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Find your balance

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March 28th, 2018 Posted 1:59 pm

Imagine yourself living in a big mansion, being very healthy and living very happily with wealth, having your first kid as the president of China. And now you’re wondering… Why am I so lucky? People come visit you and bring you lots and lots of goods, and they all say: “You are so lucky, so lucky to have your house follow the strict Fengshui rules, this brings you wealth, luck and great children!” Yes, and that is true, but do you know what Fengshui even means?

Fengshui actually comes from a Chinese word, 风水. Feng shui is not a “Thing” … well it is, but you know it just, it is really hard to explain, so I will just tell you what Fengshui is.

Feng shui is a mythical knowledge in China, people believe that the basic elements on earth is, air, water, and land. The improvement of Fengshui will improve the relationship between human and nature.  Fengshui is widely used in architecture and interior design. (A System of Ancient Chinese Knowledge). Chinese people believe that the best houses are integrated with nature. There are lots of rules if you want your house to follow the Fengshui style.

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I am from… Where am I from?

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September 12th, 2017 Posted 1:05 am

This is the poem I wrote about my life.

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