My Custom Catchall

For Design Tech this year, our main assignment was to design and build a catchall. I made my catchall for myself.

The biggest obstacle I’ve encountered during my project is making the nose of the cat. Initially, I tried to make it curved, but my attempts were futile, as the saw couldn’t change direction while cutting, and thus, I was unable to cut in a curve. That is why I resolved to cut a hexagon instead. Making the nose took me half the class, much to my dismay.

Once concern that was shared with me during our feedback session was that the objects were in danger of falling off the catchall. My catchall is going to hang from the wall, so if a object were to fall, it was probably going to slightly damaged. It did not occur to me when I designed this catchall that the objects were susceptible to falling off, and I will be more mindful of flaws in my design when I plan projects in the future. For now, I will ailment this falling problem by making sure to hang the catchall at a relatively low location as to minimize the damage done if a object does fall.

If I were to do this project again, one thing I would do differently is to, quite obviously, acknowledge the blatant flaw in my design and add walls at the edges of my catchall to prevent objects from falling off. The walls wouldn’t have to be very high, because the only things going into my catchall are my watch and my ID card, and both of these objects are fairly small.

My Humanities Goal

Humanities consists of four different strands of learning. We were told to select one of these strands to improve on, and I chose to improve on my Speaking and Listening. I perform decently individually in the speaking and listening department, but I also wish to assist others in voicing their ideas. To achive this goal, I will involve others during discussions as frequently as possible.

Humanities Student as a Learner Goal

Trimester 1 is coming to an end, and the time has come for us to begin reflecting on our progress this trimester and to set goals for the future. I sometimes get impatient when a group member asks too many questions and get snappy when this happens. This is why my goal is to try to be more patient when people ask me questions during the second trimester.

My Greek Perspectives Thinglink project

One of the project we worked on during our unit on Ancient Greece was the “Greek Perspectives Thinglink”. We were told to create a interactive image in the tool Thinglink that detailed the views of the Ancient Greeks. In the project, we roleplayed as a time traveller who wound up in Ancient Greece and was trying to find out how people thought. In my Thinglink, I met a musician in the city of Delphi. He showed me around the city and guided me through the Pythian Games. My Thinglink can be viewed below.

My Hero’s Journey Narrative

For Humanities class, we were tasked with writing a story that follows the “Hero’s Journey”- A pattern in stories that dictate how a tale unfolds (search it up if you don’t understand). We used the app “BookCreator” to put our story together. My story is about a man called Jager and his brother Stark. They are both hunters and aspire to become Imperial Hunters. My tale details their attempt at becoming Imperial Hunters. I hope you enjoy reading it!


How I Help Nuture a Safe and Supportive Learning Community

One of the things I do to create a safe and supportive environment is staying on task. When asked to converse with my peers, I make sure to stay on topic and actually discuss the topic on hand instead, of derailing the conversation by discussing something irrelevant. Likewise, I don’t engage in non-academic activities while working on my studies.

However, during my conversations, I frequently forget to be inclusive and as a result, many of the converstations I partake in only involve half of the people that should be involved. This is one of the things I can work on. I aim to fix this issue by making sure to ask people who aren’t speaking to participate more in our discussions.

Fall Trip Reflection

The highlight of the trip for me was the zip line at the end of the high rope course. The zip line was really fun and exhilarating, and it made a good reward for making it through the obstacle course preceding it.

My challenge was coming up with a good anecdote for the campfire. I did manage to come up with one, but I didn’t get to share it.

I worked together with my class to do the trust fall. We prevented each other from suffering heavy bodily harm from falling from a height by holding a hammock to catch the person currently falling.

T1 Sports, Activities, and Schedule

  1. What activities/sports/clubs are you planning to participate in this trimester?

I am planning on participating in the Service club, which will take place on Mondays. I also have joined the cross country sport for the season.

