October 9, 2017

I am From Hope Poem

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June 9, 2017

The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is about a girl names Katniss Everdeen who gets reaped into the Hunger Games. She lives in the nation of Panem, built on the ruins of North America. The capitol of Panem keeps the 12 districts in terror by forcing them to send a boy and girl tribute to participate in the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are basically “place all 24 tribute in an arena with a pile of supplies in the center and watch them kill each other live on TV for the peoples’ enjoyment.” Cruel, right? Well, it gets even worse. There is a electric fence around all the districts, to keep people in, but Katniss and his friend Gale goes in the surrounding woods to “hunt” (pronounces poach) everyday. If the peacekeepers found out, they could be whipped or punished in inhumane ways. Katniss lives normally in district 12, but when her sister Primrose’s (Prim’s) name gets drawn at the reaping, she volunteers to go. After that, the boy tribute’s name is drawn, and it is Peeta, who she kind of hated. They board a train with their mentor, Haymitch, and head for the Capitol. On the train, they were fed with delicious food from the capitol. Then Katniss meet’s her stylist, Cinna and gets dressed for the chariot ride at the beginning of the game. In previous years, since you had to be dressed in something that matches your district, 12 people were dressed as coal miners. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, was actually dressed in a black jumpsuit, and had a flaming cape (synthetic fire, but still fire). They tour around the capitol with all the eyes glues to them. Then begins the training stage. Haymitch tells them to save their talents till the private sessions with the gamemakers, but she fail at that because she passed the edible plant test without blinking an eye. Then comes the private session with the gamemakers. Katniss misses the first arrow, but then, destroyed a dummy and a light bulb. Because no one was paying attention to her, she shot an arrow in the direction of the gamemakers. It only went through the apple in the roast boars mouth and pinned it to the wall. She got an 11 as her training score, while 1 was worst and 12 was best. That made the career tributes jealous, because theirs weren’t as good. Career tributes are those who train for it before, even though it’s illegal, and volunteer. Then, the interview happens and Peeta confesses that he loves Katniss. Then, they get plopped into the arena. There is a giant metal cornucopia, containing food, supplies and other things. Even though Haymitch tells them to get as far away as possible, she still gets a backpack and some water before though. Peeta betrays her because he goes and team up with the career tributes. Career tributes are allies, so Katniss team up with Rue and gather a lot of important information. For example ‘sun’glasses were actually made so that you could see perfectly in the dark. Rue gets killed, su Katniss decorates her with flowers and “buries” her. Before that, she drops a nest of tracker jackers, poisonous mutated bees, on the career tributes so they get stung, but she got stung herself. Peeta had to fight Cato to let Katniss survive, but got cut deeply in his thigh. Then, Katniss accidentally steps on Peeta, therefore finding him, and attempts to heal him. It turns out Peeta has blood poisoning, that can only be cured by drugs from the capitol, and Peeta only has a few days to live. Then Claudius Templesmith invited them to a feast. On the table in the center of the cornucopia, there were all of the tributes most desperate needs. In the end, Katniss gets medicine and she and Peeta both win the hunger games.

One of the main characters is Primrose Everdeen, also known as Prim. She must have has a shock when her sister volunteer in her place. Then, her initial shock turned into relief, and then sadness, because her sister was going into the games.

I connected this book to the hero’s journey. Amazingly, this book has all 12 parts of the hero’s journey, which leads me to believe that Suzanne Collins planned the book on the hero’s journey.

June 6, 2017

The Children of Green Knowe

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I think that the reason only Tolly and Mrs. Oldknowe can see the children is because they are family members of the children. Boggis can’t see then is because he isn’t a relative to the children. Another theory I have is that Mrs. Oldknowe and Tolly believe in them, therefore see them. Tolly couldn’t see them in the beginning because he was new to the house and the environment. Then, gradually, after Mrs. Oldknowe told him the stories, he began to learn more and see them.

May 19, 2017

The Tale of Despereaux

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This book has three “main” characters, a mouse named Despereaux, a rat named Roscuro, and a human named Mig. First, the mouse is born with his eyes open, and talks to a human, so he was going to be executed by being thrown in the dungeon. Before that, the rat Roscuro is born in the dungeon but is attracted to light. His “parent” taught him how to make people suffer and be evil. Even before that, A girl named Miggery Sow was sold to a man named uncle who treats him like a slave. Since slavery is illegal, he was taken to the castle when the soldier found out. Then, the rat begins his evil plan and Mig is fooled at first but then turns around to help Despereaux fight Roscuro.

One of the main characters is Miggery. She leads a hard life because her mother died and the next day, her father sold him to a abusive man. To survive this life is hard and Mig isn’t even that smart.

In the book, a soldier said to eat cake to with a fork. It reminded me about a ancient Chinese emperor, who also said the same thing when a “duke” told him his people were starving.

