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Time to escape!

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January 31st, 2019 Posted 8:25 pm

Teammates: Eric Ren, Oscar Zhou




We are planning to use mostly LEGOs to make the Stop Motion Video.


I’ve never make a stop motion before, it is a new thing for me, and I am ready for it.

Basically, our story is about a group of people transporting a highly-dangerous bang leader, and another group of bad guys trying to get him out of there.

In most of the stories,  good guys always wins, but it is time for the bad guys to win.

I found out that Stop Motion Videos is really hard to do, we did not do as well as the YouTube videos, but we did our best.

Later, we will add on the voice records, musics and transitions to make the video sounds better.

After we add these three parts, I think our video will be better.

What we did well:

We brought enough LEGOs to make the film.

What did you learn:

How to create a stop motion movie, it is my first time creating it.


The image quality of the camera, which has no way of  over coming it.

The flying objects, which we use strings to tie them and move them.

The classroom background did not fit our video, so we took a white board and use the backside of it to build a blue background.

Why is One day important:

One Day is important is because we not only have fun, but we also learned.

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Sargon’s Army Oscar Z

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March 28th, 2018 Posted 12:59 pm

Detail: Sargon’s Army Oscar Z final

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Do You Ever Wonder Were I Came From???

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September 12th, 2017 Posted 1:16 pm

This is my Where Am I From poem. I hope you enjoy it.

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The Children of Green Knowe

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June 6th, 2017 Posted 11:55 am

Why could only Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowen see Toby, Linnet and  Alexander?

I think Toby, Linnet and  Alexander are ghost, so everybody can’t see them except for Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowen. Toby, Linnet and  Alexander are live in the place of Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowen before. So Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowen can see them. That is why I think why Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowen can see Toby, Linnet and  Alexander.

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Fortunately, The Milk

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May 12th, 2017 Posted 12:23 pm

  1. This book was about how the father accidentally went to the past and met Professor Steg. ,and the professor’s Time Machine helped him get back to his time at last. At first, the mom went to a conference,  and before she went to the conference, she told the father that he needed to buy some milk, because they were out of milk. So, the father went to the store to buy the milk. After a long time, the father came back, and his children asked him why he was so late. The father said he had been sucked up in a disk. And he met some aliens. The aliens said, “We want your planet.” After the father heard them, he jumped out of the disk from the emergency exit, and fell down into the sea. After a while, the pirates saved him, but then they wanted to kill him. When he arrived at the end of the plank, he saw a rope. It was his only choice, so he climbed up the rope, and met the professor. The professor said he had a time machine to help him get back to his own time, but he needed some other special rocks. After a while, they arrived at a volcano, to take a rock. After they took the rock away, the volcano was awoken. Then, they went to the time of vampires. The vampires wanted to eat them, but they escaped. After that, the hole in space opened, and the future milk went out from the hole, and the father caught it. After the father caught the milk, they arrived at the time of the father, but they met the aliens again. And the aliens brought all the bad guys. The father held all the milk in his hand, and a  bunch of weird things happened. At last the father got back home.
  2. connection: The father is cool, awesome, and smart same as me.
  3. I believe the father’s story, because there was a poison mark at the picture of the end of the story.

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Banana Bread

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April 24th, 2017 Posted 8:57 am

  1. This time we did banana bread some things same as muffin and some things different as muffin. The same are we used fraction again. The different are I think this time make banana bread’s process is easier than muffin.
  2. Like one half cup of grain flour or some fraction. I think if you double the recipe the banana bread will make one that banana equal to two common banana bread. Teaspoon is smaller then tablespoon, teaspoon can use for scattering some flour and tablespoon can use for spooning it.
  3. I will let them preparing eggs or any other things they need to make a banana bread.

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The Littles

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April 24th, 2017 Posted 8:57 am

The theme is being small is very danger, because any thing is big, many animal are big and can attack them, people can stepping on them. At end of the story , they are small, but they are living, they are small, not strong but they use their brain to help they living, so my other theme is brain is more important than strong.

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My Father’s Dragon

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April 24th, 2017 Posted 8:49 am

Elmer went to Wild Island to start his hero’s journey. The ‘status quo’ was, one raining day, Elmer adopted a old cat. The part of ‘call to adventure’ was that he told the cat that he really wanted to fly. So the cat told him, that when he was younger, he travel to a island called Wild Island. There was a dragon on the island, if you cut the rope that tied on the dragon neck, he maybe took you a fly. But the island mostly is jungle, and inhabited  by very wild animals. The ‘departure’ was, that he packed his backpack, and sneaked on the boat that went to the island of Tangerina. When he arrived Tengerina, he picked many tangerines. Then he went to find the Ocean Rocks. When he find the Ocean Rocks, it’s night. He cross the Ocean Rocks for seven hours, then after that, he arrived the Wild Island. The ‘trials’, ‘approach’, and ‘crisis’ were he meet 17 tigers, he was very scared, but he remember that the old cat told that the tiger really like to chewed chewing gum, so he gave the tigers some chewing gums, but the tigers are still didn’t let he go, so he lied to the tiger, that the chewing gum was special, if you keep on chewing it long time, it would change the color, and if you plant it, it would grow more and more. The tigers were very surprised at that, they going to chewing it, and looked to each other, and for got him. Then he meet a lion, the lion didn’t like his temple wool, so he gave the lion the hair brush and some braids to help he curl his hair. When the lion curl his hair, he escaped. After he escaped from the lion, he meet a rhinoceros he was sad at his angle was dirty, so he gave the rhinoceros a toothbrush, and a toothpaste to help he clean his angle. He meet a orangutan, there were many monkeys on the orangutan body, so he gave the monkeys magnifying glass, the monkeys were very interesting at the magnifying glass, so they stay on the orangutan’s body didn’t let the orangutan move, his father escaped again. At last, he arrived at the river. He gave the meet to the alligator, let the alligator made a bridge. The ‘End’ was, he cross the river, and went to cut the rope. When he cut the rope, the animals were crossed the river to catch him, because they knows that he lied to them. At last, he cut the rope, and fly away with the dragon.

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Wellness Blog Post

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April 21st, 2017 Posted 12:19 pm

  1. Because you can use your knowledge about wellness to help you control your body.
  2. You can do exercises  every day for five or more minutes, and eat healthy food, like fish, and fruit. It will let you healthy.
  3. Eat healthy foods, drink milk, and do exercises will makes your bones healthy.
  4. Eat healthy foods, drink milk, and do exercises will makes your body healthy.

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Invisible Stanley

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March 29th, 2017 Posted 11:33 am

Stanley went on a hero journey on this book. At first, he ate a apple and some raisins, on a blizzard night. So he became invisible. Then he went to his school, so he was in the newspaper, and became a star. Next, he went to the park, helped a boy won the bicycle race. After that, he helped his brother on the TV show, and helped the polices to caught the ‘women bank robber’. At last, he felt very sad, because his friends didn’t invite him on parties. So his brother gave him a solution, witch was if he did again, maybe he would visible again. They all agreed this plan, so they took action. After he tried this plan, he was visible again!

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