"God does not create a lockwithout a key" -Hp Lyrikz

The Second

There is a secret, a secret that could not be told and will never be unfolded to Judy. Judy’s 12 almost 13. She’s old enough. At least old enough to fight and slay the monsters that ate her dad, well it’s at least what her mom had told her. She doesn’t believe that. She believes that her dad is still alive and roaming around. Her brother only 5 years older than her can go slay and fight. Why can’t she? Why is her mother locking her inside? Will she ever be able to seek revenge? Revenge for her father.

The Second

TinkerCad home in 2050

\As a collaborator, I felt that I’m comfortable with sharing my ideas with my group mate and I can help my group mate share her idea when she gets stuck with it and she also did the same with me. I am happy with the final design because we can incorporate all of our special ideas into the final. One thing that I noticed our group did well when working together was collaborating with each other when we’re working together at home. One challenge that we had when working together was sometimes that the website wasn’t working, we solved it by opening it up at school and then working at it at a home.



River Field Study – Data Collection 3

The graph form September to November

In November, the amount of plastic in the quadrant was really surprising because there wasn’t a lot of plastic bags plastic bottles, but there was a lot of plastic bottle caps. In September the amount of plastic in site #1 is 18 pieces including plastic bags bottle caps in site and it increased by 9 pieces of plastic in October and it decreased form 27 pieces in October to 16 pieces in November. I think this happened because not a lot of people are to the Wenyu River so there won’t be a lot of plastic on the ground.  However, maybe that the bottle caps were the plastic from before and people just didn’t want to dig out the caps so it is just left there. Another example would be in site #2. However, due to the fencing around our site in November we had the recording area to a place next to the original. So we collected that there are 3 pieces for plastic in September and increased by 10 pieces in October. Since we changed our site the area beside the original site #2 the amount of plastic there is 2 pieces which decreased by 11.  I notice that the data is decreasing because of the weather it’s getting colder. In October it has the most amount of plastic so far because of the not too cold and not to hot weather. In January, we will return to the site again and I wonder if the amount of plastic is going to increase because that the weather is going to be warmer and people are going to visit more often.

Picture for the site with lots of plastic bottle caps.

What? So What? Now What?

What? So What?

The biggest problem in my narrative and in real life is overpopulation.  The inspiration for me to figure that this is the biggest problem is that when I was researching about overpopulation I ran into this article about helping the earth with overpopulation, for example, in What is Overpopulation said about all these problems that are caused by overpopulation, so I thought that I would include the information in this article.

Another example of this topic would be that when I was finding out solutions, for example, in Overpopulation Solutions – Everything Connects the solution I read about is all about birth control. However, I also came across another solution is to take control of the number of resources each person uses to balance out the resources.

This problem can be such a problem in the near future because in about 2050 I think that there would be about 10 billion people on this planet. So the resources on this planet would probably not be enough if everybody continues living like this.

Now What?

One thing I can collect data on is that each and every day how much do the amount of water, electricity, and how many pieces of paper I use. I can start to slowly reduce the number of resources I use each day, and people can also reduce the number of resources we use. I realized that this is a really serious problem because no one would want to live on a planet with very fewer resources.



My Egg-speriment!

My design is repeatable by another person because I wrote my procedure precisely so that once a person reads it they can follow the directions well. I realized that the mass of the egg (in grams) that came out of the vinegar may have some issues in my data collection because when I measured the egg’s mass I used the same mass for every egg. This was a problem because all eggs have different masses. An improvement that I would make is to collect data more precisely and don’t make mistakes that aren’t necessary.

Combination of the Future

My partner said to me to improve on making my icons more simple so I went onto Noun Project
( and Flat Icons ( to look at what icons they have.

After getting feedback I fixed every thing and made my posters on Canva (

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

This is a picture of some plastic bottle caps on the ground

Today we collected 27 plastic (not trash) at site #1 which is 9 more than last time. Also 13 plastics at site #2 which is 10 more than last time. For next time I’m wondering that will the number of plastic decrease since its getting cold and people won’t go to the river?

Stories of the Future: Day Zero

Three urgent problems:

  • Pollution
  • Population
  • Plastic Overflow

Two wonders:

  • Will people be controlled by technology?
  • Will the earth be over populated?

Optimistic or Pessimistic?

  • Pessimistic

I used to think that the world is slowly going to run out of resources, now I think the same but worse. This is because looking back on today, the topics that we covered all have something in common, which is how are we supposed to maintain what we have or improve it. Since in the future there is going to be more people than what we have now living on earth, which also includes how are we supposed to share all the food and water we have right now. The resources we have right now like gems that is found underground is going to run out in the future. Maybe some of the different types of food run out, and the people in the future might not even know what it is. People are facing a lot of problems and those problems are going to get worse if we don’t solve it. We only have one place to live.

Fun but Scary

Bigger the Data the Better

Bigger the Data the Better 

By: Cara Zhang 

Will big data takeover? Will big data ruin your life? What will happen to your privacy in the next 10 years? Big data has been storing your private information and selling them to big companies that will use them. However, you can’t deny that the only reason big data is here is because of us. Although we caused this to happen, but big data can help us learn the ability to control it. Our ability to control the use of big data can improve our lives. Big data has facial recognition which is helpful, it can help police catch criminals, and help us get the things we want easier with no stress. 

