Welcome to my (new) blog!!!

Hey-yo to all, I actually haven’t posted in this school website since two years. Right now I’m in sixth grade, and I’ve changed and grow a bit older since fourth grade, but still the same. Ever since, I have started to fence, to work in Habitat For Humanity, and much more. Now, below you see some book reviews from fourth… Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing               Turtles and jelly beans all start on the first page on the book. This book shows a crazy little brother. When Peter thinks a time is just so perfect, little mister Fudge bursts in and makes a mess. His father already lost a job because of Fudge and got a new job. But Peter thinks he is… Read more →

Book Review

Book Review: Iggie’s House:  Moving out, Moving in— all in the first chapter of the book.  This book shows different people who aren’t so different from each other. People complain about who is what and complain what the Garbers do. But what’s worse? Germs, Incorporated has a fly away petition for Grove street to sign and say good-bye to the Garber family. But Winnie doesn’t see how different they are, until she realizes… Read more →

Double Fudge By Judy Blume

Book Review: Double Fudge By Judy Blume Money, money, money, money, money— it is all described in the first page of the book. This book shows a whole family who are different and having situations with each other. But even worse, Peter’s little brother Fudge has been going through this stage of money obsession. And who’s going to name Washington… Read more →

Scuba Ballerinas

A Audience… Underwater?!?! When the water is nice and clear, about forty people can watch from underwater seats. When they watch, they sit on the seabed with their air tanks sixteen feet below the surface. About forty more people can watch with snorkel gear in the surface. On land, a large screen shows the dancing. Meet People… On Land Underwater… Read more →

Together and Forever

Brian Boone age 39 lost his left lower leg while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan, 2011.   Trying To Be Silly “Good boy,” Boone says to Brindle in a silly voice. Brindle is a 2 year old retriever and Boone’s highly well trained service dog. Sarah Koch is Brindle’s trainer. “Try to sound more sillier. I want you to… Read more →

Military Dogs Are Our Heroes

Big History Soldier Jerry Witt  made a full year as a soldier in Vietnam  just because of his dogs, Satin and Skip. Skip is a german shepherd collie mix and Satin is a black labrador. Instead of using real weapons like guns, they use their every-day skills such as sniffing or keen eyesight. Very sadly, Skip was killed in action. For Witt,… Read more →