This year, in design class we did a project to make pet robots, and a petting zoo. The petting zoo will be for the 1st graders at ISB. All of us got to choose the animals we like and use cardboard to create a animal. In our group we chose to make a snowy owl, and we named him Auzzie.

In this project my biggest success was we finished the project on time and it worked really well during the petting zoo. Because we added white feathers on him,  Auzzie looked really realistic, and pretty. We also put the sensor on the left side of Auzzie’s face to make it look obvious, so kids could find it easily. I think these factors made our whole robot work really well. So this part was pretty successful.

On the other hand, one thing I’d like to change is I would like to make the head more stable. This time we only used two q-tips, so the head was wobbling sometimes, so we had to fix position of the head a few times. Next time I would like to use cardboard to replace q-tips to make the head stronger.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to plan what your going to ​beforehand, and also if they could leave one class to refine and improve your robot. I think this would help them a lot because you never know what might happen on the last minute. So leaving another class would give them the opportunity to do it another way.