The giver

I read the book calls The Giver by Lois Lowry.

Jonas receives  the memoirist of the past, good and bad, from the current recive, a wise old man who tells the Jonas to call him giver. The first memory he receives is of an exhilarating sled ride.

I extremely enjoyed this book so much because it connect  to the future. And this book was really interesting, such as characters, setting and story.

I highly recommend it to other grade 7 grade because it is interesting and it provokes you think future. You probably like the characters and story.

Student as a learner

I think I should work on read. Because I usually don’t get to finish in collaboration time. Which mean I usually took much time than my classmate. So I should keep reading, for example, reading in my house. Simply, I should read rest of the time, if I nothing to do I should reading that time.

My amazing useful and portable catchall

This is my catchall. It is amazing useful, because it’s portable. Bunch of stuff to fill in it. It’s leight.

1. One of the skill that I learned or developed were I make all of obstacle. For example, cut the woods. Because it was my first time to cut the woods. I’ve never tried to cut the woods. When I was about to cut the wood, actually I was really afraid of it. When I finished cut the wood, I was really excited.

2. One of my biggest success was I followed my all of process. Which mean I follow all of my plan and successfully finish with my all plan.

3. One of my biggest Obstacle was my idea came out late. So it was hard to finish all of my idea.


My goal

I think that I need to work on my colloboration towards challenges because I usually doing individual so I need to work on colloboration then I can be getting better than previous. And also I’d like to do colloboration because when I do with someone. Then I can be much better. For getting better to be do colloboration first thing I should do is that I should do engaging of it, also I should encourage to my teammate then our team can do better. So, if you have a opportunity to have a colloboration then try to do colloboration then I can be better than now

one day basketball Dribbling (With Jungbin and Henry)

Today,we(me,Henry and Jungbin) are going to make video about basketball dribbling for the beginners. For example we will  teach about the dribbling skill, posture. we took pictures and made a video. the hardest drill I found was dribbling from my left hand to my right and back. I really liked this project because I learned many different skills. If I had more time I wish I could have learned the rules of basketball.



shooting the ball

our final product is a video that shows what we were doing for the 1 day project.