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LIza’s life isnt normal,  she’s been suffering since day one. Her mother disapeared seven years ago leaving a gift, and hunger is an everyday worry. Following WW3,  America’s most feared object is the system. Liza’s life is documented and controlled by it, shooting fear through people hearts. But even if she hates it it’s the only thing keeping her alive. One morning she did not turn up on the system, and didnt recieve food, and rumors had it that that is why her mother disapeared.

With that in mind she embarked in the most unpredictable jounrey.

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EWise SciFi Final

Growing and Shrinking Eggs-Published

This is my published investigation. Unfortunatley I couldn’t get the pictures to be perfectly formated but I tried my  best, so these are some links.

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What? So, What? Now What?

A huge problem that humans are facing today and will face in my story is overpopulation and the undersupply of food. I researched on this topic and found that according to recent study done by the united nations, the population is supposed, “to exceed 300milion.” Infact 41 percent of the population is under 15 years of age. The concentration of population growth brings its stresses, such as,” malnutrition and makes it difficult to combat the struggles of a health system,” shared John Wilmoth, Director of the Population Division in the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs. According to world food statistics 1 in 7 people are in hunger as you read this. That means that 760 million people aren’t getting enough food to live a healthy life. This is a huge dilemma people are facing today and according to statistics it isn’t going to get any better soon.  

We can take steps forward to making it a better place, according to statistics 1/3 of the world’s food is wasted, we can stop this by making sure we follow kindergarten rules: always eat all our food in our plates and never eat wat you don’t need. This would help millions in the world so please start doing it yourself. 


On the 20 of November 2018 me and my group went out to Wen Yu river to collect data for the third time. Our job was to collect data on how the air quality changes in a variety of locations and times of the year.  Since this is our third time collecting data, we have started to see connections and patterns in our data. 

Data Collection

Wen You River Data

Wen Yu River Data

Me and my team have been taking data on PM2.5(AQI) For about three months and we have started seeing some patterns. Before we started this study, we made a prediction that the pm2.5 level would get higher as it got colder. This means we thought the air quality would get worse as winter came closer. We thought this because Beijing citizen usually burn trash to get warmth. Our prediction came true according to our data. If you look at the graph in September, the rivers PM2.5 started out as 0.47 but increased by 11 by November. The data near the busy path didn’t increase and ended up having almost the same data as the River. We found this hard to believe because of the cars that were near us but today was a good air day and there weren’t that many cars. We also predicted that the areas of the River and trees would have the lowest PM level. AS you can see up above it came true. The Rivers Pm level is over 100 units below both the path and metro. When I come back in January, I wonder f the AQI would change for the better or if it would still be cold or get colder. 



Field Study post

Data Collected:





In september our lab quest was malfunctioning so we didnt get any data for that. However the AQI was way better that day so I think

This is how the river looked and how the AQI was today.

everything would have bee the same. Although it wasnt working I think that the trees would have been the cleanest air and that the road would have been the worst. I think this because that was the data for our pra ctice run in August, when the Labquest was working.

I wonder what the AQi could be like if it was raining.


Privacy: Big Data’s Biggest Failure


Big Data is one of the hottest topic’s society discusses today. In fact, last year an estimated 14,000 people got married or recently engaged using an online dating app. There’s no question that big data is changing our world rapidly but the way we choose to handle it is our responsibility.  Some favor convenience and choose to brush off the fact that their information is not safe. Others prefer to keep their identities hidden from companies that can potentially use or sell their information, recognizing that anything they post on the internet will stay there forever. Being vigilant about your social media privacy outweighs the convenience of an active social media life.


Using the internet and social media gives companies the power to manipulate you through targeted ads.  According to the news article, Congress Examining Federal Oversight Following Facebook Data Breach, by Newsela Staff “Facebook has been reeling from its worst-ever privacy failure,” by letting data mining firm Cambridge Analytica, “scoop up,” information from 87 million Facebook users. They then used this information to target political ads at Facebook users convincing them to support and vote for Trump.  Cambridge Analytica can tunnel through your Facebook information and peer into the world you thought was private. This got people livid and Zuckerberg faced Congress in April where, according to the article, Congress “grilled” Zuckerberg for the incident as he repeatedly apologized.  This scandal is one example of how companies can manipulate you when you use their media.


What’s more, ads don’t only influence you into being involved in political issues.  They also hit your wallet.  NBC reporter Charles Darwin asked, “When was the last time you were shopping online? Did the ads follow you for days or even weeks?” The ads that turn up when you are shopping work in similar ways to when Cambridge Analytica directed ads at you. According to the article, This is How Facebook Uses Your Data for Ad Targeting if you like a picture of someone cooking on Facebook, ads will pop up trying to get you to buy a Cuisinart or a Wok. Same with shoes or headbands.  Last year Facebook made a total of $40 million from targeted ads.  As these examples show, when you surrender your privacy you let in a Trojan horse of political and commercial ads.


A second reason we should value privacy over convenience is that anything you post will stay in the public sphere forever and can ruin your reputation. Whether posts go viral or just your close group of friends see it, it will create a long-term status for yourself. An example of this appeared in an article of the Beijinger. A PhD. graduate in economics riding a train “refused to give up a seat” that belonged to another passenger. After the train crew repeatedly begged him to move, a train worker caught a video of him amid the mess. As a result, a couple days later this video went viral,” this will influence his life and career,” said the top commenter. And it will, he was a PhD graduate in economics and now he has been, as the article said,” exposed.” Situations like this happen every day and could affect you in negative ways.  “We cast long digital shadows,” stated Alex Crotosci (A physiologist and Journalist). She set herself up with Max a Digital detective that works with celebrities and protects they’re, “digital information.” She gave him her name and challenged him to find out as much as he could about her. At the moment, she didn’t think anything personal or embarrassing was out there of her. She later learned that “there were a lot of embarrassing selfies and pictures of her,” this data could have ruined her career. Max proceeded on to reveal that he occupied information about her address and pictures of the inside of her house. This interaction led her to be more cautious about what she posted about herself on social media.  We should all be careful about what we post or it could decide what life we can have. The internet’s companies lure us into using their recourses so that we can eventually expose ourselves.

