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My Custom Catch-all

My biggest obstacle was the fabric. I had to fold the fabric behind in a way that you can’t see the edges, but it was hard to glue. I solved this problem by gluing it to the foam core first, then gluing it behind. Even though it was still a little difficult to glue the edges, this method made the problem a bit better than before.

My biggest success in the whole project was my model/drawing. It included all the measurements, and it was precise. I think that I can make an even better model than this one because it was detailed. Next time, I will try to make it simpler.

Overall, I think this project was successful because I got to explore different materials. Also, I learned to not be afraid of not following the prototypes. I had actually drawn a different model from my final product, but I went free and came up with this. This was a wonderful project that contributed to my everyday life.

Guess who won the fencing world cup?!?!?

Do you know? Maybe you don’t know what fencing is, or you don’t care. But to the fact that Gubongil won it for Korea, I do! I’ll explain what fencing is on the next post.

Welcome to my (new) blog!!!

Hey-yo to all,

I actually haven’t posted in this school website since two years. Right now I’m in sixth grade, and I’ve changed and grow a bit older since fourth grade, but still the same. Ever since, I have started to fence, to work in Habitat For Humanity, and much more. Now, below you see some book reviews from fourth grade. But now I will post famous quotes, fencing photos, habitat for humanity, and so much more. I really want you guys all supporting me to get to know me, so thank you for reading this!



(some of you may know me as the Cha-Cha Qween)

Book Review

Book Review: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing               Turtles and jelly beans all start on the first page on the book. This book shows a crazy little brother. When Peter thinks a time is just so perfect, little mister Fudge bursts in and makes a mess. His father already lost a job because of Fudge and got a new job. But Peter thinks he is going to lose it again!

Judy Blume’s books have received over 20 awards including the Children’s Choice Award in many states and countries. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a outstanding age for readers that are in fourth grade.

Judy Blume On The Web

Book Review

Book Review: Iggie’s House: 

Moving out, Moving in— all in the first chapter of the book.  This book shows different people who aren’t so different from each other. People complain about who is what and complain what the Garbers do. But what’s worse? Germs, Incorporated has a fly away petition for Grove street to sign and say good-bye to the Garber family. But Winnie doesn’t see how different they are, until she realizes how the white people feel about them.

Judy Blume’s books have received over 20 awards including the Children’s Choice Award in many states and countries. Judy Blume’s idea of  Iggie’s House  came from the memory of Martin Luther King Junior.  This book is outstanding to readers that like books that have a lot of morals.

Double Fudge By Judy Blume

Book Review: Double Fudge By Judy Blume

Money, money, money, money, money— it is all described in the first page of the book. This book shows a whole family who are different and having situations with each other. But even worse, Peter’s little brother Fudge has been going through this stage of money obsession. And who’s going to name Washington Fudgeington when they become president? Fudge has shown a lot of morals in this story—mostly telling people that you should be thankful of what you have, not wanting more than you need.

Judy Blume’s books have received over 20 awards including the Children’s Choice Award in many states and countries. Judy Blume uses ideas from her own family, including her children. Double Fudge‘s idea came from Judy Blume’s son, Larry. Her books are outstanding to kids who are eight and older or people who like funny family stories. Double Fudge is a book that young readers understand the author’s message and themes.                               

Judy Blume On The Web










A Dynasty During Spring Break

What I did

During spring break, I watched the Golden Mask Dynasty. We watched the show in the Beijing Overseas Chinese Town theater (OCT). We got to the theater on a subway & the ride was long, but excitement was crackling through me like ice. By the time we got to the theater, there were a lot of kids like me, looking exhausted from a train ride but squealing in delight.


The Golden Mask Dynasty is a myth. The characters are: a girl, the Golden Mask Queen, the Blue Face King, acrobatic trampoline solders, solders, prisoners, peacock, water lily pond creatures, acrobatic bridge dancer, warriors, flip warrior, and village people in the flood, etc. This myth is about the King and Queen having deep love for each other. Each setting shows how much of the overcoming love in each other. The part that is the overcoming of fear but grief is when the flood comes in and the Queen sacrifices herself.

