February 1, 2019

Top Chef: Group Name

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Appetizer: Seared Scallops with Arugula Salad
Entree: Lobster Pasta
Desert: Panna Cotta with Berry Compote

I chose Top Chef because I wanted a chance to cook and finally not eat the toxic cafeteria food. During the day of choosing the groups, I was not present, therefore I was randomly assigned a group. However, this did not set me back and within an hour we planned the dishes. We decided to prepare scallops because we thought it would be a simple dish to make, but also a delicious one; we could not be more wrong. During the appetizers, we learned how to properly clean a scallop; it was all hand work. This was our first challenge–the texture of the inedible scallop bodies were slimy in texture and was unpleasant to feel or smell; yet somebody had to do the dirty work. For the main course, we chose to do a lobster pasta because we were following the seafood and Italian cuisine, but also because we thought it would taste good. Again, we were wrong; because we forgot the cream and butter for the sauce due to time pressure, so the tomato sauce was imperfect; additionally, we also messed up on killing the lobster because we were supposed to freeze it so it could not feel anything when we boiled it, and we did, but it was still moving when we took it out. I think that what we did well was that we tied for first place, and that each of our dishes won is some category. I learned how to humanely kill and cook seafood, and how not to make a brittle. I think that one day is important because…actually, I don’t think one day is important because it is rather useless; it does not help us with tests or academics, and it only helps with teamwork and collaboration which can be achieved through other normal activities. One day, I think, should be continued, not because of its academic excellence, but because the students need a break.

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