Temple Field Trip 2019

I went to field trip to 3 temples. They were Lama, Taoist and Confucius Temple.  What I learned about Lama temple was that followers were praying in front of big golden Buddha statue. Unlike in Korea, people were praying with long incenses. There is also a myth that breaking quarter of an incense means you will live only until age of 80. And if you break half of incense you will live only until age of 40.


The second we visited was Confucius temple. In front of temple, there was a statue of Confucius. Inside of Confucius temple room, there were many traditional Chinese instruments. Also unlike Lama temple, there is the empty seat of Confucius. Inside the temple, it also had artificial pond.


The last temple was Taoist temple. I learned that They believe in the afterlife. They also believe that there must be harmony between animals and humans.Also if we follow the Daoism way, our afterlife it will be not good.

This book is about shadow child series that each family can maximunly have 2 child. But the main character name Luke is the third child in Garner’s family. In the beginning of the story, the readers can think this book is just kid hiding from police, but later on the book is very interesting and some time is very nervous, too. I will recommend this book to 7th graders.

My first catchall

I can use this catchall to put my iPad, headphone, or some books in. Also i can hag on my ID card, my key. Also on the side of my catchall, i stick my skeduel. And the tape is use for stop make my catchall moving .

My biggest success was cutting wood. Because someone stood my wood that I cut. And the Skills that I learned or developed were using drill to drilling. Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because i want to put more stuff, but there’s less time, and someone still my stuff. This is why i think my product is unsuccessful.