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Humans Greatest Invention


Humans Greatest Invention

This is an Informational Essay about math.

Click on the link to see it.

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To Eat it or Not to Eat it, That is the Question



I haven’t uploaded anything into my blog for a long time. This time I’m doing a project on health so now I’m going to tell you how to avoid dangerous circumstances.

Avoiding a lot dangerous diseases is easier than you may think. First you need to watch what you eat. Say goodbye to burger king and all those fatty French fries in your fridge. On the other hand, say hello to protein, calcium, and a load of Omega 3.  Avoid high salt and processed foods, if you don’t it could lead to type 2 Diabetes and sometimes strokes. However, if you turn your head to the healthy foods any more organs in your body.you will find loads of vegetables, fruits, low sugar products, and whole foods. These foods will scare away life threatening diseases and arm your platelets with vitamins and minerals to fight back cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease. For example, Kale is a super food because It contains not only of vitamin A but many more, like, vitamin B, C, E , K. Also, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and Sodium. This will help brain muscles and mBut watching what you eat isn’t the only way to prevent life and death circumstances. If you have a pet make sure to do some physical activity with them. It’ll will help both of you. Or work out every day for at least one hour. This will help all systems in your body function at full capacity. But don’t overdue the amount of exercise you do or else you will tire out your body unhealthily. Lastly always eat as much as you need. Not too much, not too little. The more exercise you do the more food you’ll need to eat to be healthy. Healthy isn’t a goal it’s a way of living, and it’s your choice all the way around. Living in a healthy way will give you many advantages.

This is my table of things I should eat and things I shouldn’t eat.

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this Is What I Brought to the Healthy Snack Party


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My Story So Far


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Book Review: Walk Two Moons


“Do not judge a man until you have walked two moons in their moccasins,” says the first mysterious message on Phoebe’s front door. Phoebe is the best friend of the main character in Walk Two Moons, a very interesting book about a girl named Sal. Sal is on a road trip and her mission is to get her mom back. During this road trip she tells her grandparents the stories of how her friend Phoebe’s mother ran away and Phoebe getting lots of weird letters that are anonymous.

This book is interesting because it talks about two families that have suffered the same loss and how they react. Sal makes lots of comparisons of how she reacted when her mother left her and her father versus how Phoebe reacted when her mother ran away. Through these comparisons Sal realizes that both she and Phoebe were really whiny right after their moms left and were annoying everybody.

Sharon Creech wrote this book and also wrote lots other books like: Love That Dog, Hate That Cat, Absolutely Normal Chaos, etc.

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Book Review: Hate That Cat


Hate That Cat is an unusual book about a boy named Jack, a teacher, a cat and lots of poems. At first he hates cats especially one cat. “I hate that black cat,” said Jack. But in the end he loves cats including the black cat. “That black cat found Skitter Mkritter. So I left the door open for her to come in.” This book is not only about cats but it is also about poems. During this book he is focusing on poems in school. In fact the whole book is written like a poem.

This was a very interesting type of book. It is really hard to find out what is going on in this book at the beginning. But once you read more of it you figure out that it is just Jack writing letters to his teacher, which is a very unusual way of writing a book. Other books by the same author are Walk Two Moons, Absolutely Normal Chaos, Love That Dog, The Boy On The Porch, etc. All her books are realistic fiction. The recommended reading age that I would put is 7 t0 9 years old.

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My Spring Vacation


This spring break I went to so many different places I thought I would never go to.

This is me and my sister at Brands Unevirsity studying biology.On the 26th of March me and my family got on the plane and went to Thailand.  The flight was long and we had a three hour lay-over in Xiamen. On our first day we al went to the Grand Palace. There were lots of museums with tons of old spears, canons and swords. Every single building looked different. We also went to Kidzania. Kidzania was the most fun place I went to in Bangkok. Kidzania is basically the real world but this time it is only the kids that work or go to the University. First I went to the bank to get money from my bonus ticket the people gave me when I entered. Then I went and paid ten Kidzania dollars for my university. I was studying biology. After I got my university ID I went to the hospital and did endoscopy. Endoscopy is when you stick a tube through someones throat to see what is inside. 



This is our guide standing right next to the wall of carvings.

This is our guide standing right next to the wall of carvings.

