In this polymer project the goal my group got is safety. Based on this we decided to make polymer that can be stuck on sharp edges or corners that might hut young children or adults. This polymer would be soft so when someone accidentally hits the corners they would’t get hurt. However, this product is really popular, so we wanted to improve this product and making more environmentally friendly. Most of these products are made out of plastic. And as we know, plastic is very unenvironmentally friendly. So, our group wanted to use natural polymers to replace it, but still have the same effect. Our target audience is basically everyone, but especially toddler’s parents. Because I have a little brother at home and he is just the height as most tables are, so it is really easy for him to bump on the corners of the table. Therefore, to make sure that toddlers are safe inside. Their parents should try to make sure that there’s no sharp edges at home. So, this product would be really helpful. Last class we tried different prototypes of the polymer, and I think that adding starch or starch solution is really helpful to our project. This is because it makes the polymer more stretchy and it doesn’t stick on your hand anymore.