During this class I observed different types polymers, most of the polymers we made stretch really well, but others are tearable. And that is not a good property for the polymer. Other strengths of the polymer is it is soft and sticky. It sticks on the table, but it doesn’t stick on your skin and your clothes. However, a limitation of our polymer is that it can only be a big piece that is stuck on the table. Because a small piece of the slime can’t protect the corner. Another thing is the slime is not drying on the table, so it can’t be stuck on the table for a long period of time. Some polymers did not even stick on the corners, it would just directly fall off the table. So these are some things that I need to improve on. When I showed my mom the polymer, she liked the idea and said it is useful. However she thinks that we need to make sure that we need to keep the size of the polymer, and to find a way so the polymer could stick onto the corner for a long time. And that is why clients would like it, it also makes it easier because clients wouldn’t have to change the polymer all the time.