The Hutong Cooking Adventures!

I chose this activity for one day because this activity is all about Chinese culture, cooking, and food which are all things that I like.

I believe I did very well on my tea packaging design. The tea activity was quite fun. I learned a lot about Chinese tea culture. We made our own little tea package.

I learned a lot of Chinese food related culture also some new cooking techniques. Using the knnife was quite challenging. The knifes were very big and heavy to use. I tried my best to handle the knife.

I believe that one day is very important because it’s a day where students can follow their passion. With one day, students will have the oppurtunity to try new things.



-Use appropriate language

-Say polite words such as thankyou, please, your welcome, etc.

-Make eye-contact to speaker

-Don’t interrupt others

-Don’t bully others

-Don’t gossip

-Be safe, responsible,respectful

Goals in Humanities

Student as a learner goal: In humanities class, I don’t often ask a lot of questions. I should be more proactive and ask more questions. My goal is every activity, I should at least ask 2  questions.

Humanities: Reading is an area that I can improve on. A lot of times, I can’t fully understand a story. My goal is to have a better understanding of the books I read and expand my vocabulary. Everyday, I should at least read one chapter of a book that I am working on.

Organising my time

  1. This trimester, I’m going to join the play HONK
  2. I will get organized by following a schedule: wake up at 7a.m.,  brush my teeth and eat breakfast, then get on the bus at 7:20a.m.,arrive at school around 8:10a.m. I usually go home by taking the 4:30p.m. bus unless I have HONK rehearsals. When I get home I will check DX for homework. Before I do anything, I will first make a plan of what I’m going to do so this way I will be more organized. I will first finish all the work that I’ll need to do then have free choice. I wil sleep before 11 everyday.