2019 One day:Jianbing

One day 2019: Jianbing

I decided to make a movie for this year’s one-day because videos keep people entertained, and its fun to make/edit.

My idea came from youtube vlogs, but my video is nothing like that.


-The video turned out good, I liked it. I also did well at making jianbing even though I only succeeded once it is still an improvement.

-I learned how to make jianbing, I know the materials needed to make it, and I enjoyed it.

-I faced challenges when I tried to make jianbing, I failed making the bottom layer. I overcome it by letting the professionals do it for me, and I added the ingredients.

-One day is important because we can try different things, and learn different things with different people.

I think I might learn to cook during the break because I’m not that good at making jianbing, and by not that good I mean 0 experience. I might learn how to cook simple things and improve my cooking skill.

How I help nurture a safe and supportive community

I help nurture a safe and supportive community by giving everyone a chance to tell us their idea or thoughts. I also help support it by not getting mad at people when they did things wrong, and also tell people to participate in group activity. I also try to be friendly to everyone even though they might be different than me. I make sure I’m speaking English in class (except for Chinese class) even though someone is speaking to me with a different language.

Reflecting on Fall Trip

The highlight of the trip was the high things which is like 20 meters in the air, because its very high and its kind of impossible to not be scared at all.

The challenges I faced is the height, because I’m afraid of heights, and whenever I’m at a high place where I can look down, I will be scared (kind of).

We collaborated for the ladder thing because we need to climb on the wood one by one so we need to use our teammates to climb up or else we will fall down (actually we won’t because we have protection, obviously).

Reflection: How organize are you?

  1. This trimester I’m going to do soccer at club football 4 times a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday . I’m also planning to participate in the season sports (soccer) which will have practice every Tuesday and Thursday and might participate in the chess club if I have time.
  2. I will keep myself organized by writing a schedule, keeping track on my homework due dates and sleeping before 23:00. I’ll game for 1 hour every day.