Express It: Create and Improve

As the second ignite week: express it came to the end I was looking back on this project, thinking of what I have learned. I learned how to use Wattpad to upload and update stories, I learned how to write fan-fiction, and I learned how to better use one note.

Knowing what I know now, I would definitely do the planning stage differently because  I overreached a lot and made a plot for a novel that I wouldn’t be able to finish and I only realized on Thursday, so I had to scrap that whole story and write a new one.

The mistake I learned from the most was that PLANNING COUNTS!!!!!!! So I should keep in mind to do it properly in my next project.

One skill that I think I can use in the future is writing, because Writing is an essential skill that we will have to use pretty much every day of our lives.

One thing I am proud of doing is actually finishing the first chapter of my new story in one period and being confident enough with it to post it on the internet because I was very nervous about not finishing and it takes me a lot of effort to actually put anything on the internet in the first place.

Come and read my story as I keep updating it!

Develop and Plan

Here’s my plan for this week:

Week plan

To think my project through, I decided to create a story arc and character analysis of my story. I realized that I probably need more characters.

While making a prototype, I realised that there are some bits of my story that are vital to the plot that I haven’t thought through yet, for example, anthropomorphic forms of pokemon.


Make It Define and Inquire

My idea is to write a story about pokemon based on this girl who was born with supernatural abilities.

My audience or user is any and everyone who wants to read my story and also longtime Pokemon fans.

A problem my user is struggling is acceptance because she is different from other kids at her school.

I was inspired by various fanfictions and also the pokemon anime. I hope I am able to create something that people can understand with even a small understanding of Pokemon and doesn’t destroy any portrayals of pokemon. However, I think it might be difficult to write this story because  I have to make original characters, include a lot of pokemon and their personalities, and write it all in a week.

Pokemon Ash has caught

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

Project Collisions: Drop Zero

In Project Collisions, I am creating a system to deliver wrapped gifts by drones. The drone will release the package from a height of up to 10 meters and my job as an engineer is to develop a solution so that the package is protected in its fall.

The package will hold some wrapping materials and an iPhone box containing a charger and a charging port. Inside, items are organized with the iPhone box wrapped in purple wrapping paper and a red bow, surrounded by more shred up wrapping paper.

The purpose of Drop 0 is to get baseline data about our package. The group developed a testing procedure so that we can be consistent on how data is collected throughout the design cycle.

During the drops, I noticed that the box itself wasn’t damaged that much, but the charger and charger port were severely damaged. The following data was collected:


The average time it took for our package to fall the 5 meters was 8 seconds. Using LoggerPro, we plotted out the fall of the package.

A force plate at the bottom of the drop was used to collect data on the impact force of the package. Our group was pretty accurate most of the time, not missing the force plate. As a project metric for accuracy, we want our project to be highly accurate, as no one wants their gift to be delivered to the wrong person, or have their present delivered to their neighbor on accident


The average force on impact was 130 N. As a project metric, our group has decided to set a goal for having the force impact be reduced to 20 N. We hope to reduce the force impact by 33%.

Our team has decided that the three most important criteria to design towards are accuracy, safety landing of the package, and weather protection. Below, each metric is described and the goals were determined by data from Drop 0.

Our group is now building the first prototype. I hope that in design 1, our package has a softer landing, and the things inside aren’t too heavily damaged.

Project Collisions: Blog Post #1

On Monday, January 7, I began Project Collisions with an egg drop. This design challenge was to drop a raw egg from a height of 5 meters without breaking it. A material list with items to purchase was provided. My first design was an egg inside a balloon with cotton in it surrounded by newspaper.

Then, working in a group, we decided to put the egg and some straws in a blown up balloon surrounded by newspaper and a4 paper with army men surrounding the ball serving as a shock barrier. But what actually came out was an egg surrounded by a whole bunch of newspaper and a balloon meekly hanging on the top.

As the egg was dropping, I was feeling very nervous and expecting it not to work because we didn’t actually do anything according to plan.

Our design was unsuccessful because we couldn’t get our plan to work so we eventually just winged it.

Next time, I would make several plans and think everything through more clearly.

Project Collisions is using the idea of drone delivery. During my research, I found out that a lot of very crucial supplies and materials are being delivered by drone, like blood and so on. One area that interests me is that a lot of people use drone delivery because they are either too busy or too lazy.

Through this project, I hope to learn how the drone market works and hopefully save the product from crashing.

oof, welp I’m late

The Illusion of Power

Luna and Hope life in a future world where the government has become super corrupted and people live in fear of being thrown out of the city. Everyone pretends that the world is perfect under their domes, and no one ever dares to question the government until Luna and Hope discover a dark secret. Click the link to read more! Also, I didn’t finish the story it is only a prologue 2 chapters.

The Illusion of Power

Tinkercad blog post

As a collaborators I think we are doing quite well, because we are taking time to listen to each other’s ideas, and including and adding them into our design. We helped each other with different aspects of each thing, for example, I was (and am still) totally clueless in tinkercad, but Alan and Kenneth helped me with the designing.

We were tasked with bringing together the designs from all three of us, and I thin k we did quite well, as we were able to design with  everyone’s super important designs in mind.

The dementions our initial designs were mostly the same, but the exterior shape wasn’t. we eventually settled on a square that was 5 by 5 square meters, because that was the space which we could use the most space.

Alan spelled my name wrong… o well….

The important design for Alan was how you get food, which is through a pipe, but that isn’t part of the walls, windows or doors. For Kenneth it was foldable things like a bed and table, but that is also furniture. My important designs were a secret room and a garden, which you will see in the walls proof.


