moderation. Just like big data, it may be interesting to just try crossing the “red line” by just a little bit. But literally, this isn’t worth the risk. In considerate there are so many critics and viewers out there who view “personal data” as an entertainment, but there are people who spread the positive and correct messages. Being a data user doesn’t mean you cannot post anything that is valuable. But using this special tool can really benefit us from our entire lives. And it’s no doubt that more and more privacies are being exposed. 

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Ted Ex: 

Music Big Data Project

Music Statement

In this music project, I made a music piece about this related song called “Uplifting Legends of Time”. Because I’m well-experienced in many instruments, (especially piano). I played a similar version of this “encrypted” coded piece. The piece codes about my daily schedule and my time of each class. This kind of relate to my big data project since I copied my Feltron Data (which only like half is complete). And the fewer the data, the easier to encrypt the data into sheet music. I made many pieces, which most of them were improvised from movie theme songs. I personally really enjoyed their opening and closing songs. Including my sixth piece which took a song from Lihong Wang, I made a graphical notation of the main part of the piece (which was in the middle) and made a fun musical graph (also with a pattern) for each of my pieces. I have a mixture of cryptography, graphical notations, and music relating to numbers.

Final Report Card Reflection

For this Ignite Week project, I was in the Iconic FA project. And I made wood blocks corresponding to the FA schedule. One part of the L21 curriculum I’ve worked on for the past week could be Creativity and Improving. Because whenever there is a problem, I came up with a clever idea to solve it. I realized I grew Creativity and improving curriculum significantly since a few issues occurred during the course of the design progress, I stayed calm and found a good way to solve it. Overall, the Ignite week was a great experience for me because there are just so many projects for me to do, and I can meet and work with so many FA people.

Make It: Create and Improve

My main challenge was having to wash all of our laser-printed signs. And then take ten minutes to dry out the wrongly wetted cardboard signs. Doing this challenge was really difficult because your fingers can get really dirty if you are not careful with the black ink. But some skills I overcame was how to properly rinse a wood block and how to properly dry them. I think this is very useful in handling any woodblock like this today. It helps me to be more experienced of how to discolor the images or the letters on the block itself. I think my biggest highlight was being able to complete this hard task and select the best font for the best image. Since this icon was surely some hard things we could do in this week.

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