Leading Causes Of Death

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Today I will show you the 5 leading causes of death from 2008-2010 in America and you will probably get similar data.

These Are The Leading Causes Of Death In The US From 2008-2010 https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/images/p0501-preventable-deathsB.jpg

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Im Feeling Happppyyyyy

Image Source :http://bsnscb.com/sunny-day.html

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Lawn Boy Book Review

I really liked this book because it was exciting and similar to Flat Broke. I also liked Lawn Boy and love how it shows that you always have to be nice to people otherwise you get it back. Overall it was a awesome book that hooked me in so I wanted to read more and enjoy reading the book.

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Flat Broke Book Review

I really enjoyed this book because it was a similar to a book that I am reading called Lawn Boy. The books are similar because  both of the main characters have jobs and want to earn money. But Lawn Boy is different  because the character has a more complex job because it talks about the stock market but Flat Broke  is where he tries a lot of jobs but isn’t successful doing any of them. The main character  is greedy and wants to make more and more money and he becomes dishonest and he in the end he doesn’t get what he wished for.

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Hatchet Book Review

Gary Paulsen has a lot of quotes for Hatchet and other books he wrote but this one stood out for me “That’s all it took to solve problems; just sense.”. Gary Paulsen has a lot of fans all over the world and this is one of his reviews from a kid 11 years old;” I loved this book, and it’s very educational! I read this in 4th grade and our whole class loved it!!!!.  I have one cliffhanger question for Gary Paulsen; Why did the helicopter fly over the Canadian woods in the first place? My opinion of this book is that it is a very good book and you never know what is going to happen next. Hatchet is a also a Newberry award winner. The recommended age for Hatchet is  11+. Other books are the likes of Brian’s hunt. Hatchet is also like the Brian series because they are all adventurous books and you never know what is going to happen.  

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Hua Hin Spring Break

Hua hin is a two and a half hour drive south from Bangkok. It is a beach resort. Hua Hin is  in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula in Thailand. The district has a population of 84,883 in an area of 911 km². By road, it is 199 km south-south-west of Bangkok. It is also a getaway place for The Thai Royal Family. It is normally very hot 30 degrees Celsius. If you go in the summer it can be higher temperature (30 degrees Celsius or above). The town has  50,169  people living in Hua Hin permanently.


I would recommend the Hua Hin Grand Hyatt beach resort if you want to relax and have a good time next to the beach. I have been there 4 times and we love it because of the old fashioned look of the resort and how the staff are very welcoming and kind. Thats what i like in a hotel and there is also a large range of activities in and close to the hotel. There are markets with a lot of shows art etc, in the hotel there is a slide, one pool, one quiet pool and a Jacuzzi and a spa that also has a pool. There is also a gym and 4 restaurants with a big selection of food and there is also a club house that serves snacks and drinks.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin





Beach Resort Grand Hyatt

Beach Resort Grand Hyatt



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Canadian family says it’s time to take 6-year-old off no-fly list

A 6 year old boy called Ahmed is on the no fly list since he was young.They stopped him in the airport and said he had a name like a terrorist that was on  the no fly list.The no fly list is for people who are terrorists which Ahmed isn’t. Ahmed is not the first child on the no fly list,two dozen people have the same problem. Adam Ahmed’s mum Karen Ahmed says the government has to move quickly because it has been so long.Adam Ahmed will turn 18 on March 21.

I think the government should have a reason  to have a 6 year old on the no fly list and if they think he is a terrorist they should take a scan of Adam Ahmed and compare it to the terrorist they think he is. They should not wait because he needs to travel, he is 18 now. This should end right now so he can fly and have a good life.

Read more at :https://newsela.com/articles/sixyearold-noflylist/id/15567/

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 16.38.31

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Doctors stitch together clues, solve history’s medical mystery deaths

There is an article about doctors being detectives and solving death mysteries from a very long time ago, like a couple of hundreds years ago. There were no clues or any DNA on the person and they had to figure out why he/she died and how. The doctors worked together and discussed the clues they got from a software. The software read 27 million articles in 5 seconds and found out the person that died had malaria.

I think doctors finding clues to find the cause for people’s deaths is good because people can find out why a person died then or why or how and it would also help people find new diseases  to solve bigger problems and stop them.


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Linda Ragsdale

She is in ISB to talk about PEACE  because sometimes people spread fire and you should be  a upstander. She had cancer and she got chemotherapy and was bald and shaved a peace dragon on her head to show peace and spread peace around the world. She inspired me to be a upstander.



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Manchester United Superstar

Manchester United’s 18 year old local superstar Marcus Rashford shines again in Man Utd clash against Arsenal when he netted two goals. He scored two goals on his debut last Thursday night against Denmark side FC Midtjylland in the Europa league last 16.Rashford is not a signed transfer the local boy is from their own academy not known to any body he is now one of the biggest things in Manchester and the world. Rashford is a miracle for Man Utd as players are injured and not in form while Rashford is the nightmare for goalkeepers but he is also the dream for kids around the world.

Read more at:http://worldsoccertalk.com/2016/02/25/dream-debut-for-marcus-rashford-as-man-united-advance-in-europa-league-video/

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