It was a really fun show and a few animals were included. I liked it because it shows a lot of effect and emotion. The effects did not only add in imagination but also added in your feelings.

The person who is wearing blue is the Blue Face King. The women who is wearing red and gold is the Golden Mask Queen.

Bridge Dancerimages-1    The King & Queen


Scuba Ballerinas

A Audience… Underwater?!?!

When the water is nice and clear, about forty people can watch from underwater seats. When they watch, they sit on the seabed with their air tanks sixteen feet below the surface. About forty more people can watch with snorkel gear in the surface. On land, a large screen shows the dancing.

Meet People… On Land Underwater

Two women are creators of underwater ballet. They met three years ago while/during a dive. “We liked each other,” Papadamaki said. They started to talk about dance. One day after a great dive, they suddenly thought up underwater ballet. It was a possible idea, but it was not so easy. “This project is like going to the moon on a bike,” said Bulbulyan. First of all, the ballet dancers had to learn how to dive. Second, they had to learn how to hold their breath and let it out carefully when they flip.

You can find more info at:


I chose this post because I wanted to see something new. When I am at ISB, I normally choose to do something about animals. But this time I chose something that I have done before.


Together and Forever

Brian Boone age 39 lost his left lower leg while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan, 2011.


Trying To Be Silly

“Good boy,” Boone says to Brindle in a silly voice. Brindle is a 2 year old retriever and Boone’s highly well trained service dog. Sarah Koch is Brindle’s trainer. “Try to sound more sillier. I want you to get a little silly with your praise.” Koch says. “Gooooooooood boooooooooy,” Boone coos. Brindle looks up at his new boss in pride.

Perfect People… and Dogs

Boone and Brindle were united together in a unusual partnership. It was a California service dog group next to a Texas health care. The CCI ( Canine Companions of Independence) trains the dogs. It most often costs 50, 000 dollars in USA money to train a single dog. While the CCI works on that,  the health care finds people who might possibly need service dogs. These days more than 25, 000 people in America uses service dogs.

I chose this article because I like how it mixes war and peace together with animals. I also think that more people should learn about people who are disabled.

Find More Information At:


Brian Boone, sitting proudly with Brindle

Military Dogs Are Our Heroes

Big History

Soldier Jerry Witt  made a full year as a soldier in Vietnam  just because of his dogs, Satin and Skip.

Skip is a german shepherd collie mix and Satin is a black labrador. Instead of using real weapons like guns, they use their every-day skills such as sniffing or keen eyesight. Very sadly, Skip was killed in action. For Witt, this was a extremely hard for him. “Skip saved my life many, many times,” said Witt. Witt belongs to a crew/group called War Dogs, a club that acknowledges the memory of their heroes.

Little More Info

It’s not a surprise that dogs have been in more armies than you can count. More and more people on this planet are learning about WD and military dogs. These days, the furry warriors are sniffing out explosions such as bombs and are finding bad people.

War Dogs

WD spreads word around the planet by attending shows and news conversations. WD made a difference and honor to the dogs from the past by raising five thousand four hundred dollars for a statue. This statue stands in pride at a park in Wisconsin. WD has NO meetings and NO dues. It just has a few rules:

#1: In parades or talks, you must wear a WD t-shirt.

#2: In parades or talks dogs must wear camouflaged bandanas.

#3: Dogs must be one of the 16 breeds or so. These include collies, boxers and beagles.


I chose this article because not only I like dogs, it’s because I wanted to learn about military animal workers. I like positive articles about things I like. I learned a lot about not only why dogs participate in/with soldiers, I learned that they have been great heroes for us. I think that everybody should learn more and be thankful for animals and even people who have helped or died for us too.

You can find more information on:

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