April 21, 2017

Fantasy Writing

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1.  What was the best part of writing fantasy stories and why was it the best?
I think the the best part was writing the actual story, because than I get lost in the story and forget everything else.
2.  What are some elements that make up a fantasy story?  List as many as you can and then pick one to describe in detail.
I think the elements are hero’s journey, which is the Status Quo, Call to Adventure, Assistance, Departure, Trials, Approach, Crisis, Treasure, Result, Return, New life, Resolution. I think the most important part is the call to adventure because without it, nothing happens. The call to adventure is like the character is drawn to the “Special World.” For example, the call to adventure in the hunger games is when Primrose’s name gets called at the reaping.
3.  What is the best fantasy story you have read?  You may not use either of the two I read to you.  Tell me why you think it was the best.
I think the best fantasy story I’ve ever read was Eragon, because it was in the medieval times with magic and dragons.

Wellness Learning

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1.  Why do you think it is so important to learn about wellness?
I think that it is so important to learn about wellness because we will know what if you get sick then you will know what to do and also how to properly care for your body.
2.  What are some ways you practice wellness?  What are some ways you could improve?
I practice wellness by exercising and I could improve by exercising more.
3.  In learning about how to keep various body systems healthy, we discussed both healthy habits and things to avoid.  Choose one system and comment on how to maintain its wellness. Remember the posters are at the back of the room and your inquiry booklets are also available.
One of my systems is the nervous
4.  What did you learn about yourself from your wellness project?
I learned about my diet and how to improve it.

April 19, 2017

The Maze Runner

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This book is about a boy names Thomas who’s memory has been erased and has been sent to the Glade to live with other boys who have also lost their memories. The Glade is surrounded by an ever-changing maze and the doors close at night. usually, new people arrive every month, but the next day, a girl arrives. The people have different jobs in the maze like the cook, butcher, or farmer. There is also the runner, who maps the maze every day (because it changes). Thomas wants to be a runner but the leader didn’t want him to. Then, they find a dead griever, a monster that injects a venom that makes people get some of their memories back. They found it again, but it was playing dead, and stung Alby, the leader of the Glade, Alby and the lead runner get stuck outside the glade and Thomas broke the rules and went outside to rescue them. They became the first people who survived a night in the maze. They try to solve the maze and succeeded.

One of the main character is Thomas. I think he is a brave person because he want to be a runner, unlike other newbies, who just cry and stuff. I think this is a

When I read this book, it mentioned a brain disease that nobody could cure. In reality, the brain is the part of the human body that we know least about.


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In this book, Suzanne Collins ends the Hunger Games Trilogy. Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice and is at District 13 because 12 was destroyed by the Capitol. The launch a airtime assault, which means the hack into the TVs and play propagandas about Katniss and the Rebels. The Rebels slowly take over the districts while Peeta, Katniss’ fiancé, is being tortured for information. In the end, Katniss goes on a mission to assassinate President Snow. In the end, the rebels win but Primrose, Katniss’ sister, dies in the bombing. Katniss suspects the rebel leader President Coin did it so she killed her instead of Snow.

One of the characters in Snow, the evil president. He is very self-centered and arrogant, because he doesn’t care if people die around him and because of his orders. He just bombs the districts because he wants to.

When I read this book, I thought that this was kind of like real life. There is a supreme force ruling and there is a rebellion.

March 29, 2017

The Seer of Shadows

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I just finished The Seer of Shadows for book clubs. This book is about a boy named Horace Carpetine who is apprenticed to a photographer named Enoch Middleditch. A woman wanted her photo put on her dead daughters tomb. Mr. Middleditch had the idea of putting the ghost of the her daughter on the photo so he sent Horace to take his first photos using a spy camera. When the make the pictures, he finds out that he took a actual picture of the ghost. Then, he realized that he has brought the ghost back to life. Then, the ghost burns down the Von Machts’ warehouse and Horace has to stop them.

One of the character’s was Eleanora, the ghost who wanted revenge. I understand why she wants that and I think she should, because of the “rule” treat others the way you want to be treated.

When I read the part about Eleanora getting her revenge, I connected that to myself. If someone killed me and I was brought back to life, the first thing I would do is to get revenge and kill that person.

March 22, 2017

Catching Fire

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This is the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy. In this book, Katniss has to go back into the Arena because this year, the 3rd Quarter Quell, the reaping is with the lot of victors. This time, the arena is jungle with a saltwater lake surrounding the Cornucopia. In the middle of the book, Katniss finds out that the arena is lime a clock, and each hour is a different type of disaster. For example, one of them is a horde of man-eating monkeys. Katniss teams up with a lot of other victors to try to win. In the end,  Katniss accidentally blew up the arena and had to get rescued. Peeta didn’t, however, and the Capitol blew District 12 up.

One of the characters is Peeta, Katniss’ Fiancé. He didn’t get rescued in the end of the book and was left for President Snow to torture. His love first started in second grade, and now they are prepared to get married. I think having a “secret” crush on someone is not good, but not necessarily bad either, because the other person might like you back.

In the book, all Peeta wants is for Katniss to live. I can relate to that because my mom would rather she die than I do.



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