Using social media and the internet surrenders your privacy and lets companies use your data as a commodity. Social media corporations are ever increasing the amount of data they market about you. It exposes you and puts you in danger while it provides companies with the buck. Still, social media and the internet are a huge contributor to our everyday lives whether it’s for homework or attaining information on public relations. A standard citizen wouldn’t be capable of having a job, cooking, or living a typical life without using social media. Companies and corporations like Google or Facebook provide you with recourses that are valuable and that you wouldn’t be able to live without. If you don’t agree, “you don’t have to use their recourses if you don’t want to,” stated the Verge. Still, if you use any form of technology you need to use the internet. The internet providers don’t only get to see everything you click, they also make you pay for it. Using the data, you create by using their recourses they are able to sell things that are just as valuable as their recourses. As said on the verge, “you’re basically paying them to eventually sell your information.” Corporations persuade you to join the circle of millions of people who have their identities so companies could obtain money.


Big Data will be a part of the human story for years to come. At a time when privacy and big data don’t work well together being aware of its effect on our confidential information is extremely important. I wouldn’t appreciate knowing that my “personal” data is being used as a tool to manipulate me, work as a reputation killer, and use my data as a commodity. Would you? We need to stand up to these companies, tell them they’re not allowed to use our data in ways we don’t approve of.  Accomplishing this will let people post and interact on social media freely and escape the manipulation we are under now. As stated by Marlon Brando, “Privacy is not something I am merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.”

















Make It: Final Post

Hey guys! I’m finally done with me ignite week project. During this week, me and my group underwent challenges that challenged our communication and problem-solving skills. In the metro, we got separated and confused about which station to get off at which ended up in getting us delayed and rerouting our trip. We resolved this by being more aggressive when getting on a metro and communicating where our destination was. During this problem-solving process, we also improved our communication and collaboration by problem solving in an efficient and collaborative way. Something I really enjoyed was experiencing the Chinese culture and learning what they’re everyday lives look like. I also think that this experience will benefit my future by learning how to navigate in the metro I will be able to travel more efficiently in Beijing.


If you would like to see the website I created click here:http://blogs.isb.bj.edu.cn/bjmetro/

Make It: Reflection

Example of bad my structured blog.

At the beginning of this project I was already aware of how to handle the crowds, and how to buy the tickets. However, navigating through the metro was confusing and stressful to me. The facilitators strategically distanced themselves from us so that we would acquire the knowledge on how to navigate through the metro. Although this was a rewarding experience, we had many hiccups along the way. An example of this is once we all ran onto the subway without communicating to each other about where we should get off. This caused stress and confusion on everyone. Thankfully, we had a wechat group ad figured things out. Another example of a speed bump is when we in Joy city trying to look for Yoshinoya. After circling around for the third time we were all certain that we were lost. Eventually we worked together and found the restaurant. Next time, I would’ve made sure that we communicated where we are going to and, make sure we know where were going and stick together. Another aspect of my experience that was challenging was making my blog look presentable. I attempted to screen shot my writing from word so that the pictures would stay where it is but it was too small and when I enlarged it, it turned pixelated and unreadable. So, I just pasted my writing in and inserted the media which dislocated everything and didn’t end up looking as nice. Next time I would have asked for help and try different strategies to let it all come together. All in all, I feel like I took a lot out of this project and feel more confident in using the metro by myself or with others.

Make It: Create and improve

Along our journey me and my group experienced various hiccups. On our first ride, we got separated, which led to a huge delay and lots of confusion. However, we figured things out and created a plan to stick together at all times. I also had a plan to include a thinglink in my final bog but I didn’t end up needing it for anything and I didn’t know how to construct one. Another thing that didn’t end up working including the summer palace in our travels tomorrow. It was too far away from everything and we already have all the information we need on it. An extremely challenging part of this project was efficiently executing the roll call. Multiple times in our journey we had to repeat the roll call over 2 times and it typically took us three minutes to finish. We overcame this by designating a place for us to be all together after each ride so it would be easier to get everyone’s attention. I will use feedback to improve my blog design by focusing on the details of my feedback and improve my use of writing and media. My finished product will be a blog that is both capturing and informational for new families.

Can You Make It: Develop and Plan


Having researched and experienced the Beijing metro and attractions I have learned that to lay out all the information I will need to use a variety of media to create a neat and easy to understand piece. My plan is to use thinglink and create descriptors so that my audience will be able to click on a certain place on the picture and a description will pop up. I also plan on using a lot of maps and pictures to explain my thinking. I plan to acquire these pictures on my trips on the metro where me and my group will document everything. However, I am not an expert in using media so my plan is to learn from my peers and teachers on how to use them and place them into the correct places of my website. Thankfully during the process, I will receive constructive feedback from peers and teachers and hopefully improve my project. My ideas for the design were generated by other websites like ours. These were websites that also provided information on a topic. So far, we have drafted the design of our blog. However, I could not obtain a picture of it.




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