Walls and doors proof

























Alan’s Initial Design

I lost my initial design, and Kenneth didn’t have his so this is Alan’s


River field study – Data collection 3

November 21st was out third trip to the Wenyu river and we faced a whole bunch of new challenges as a new fence was erected. It was a very chilly November day, and we were freezing to death like the unprepared children that we are.

Mushrooms we are studying

This is a picture of the mushrooms that we are studying, which shrunk greatly in size and shape, and also felt like frozen chunks.

Data Table

In November, the Mushrooms were much smaller than they were in September, and there were more mushrooms somehow, the leaves for the big tree turned yellowish green, and the glass on the glass patch increased. I notice that the data is going as we predicted, but I don’t know what is happening with the mushroom tree, how can the tree grow more mushrooms when the weather gets colder? Either way, the data we collected was still interesting. The glass behaved exactly how we expected it to, as more people walked on it the more the glass broke and the more pieces there were. In January, we will return to the site again and I wonder weather there will be more or less mushrooms than there were this time.

Yayy I finished… Why is everything I do so worthless?

And this sucks. Again. Like everything I do.

From Foragers to the future

The from foragers to the future project proved to be a fun project, as I liked writing the explanations

I chose these icons for foragers because they were mostly hunter gathers and the hunted and gathered to get their food. The berry represents the gathering part of the hunting and gathering. The person walking symbol represents how at that time the only way to get somewhere was to walk, or use something human powered. The communication icon shows how the only way to communicate was through spoken language. The cluster of people represents how people lived, the foragers lives in small nomadic groups. The hills and sun represent how foragers only traveled/ traded with those within their line of site.


For the farmer icons, the wheat icon represents how agriculture was becoming a big new technology, and how most people got their food from it. The horse symoolizes how you could now get around by using animals, and you travel farther, which is why the trading symbol is a castle, symbolising because of more efficient ways of travel, trading expanded to empires. During this time written language was developed, hence the scroll. People lived in small villages, which is why the house is there.


For the Factories icons, I put a picture of a hamburger for food, because it is a very iconic food that everyone eats a lot of. The plane is there to show some of the transport that we have which is all powered by fossil fuels. A form of communication that we have created is the telephone and the television, so data can reach masses. In the modern world, most people live in urban places, so the apartment building shows how cites have adapted to different environment of a lot of people, and made homes where more people can stay. The trading network today is global, so that’s why I put on the globe.


In the future, in my world everyone’s diet is mostly made up of vegetables, except the rich who can eat meat. We still have cars and planes and all that stuff, but they are run on special kind of diesel made from algae. There will be much more data in the future so it is believed we will need artificial intelligence to help store and process all that data. I feel that in the future we will live in much smaller homes, but we will still be an urban population. I feel in the future the trade network will still be global, but imported items will be more expensive than they are today.

Haha,  this also sucks like everything else I do… o well

Big Data Essay

Brooke Zhou Grade 7 Big Data Essay

Big data can at times be a wonderful thing. It has given us a lot of “invaluable” services that we never could have dreamed of ten twenty years ago. Big data has come to become an important part of our lives, but it can also harm us in unimaginable ways. We should start being more conscious about our data, and who we give it to. But what is big data? And why is it so important? And how is it affecting our day to day lives?

Privacy International states that big data is what we generate each day as citizens. This ranges from what we watch, what we buy at the grocery store, and where we go. And there is a huge drive to collect it because a ton of money can be generated from it. Companies having this data can be good, for example, companies can use this data to create new apps that are more specific toward you, and your needs, at a lower price. Many other valuable services are free because they can use your data to make money by selling advertising.  For example, Facebook and Google are free, because of add targeting.

But however, big data can also be the devil. According to Privacy International, big data can be used for many different algorithms, and many these algorithms are now key decision makers. But these algorithms can be wrong, biased and/or unfit for use. This can cause you to be discriminated, having your driver’s licence removed, your benefits cancelled, electoral participation cancelled, and even arrests made. Many data mining indicatives have been attempted and tried, and this caused tens of thousands of people being wrongly identified as terrorists. Unfortunately, many still believe the common miscaption that data equals truth. It doesn’t. And we shouldn’t let ourselves be convinced that any or all tasks or jobs can be done by robots or computers.

We should be more aware of our privacy, but sometimes we are unfairly forced to give up our privacy, without anything being given back to us. According to the video ISPs can now sell your data without permission by Nilay Patel from the Verge, Trump and the Republicans have now passed a law that allows ISPs or Internet service providers sell your data without your permission. ISPs are mad that companies like Google and Facebook can have huge ad-based businesses. And the Republicans decided that ISP can have the same regulations as Google and Facebook. But this is downright wrong, because if you don’t like what Google or Facebook is doing with your data, you don’t have to use them. That’s different with ISPs because you are paying them for internet service. And they can see almost everything you search because it’s their pipes. Plus, in many places of the US, even competition is scarce.

We should appreciate big data and all it has to offer. Our lives would be much harder without it. However, we must also be more cautious of where our data is going, or we will face the consequences. We should start reading the terms and agreements before we click the “I agree” button. I know this can be a challenge for most, I mean, all you want to do is to play that really cool game, but companies write everything they are going to do with your data in the terms of use agreement. And you can’t really blame anything on the companies when they use your data in ways they don’t want you to. Remember that every small decision you make, can impact your future in unimaginable ways.

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