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Project Linen Blog Post 1

Prototype #1

Our idea is making a linen bag that is sustainable for the planet. The picture above is going to be what our first prototype going to be like. If the idea succeeds we can improve it and make it into the bag below. Our ideal customers can be of a wide variety, it can be students, parents, and teachers.

Improved version. Prototype #2



环保盒子 Eco-Friendly Action

In the ISB cafeteria, there is a wooden container that contains paper straws, cinnamon, sugar, metal forks, and metal spoons. The box is designed to be handy to store and organize things into different categories. In the past, ISB uses plastic straws and one-time cups. Students suggest changing this action because this is very harmful to the environment. Now ISB changed all of the plastic straws into paper straws, plastic kitchen utensils into medal forks and spoons to be Eco-Friendly, and paper cups into metal cups which students can return. I think that this action can be very helpful for not letting students use plastic straws and utensils. However, a lot of the juice boxes still have plastic straws and paper cartons. I hope in the future ISB can start using more of metal cups to further improve ISB’s environment.

River Field Study – Data Collection 6

Once again we went back to the Wenyu River. A lot has changed since the last time we went. It’s a lot greener and there are more flowers, this time we want to know if the amount of plastic has changed dramatically or stayed kind of the same.

This is a photo of site #1 in April

In April, the amount of plastic at site #1 is 34 pieces and the amount of plastics at site #2 is 10.

I notice that the amount of plastics at site #1 is a lot higher than site #2. I think this happens because at site #2 the land is slanted and sometimes there’s a lot of wind that blows the plastic into the river.

Next time we collect data, I wonder if the amount of plastic at site #1 is going to increase a lot more because it’s going to be warmer and continue the pattern on.

View Points – Freedom of Speech

River Field Study – Data Collection 5

A photo of site #1. There are tiny plastic caps on the ground and some plastic sheets.

A photo of site #2. You can see very tiny plastic caps on the ground if zoomed.

Looking back at the data we found out that there is a lot more plastics than before. The reason I think this happened might be because of the wind and people. A lot of plastics seem to have dirt and a stubbed into the ground. The wind might have blew of some the the dirt and poeple might have stomped on them and causing more plastic to appear. Next time I think there would be more plastic then before since it’s getting warmer and more people might come. I do wonder how often does the river get cleaned?

The data table for plastics.

Express It: Reflection

The wrench to screw the nails

The challenges that I faced was first that there isn’t a tape thin enough and the colors leaked through. The way I solved the problem is to just use the tape I have. When the colors leaked through, my friends suggested me to just paint the creaked with white. The skills I developed is to keep a controlled line when painting. My favorite part of this project was all of the materials that we got to use.

Express It: Create and Improve

The white marker I used

Finished skateboard

Something that did not work for my skateboard is to leaving the creases wood. The reason it didn’t work is that the paint went under the tape and made marks.  The way I fixed it is to put white paint in the creases to cover the paint. My friends also suggested me to spray paint the front with blue and white spray paint.

Introduction to Skateistan

Skateistan is a program combined with skateboarding and regular education given to children and youth around Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. This program helps to bring children who want to but can’t study. The way that I want to raise awareness is to make a skateboard dedicated to this program. The people that I want to target is young and old to let them know that how one simple things skateboarding can bring out happiness in people.

The idea for the skateboard I’m going to make includes draw different shapes and a logo for Skateista with paint markers.

I’m still trying to figure out whether or not to include the logo. Or to shrinks the size a bit.

This is the inspiration for my idea.

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

This is a picture of site #2 in January

This is a picture of site #1 in January

The amount of plastic in site #1 is 5 pieces and at site #2 is 0. I think this is because that in January it’s still really cold and a lot of wind. The wind blew the soil and covers most of the plastics from November. In November there are more plastics because it was just starting to get cold and people stops coming to clean them up.

I wonder if in February the amount of plastic will stay mostly the same because it’s still really cold.

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