One reason why our ability to control big data is very important is because having the ability to use facial recognition is very helpful. First, having security cameras around us can keep us safe. Of course, you might think having security cameras around can take away our privacy. However, if you think about using the footages that is caught on a camera, the police can use the wonderful facial recognition to catch the faces and find the person’s identity. This is all due to big data. According to Kenneth Cukier from “Big Data is better Data,” data can produce a lot of information without taking up a lot of space, “We could do a lot more with larger sets of data than smaller amounts” (2014). That means big data can store a lot of data and use those data in the future generations for the safety of the society. Although you might think “won’t scanning our faces be dangerous to our privacy?” However, you might want to think about how your life might be in danger when there is a criminal on the same street with you. The only reason why security cameras is around is because as soon as a suspect is caught the police department will immediately go and arrest that person. 

Second, it is also the same for the safety of our house. Feeling safe in your house is so important that just placing a security camera in your house can solve everything. It’s also the same for the police. The cameras can catch everything in your house, and if a burglar or anyone breaks into your house the cameras can catch their faces. Once the house owners find out, same for the police, they can directly send the footage to the police and they can find their identity and soon track them down. Another thing that has something to do with theft is carjackers. Carjackers has been stealing cars from a lot of people. However, according to “Big Data is better Data” by Kenneth Cukier. Tokyo has been inventing something that can prevent that, “Researchers in Tokyo are using it as a potential anti-theft device in cars” (2014). This means that by scanning the face of the person in the car, the machine can determine if the person driving is the car’s owner. Therefore, having we can control the use of Big Data and use it to help people from theft. 

The third reason is that by controlling Big Data and using it wisely can help people do everyday things easier. Imagine yourself wondering around the store trying to find something for your birthday, not knowing what to get. Suddenly you walked by a machine that can tell you what to get. How did this get made? Big Data! The machine collects data from people and uses them to program ideas. You might think, “but isn’t it stealing away your private information?” No need to worry because from China: “the world’s biggest camera surveillance network” by BBC News the police are only collecting the information for safe keeping, they won’t use it if they don’t need to “when they don’t need help, we won’t gather their data and it remains only in our data base” (2017). Also Collecting the data of people’s interests isn’t always a bad thing. According to the “Next-Level Surveillance: China Embraces Facial Recognition” by Josh Chin you can now get recommendations by scanning your face, “the company displays a system that serves up advertisement based on a person’s age and gender” (2017). This means that the community can enjoy their life and won’t have to worry about a whole lot about their needs, because big data can do all of that! 

Another example would be jobs, jobs can be so stressful. You must worry about what time you go to work where you’ll go eat and your relationship with your coworker. STRESSFUL! Although, jobs can be hard, but no need to worry because big data has everything covered. Based on “Big Data” by Privacy International when people know more about each other we can communicate more and do our jobs easier, “Jobs become easier if everybody knows about everybody else” (2015). This means the stress you get from your jobs can be all resolved by big data. In conclusion, by using big data people now can do their everyday things with not a lot of stress. In conclusion, having big data around can reduce the everyday stress that you have. 

In conclusion, our ability to control the use of big data can improve our lives. Big data has facial recognition which is helpful, it can help police catch criminals, and help us get the things we want easier with no stress. You might think, “even if big data is helpful but it also interrupts our privacy and takes all our private information what will happen then?” Big data is only storing our information for our society’s safety. If you can think that big data is using all its knowledge to hunt and find dangerous people to protect our lives, giving up a little bit of privacy isn’t so bad. That’s why some taxi cars have security cameras and microphones inside to make sure you and the driver is safe. Therefore, big data is important. Just like what Alan Kay said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”   


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In my Dreams

By: Cara Zhang

My artwork provides diagonal lines some thicker than others going from one edge to another. With different colors that represents different genres of dreams. For example, I get nightmares, good dreams and no dreams. So, for the majority of my dreams I get good dreams and for the same amount I also have nightmares. So, the lines are going to be somewhat same. So, this is why my project title is called “In My Dreams”. For my artwork, I chose to paint with the elements of color and shape for the diagonal lines.

The way I created it is to first figure out how much should each color take up. After I figured that out I would start painting and blend colors together to make a beautiful gradient. The media that I used are acrylic paint. The tools that I used are wood to paint on and acrylic brushes. I chose to use gradient as my technique to blend the color together.

The big idea behind my artwork is to show how often do I get different types of dreams. I got inspired by the Felton Project for my sleep analysis and recorded the information that I got on to my art project. My project also expresses my personal feelings towards the way I live.

This final piece of art didn’t really meet up to my actual expectations. My expectation is to put in much more details into my art. However, when I realized that I don’t have that much time left I completely changed my idea into what I have now. I still really like how the color combination turned out.

From creating this piece of art, I learned that not everything us going to be how you wanted it exactly. Which also means that my final piece isn’t what I wanted it to be exactly. I changed my whole idea of what I wanted it to be. I also learned something for my future projects that I am going to make, and that is that whatever you do you can complete but all you have to remember is that you have to think realistically. What I mean by that is that it’s OK that your artwork is going to be huge and colorful but you have to also think about how much time I’m given and am I going to finish that in time?

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