Teacher for a day One day

For our one day project we became teachers. We taught 2EF and it was such a fun experience. in the morning we experienced what it is like being teacher and we helped clean up the class room. Once the kids came, we did a read aloud and at first the kids were not used to me but over time, they got used to us. After our read loud, we went with them to their PA class and helped them play the drums. After the drums, they made crafts and we got to help them. When every one was done with their lessons, we went the the design lab and helped them make boats that could float and hold marbles. After that ryan and I had them make different things out of tissue boxes. We had three different classes making things. The last things we did was chinese new year crafts. When maya taught us some things about chinese new year it was really interesting.

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My Humanities Goal

   My Humanities Goal:

I want to improve my writing, one way to improve it is by writing more narratives and by looking at other people’s writing.

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My Humanities Student as a Learner Goal

Student as a Learner Goal:

I want to ask more questions and seek assistance when I need it to further engage in my learning and help myself learn in class. This is meeting the standard in responsibility.

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Thinglink about Poseidon

This is my ThingLink about Why fishermen worship Poseidon and the history of Poseidon.

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Zack’s Adventures

Zack’s Adventures

Here is my hero journey book called Zack’s Adventures. Click above to read it!
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Leading Causes Of Death

Hello everybody,

Today I will show you the 5 leading causes of death from 2008-2010 in America and you will probably get similar data.

These Are The Leading Causes Of Death In The US From 2008-2010 https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/images/p0501-preventable-deathsB.jpg

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Im Feeling Happppyyyyy

Image Source :http://bsnscb.com/sunny-day.html

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Lawn Boy Book Review

I really liked this book because it was exciting and similar to Flat Broke. I also liked Lawn Boy and love how it shows that you always have to be nice to people otherwise you get it back. Overall it was a awesome book that hooked me in so I wanted to read more and enjoy reading the book.

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Flat Broke Book Review

I really enjoyed this book because it was a similar to a book that I am reading called Lawn Boy. The books are similar because  both of the main characters have jobs and want to earn money. But Lawn Boy is different  because the character has a more complex job because it talks about the stock market but Flat Broke  is where he tries a lot of jobs but isn’t successful doing any of them. The main character  is greedy and wants to make more and more money and he becomes dishonest and he in the end he doesn’t get what he wished for.

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Hatchet Book Review

Gary Paulsen has a lot of quotes for Hatchet and other books he wrote but this one stood out for me “That’s all it took to solve problems; just sense.”. Gary Paulsen has a lot of fans all over the world and this is one of his reviews from a kid 11 years old;” I loved this book, and it’s very educational! I read this in 4th grade and our whole class loved it!!!!.  I have one cliffhanger question for Gary Paulsen; Why did the helicopter fly over the Canadian woods in the first place? My opinion of this book is that it is a very good book and you never know what is going to happen next. Hatchet is a also a Newberry award winner. The recommended age for Hatchet is  11+. Other books are the likes of Brian’s hunt. Hatchet is also like the Brian series because they are all adventurous books and you never know what is going to happen.  

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