On the first day in Cambodia we all went toAngkor Wat. Everything there was extremely old. There were drawings that were carved out on the wall that told stories about gods. This was a Hindu temple. It was as big as a castle. Everybody in Cambodia is poor. There is a lot of child labor. In Cambodia they accept dollars. We rode elephants around Bayon temple and then went into it. Bayon temple has tons of tall alters with the same kings face on them. We had a guide that showed us around Angkor Wat.


This is me and some of the monkeys.

This is me and some of the monkeys.

After Cambodia my family and me went to this peninsula called Kho mook. In the middle of Railay and the main land is a mountain that nobody can get passed. So everybody that wants to go to Railay has to go on a boat. there were tons and tons of monkeys there. The babies were really cute. There were rock climbing walls there. My dad went out every morning to rock climb and would not come back until 9:30 am, so me my sister and my brother got to do what ever we wanted to do because my mom went to. I usually did home work though.



This is the Emerald Cave.

This is the Emerald Cave.

The next morning me and my family went to the beach right next to our hotel. We had already bought all the tickets for the ferry. The ferry was to big to go close to the shore so we all got onto a long tail boat to the ferry and stayed there for two hours.  After the two hour ride that we paid 3,000 baht for a car to the boat station and then went on a long tail boat we finally got to  Kho Mook for to hours. We just stayed on the beach like we did in Railay but we also went snorkeling on the first day. We also went to the Emerald where pretty birds used to live. After the birds fame came the pirates who were the ones who buried they`re treasure there which was moved some where else later. The Emerald cave is extremely beautiful. We had to go through a big dark cave. If you wanted to go onto it you will need a flash light or else it would be pitch dark.  We saw cool coral reefs every were. they were all super big. I think I thought that they were big because I had never seen alive coral before.





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Monarch Butterflies


For years Monarch Butterflies have been disappearing but now they are coming back. Scientists say that 140 million  monarchs have traveled this year, one of the highest numbers in many years, though this is still down three quarters from their highest number in the 1990s. They also say if the population keeps growing there will be 220 million monarch butterflies in the year 2020.

Every winter Monarch Butterflies fly from Canada to Mexico, and then when it is summer again they travel back. Oddly, all butterflies die during the trip, although before they die they give birth,  and their children go the rest of the way. They go back to the same area their parents came from even though they have never been there. Scientists believe this is because while monarch butterflies migrate they leave a chemical trace for the new monarch butterflies to find their way back.

Humans are killing monarch butterflies in two ways. First, monarch butterflies depend on the milkweed plant during their migration because they eat it and put eggs on it. But American farmers like to put chemicals that kill the milkweed plant. Another way that people are destroying the butterflies is by cutting down trees that shelter the butterflies and keep them warm. If too many trees are cut down most of them will start dying from cold.

We can help monarch butterflies by not cutting trees, and not using chemicals to kill the milkweed plant.


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The Fragrant Hills


Last Saturday my family and I and my dad’s friends spent time together.  As my dad likes going out we had to go on a hike to the Fragrant Hills. My mom was in Hong Kong. Since it was this time of the year, winter, it did not look as beautiful as it looked in spring or summer. We climbed to the top of buildings, including the one at the bottom of this page.

We did our first hike through a lot of buildings and then up the building below.  Then we all climbed down and past all the buildings we had seen before. When the group got down to the bottom we decided to do another hike that was still in Fragrant Hills. We went on a chair exactly like the chairs at Nanshan ski resort. It is the thing that carry’s you up to higher places.

          When we got to the top one of my dad’s friends named Mike who has two little girls had to go back home. Another two friends decided that they were going to go back down the same way they got up just like Mike. So John, who was a random guy who is my dads friend, me and my family had to hike back down. It was very tiring.                                                     

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Peace Dragons


Peace Dragons is an organization that teaches people about peace. Today Ms. linda Ragsdale came to ISB(International School of Beijing). She taught us about peace talking and how talking things out could prevent allot of fighting.                                                                                                                                                                                          Later after the assembly she came to my class room and talked to me and my class mates more about peace talking. If you need help you can make a group for help.  When Hitler was starting to go around Europe and gathering people and making them believe that jews were bad someone could have stood up to him and then lots of sadness and could have been stopped from happening.

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