2. How organised are you?

I already divide my work into chunks of work that i can handle. I also ask questions when I need to and get enough sleep. My schedule is as follows: When I get home, I get to take a break and eat snacks. I also have to take a shower. I then start working at 5:00 PM at the latest. At around 7:00 I eat dinner and start working again at 7:35. I try to finish my homework before 8:30 and then proceed to practice the violin. I start playing video games and doing other things at 9:00 and go to sleep at 10:00.
I will write down this schedule and hang it on my wall to remind myself everyday to follow this schedule.

OneDay Stop Motion-Behind the Scenes

Title:Journey to the other side of the room

I decided to do stop motion for my OneDay project.I really find stop-motion interesting. It’s cool how one can make a video by just taking pictures.It’s also pretty simple, and I had fun. I hope you understand what stop motion is before you read this blog post.
First at home, I gathered some lego figures to use and a pack of clay/dough called Mad Mattr.

Then, I downloaded a app called Stop Motion Movie Maker (I think). I originally wanted to use LEGO Movie Maker, but I couldn’t find it on the App Store. I downloaded these apps on my iPad.

At home, I finished writing the storyline. In the original idea, the stormtrooper was trying to get a piece of candy as a human keeps him from achieving the goal. Then I switched gears and chose to go with the portal story. There was only one stormtrooper in the second draft. Finally, I decided to put a squad of stormtroopers in the story. Even though the squad wasn’t really necessary, I a. wanted to use my whole stormtrooper set, and b. wanted some comedic effect when the shock trooper teleports on top of them in the end.

On OneDay, I brought my supplies to school. I started filming scene one, which took place inside a forest. I planned to film outside, in a bush, but Mr. Muhl convinced me to film the scene in a potted plant.

I made the portals out of Mad Mattr, because my Mad Mattr was a shade of purple, which is a cliché portal colour. For the scenes where objects were either falling or flying, I used tape to lower or raise the object through the air as I took the photos.

My movie did not contain speech due to the fact that I am bad at voice acting and would probably stutter or mispronounce a word, but I still wanted some audio. So I went on YouTube and found some sound effects that I liked and put them into my movie. This part took a long time to make because I needed to find all the sound effects, trim them, and put them into the iMovie project. Fun Fact: The jetpack noise was actually a flamethrower sound effect.

I’d say one of the most challenging scenes to film were the plane scene and the car scene. The plane had passengers on it, which meant it couldn’t fly very well. Also, if it could actually fly, it would be flying too quick for the camera to capture enough photos of it for the scene to go smoothly. So Jake Riddleton helped me film the plane scene while I held the plane on a ruler. I know, it looks ridiculous. As for the car scene, it wasn’t very tricky building the car, even though it took a bit of time, but it was tricky making the car fall and explode. I used up a lot of tape trying to lower the car to the floor. There was a short jump between settings when the car hit the ground because I left the camera to remove the tape from the car and the shock trooper. I had fun filming the car scene though.

I am proud of the car scene, because it required a lot of work and creativity to come up with and film. The part where the shocktrooper was building the car was actually pretty smooth. This made me happy, because it was hard positioning the whiteboard eraser so that it looks like the shocktrooper was holding it and walking with it. I am also proud of the walking animations. It was hard enough making the shock trooper walk normally, but it was even harder with the shocktrooper’s jetpack. Luckily, I was able to use the gun as sort of a crutch, propping up the shocktrooper when needed.

Next time I try to do a stop motion movie, I would bring some dental floss to make the characters “fly”, because dental floss is very hard to see. I would also like to try using something other than LEGO figures. Maybe make the characters out of clay.

Blame Unhealthy Diets!

This post is about how we can be healthy and reduce the risk of getting nutrition related diseases. There are tips on what to avoid and what to eat, and a food that you can make to be healthy.

Unhealthy diets are to blame for these diseases!

The picture above shows diseases that could be prevented if people had healthy diets.

This table contains tips on what to avoid doing and what to do for long term healthiness. Following the table can lessen the risk of getting nutrition related diseases such as Diabetes II, Cancer, and Stroke.

Healthy Food- Cheese balls

These balls are basically cheesy dough(cheddar) made into balls and baked. These balls are low sugar and low salt. They are also high in protein. My mom sometimes make this dish for me and my siblings.