After reading the two articles about NASA, I think NASA should focus on two topics. First of all,  they should focus on finding life beyond Earth that is on Saturn, and secondly they should try to invent new spacecrafts.

First of all, I think scientists in NASA should focus on finding life beyond Earth. Which they are trying to find in on Saturn. This is because I think that if one day Earth is destroyed, people could escape by planning to move to another planet before hand. Also it is proven that scientists found lots of hydrogen on a tiny, ice-encrusted ocean world on Saturn. So this means that maybe their could be life on Saturn! “We now know that Enceladus has almost all of the ingredients that you would need to support life as we know it on Earth,” Cassini’s project scientist, Linda Spilker said at a NASA news conference. And the more we explore other planets, the more we would actually get use to it when we move to that planet someday.

Secondly, scientists should design new types of space crafts to find for more information about space. Recently a new spaceship will fly around the Europa. The Europa Clipper mission would possibly start as early as June 2022. I think scientists should spend their energy to advance the technology of the spacecraft, so we could use more advanced technology to discover more in space.

At last, I think that NASA should focus on life beyond Earth, and designing new spacecrafts.