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Food waste at ISB – 在ISB浪费的食物

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April 11th, 2019 Posted 4:02 pm

Seeing all these garbage bags filled with the food we waste everyday makes me very unhappy, I feel very bad because I

know that many people on earth do not have enough food to survive, or to feed their family yet we are still wasting what we

have. We are very lucky to be able to have enough food to fill our stomach and I think that we should cherish it instead of

waste it. In my opinion ISB’s cafeteria should give us a series of choices for example: large, medium, and small sizes of food

with different prices, this way the students only need to buy the amount of food they can eat. Perhaps this way we can

reduce the amount of hunger issues in this world and ISB’s environment can become more eco-friendly.

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The making of the catch-all in Design!

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March 6th, 2019 Posted 12:14 pm

My biggest success while doing this was the the look of the catch-all, it was really pretty, the rose gold and black match was really cool. If I could do this again, I would use my time more wisely because this way I can finish in time and maybe even improve it more. I have really learned a lot this trimester in DT, and improved my skills. During this experience, I could use new materials like a saw, sand paper  and a lot more. This was very fun because I was able to make something useful for my really good friend, so this way I know what she likes and needs, this is very useful because this way she can organise her stuff and it will be easier to find what she needs. After making this catch- all I am not scared of using materials I haven’t used before, like saws etc. This was an amazing experience!

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One Day Project: Teacher for a Day

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February 1st, 2019 Posted 9:30 am

I chose Teacher for a day for One day. It was AWESOME!

Before the kids came into the classroom my group and I were so nervous, we thought we weren’t ready but we were. After many days of preparation we planned many fun experiments and games for the second graders.

This was a one in a lifetime experience because we were able to be a teacher when we are only in middle school,and this kids were really well behaved and cute. I am really proud of this day because of many things, on thing that I am really happy about is being able to bring drama to these kids who has never tried it before. But most importantly I am just very glad to be able to spread this day with them.

In the beginning of the day we read to the kids, and we  taught them many new things and made it very fun for them. We did a lot of things together and I really enjoyed being a teacher for a day, it was an amazing experience and I really wish to do it again.

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Find your balance

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March 28th, 2018 Posted 1:59 pm

Imagine yourself living in a big mansion, being very healthy and living very happily with wealth, having your first kid as the president of China. And now you’re wondering… Why am I so lucky? People come visit you and bring you lots and lots of goods, and they all say: “You are so lucky, so lucky to have your house follow the strict Fengshui rules, this brings you wealth, luck and great children!” Yes, and that is true, but do you know what Fengshui even means?

Fengshui actually comes from a Chinese word, 风水. Feng shui is not a “Thing” … well it is, but you know it just, it is really hard to explain, so I will just tell you what Fengshui is.

Feng shui is a mythical knowledge in China, people believe that the basic elements on earth is, air, water, and land. The improvement of Fengshui will improve the relationship between human and nature.  Fengshui is widely used in architecture and interior design. (A System of Ancient Chinese Knowledge). Chinese people believe that the best houses are integrated with nature. There are lots of rules if you want your house to follow the Fengshui style.

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I am from… Where am I from?

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September 12th, 2017 Posted 1:05 am

This is the poem I wrote about my life.

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