Now ourgroup is on the developing stage of the product. For our polymer we would like it to have the following physical properties: soft, able sticks on corners, but does not stick on hands or clothes. Easy to shape. Our plan for developing is to use different types of materials to make the polymer and see which one works out the best. This way we could compare different prototypes. Despite this, we would also mix a little bit of different polymers to make it into something new and test it. The method of testing our prototype is very simple. We would take a little bit of out prototype and stick it on the corner of the table. After that, we would hit the table, only using a little bit of strength. To test to see if the polymer is protecting us from the corner or not. This is an effective way to test our polymer because some of the polymer we tested would not protect the corners very well. It would form a little gap, and hitting it still hurts. While, other polymers work really well. Those types would stick on the corners and not move. So it wouldn’t change when you hit it.