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Polymer Journal #1

In this unit, we are creating polymer. So, what is Polymers? Polymers are large molecules that are chemically bonded together. They can be separated into many different parts, and each separated part is called a monomer. Monomers are small molecules that are joined together. Now, to be specific there are two types of polymers. Artificial and natural. Artificial polymers are often identical and is made by scientists and engineers. For example nylon, polyester, plastic and more. The manufacturing of artificial polymer is difficult, I will use acrylic fiber as an example. First polymerisation happens, it means combining two sets of molecules, and changing it into a different structure. Then, heating and spinning, workers would heat the polymer. After a while, air causes polymer to harden, at last fibres are are stretched to create strength. On the other hand, natural polymers are the opposite, their links are different from the bond next to them. They are naturally found and can be extracted. A few examples of natural polymers are silk, wool, DNA and more. But one thing bad about natural polymer is if we used it all we can’t find any more materials to replace it. So we should use environmentally products, and help save our planet earth.


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Youtube video about polymer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjDDHnByfuo

Characterisation-The Giver

How low self-esteem can lead to unhealthy choices

Teens could exercise, workout or go on healthy diets. Learn what foods are good for you, and how much is the right amount. And eat food that’s good for them, and make sure that they control it in the right amount.

In today’s health class I learned about how low self-esteem can lead to unhealthy choices. Our group researched on weight loss surgery. This when teens reduce their stomach to make them eat less food. But I think this is a really unhealthy choice. And I don’t recommend weight loss surgery for a normal teen, because the risk is too high. Also, they might still not feel good after the weight loss surgery. Not just weight loss surgery some teens would get plastic surgery to look like their celebrity. And that also has a serious consequence. Teens might get addicted to plastic surgery because they would always think that they are not pretty enough. More than that, teens might get their cut infected.

At last, I think teens should talk to doctors and counselors before they make decisions. And they should use healthy alternatives (exercise, workout or go on healthy diets) to replace unhealthy choices.

The effect of social media on depression

In today’s health class, we chose our topics about health issues. The topic I chose is the effect of social media on depression. After my research the answer is social media has an negative effect on depression, which means that too much social media makes depression worse.

To make sure that the cites that I’ve visited is reliable, I put my cites through the CARP test. In my first source, the information was published in November 25, 2018.  Which is pretty close to now, and means that the source is relevant. The source also had a “about us” page, which makes it easier for readers to contact the authors.

At last, after putting my cites through the CARP test I think they are all reliable

Revolutionary voices journal

In this e-book, I wrote about Marie Antoinette’s daughter, which was the princess during the time revolution time. This book focuses on the French revolution. I think one thing that would benefit the readers is it introduces the French Revolution in a fictional  way, so it should be more interesting than informational text.

Positive and Negative effects of Technology

Nowadays, people use technology very often, and their are positive and negative about that. First of all, I think the positive effect of using technology is, it is really easy to maintain relationships between long distances. Even if you don’t get to see the other person in person, you could easily use FaceTime or Skype to call them. And that gives you the benefit to see them even if you are far away. Also, if you are stressed out, you could use technology to relieve your stress. Watch fun videos, or listen to songs that you like. Technology also gives students the benefit to improve academically, students could learn from videos easily   without having to find a tutor, or to ask the teacher the next day. Students could also learn extra information  online to extend their learning.

However, there are negative effects of technology too. There are so many apps that would make you addicted, they make you procrastinate and you wouldn’t get your work done. Not just addiction, lots of teenagers get cyber bullied, and that would affect their lives. Teens could get depression, or their might be even more serious effects.

At last, I think if people control their use of technology, technology would influence them in a good way.



In humanities Daniel and I made a video about the French Revolution. In the video it shows our opinion about the French revolution.  We think that the peasants has the right to revolt against the monarch. So, we think that people have the rights to use violence to overthrow the injustice leaders. However, people should balance between a little bit of violence and madness. Because we could see that the the Reign of Terror is way too radical.

Historical Fiction Theme

Auzzie- The Owl Robot

This year, in design class we did a project to make pet robots, and a petting zoo. The petting zoo will be for the 1st graders at ISB. All of us got to choose the animals we like and use cardboard to create a animal. In our group we chose to make a snowy owl, and we named him Auzzie.

In this project my biggest success was we finished the project on time and it worked really well during the petting zoo. Because we added white feathers on him,  Auzzie looked really realistic, and pretty. We also put the sensor on the left side of Auzzie’s face to make it look obvious, so kids could find it easily. I think these factors made our whole robot work really well. So this part was pretty successful.

On the other hand, one thing I’d like to change is I would like to make the head more stable. This time we only used two q-tips, so the head was wobbling sometimes, so we had to fix position of the head a few times. Next time I would like to use cardboard to replace q-tips to make the head stronger.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to plan what your going to ​beforehand, and also if they could leave one class to refine and improve your robot. I think this would help them a lot because you never know what might happen on the last minute. So leaving another class would give them the opportunity to do it another way.

Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

After reading the two articles about NASA, I think NASA should focus on two topics. First of all,  they should focus on finding life beyond Earth that is on Saturn, and secondly they should try to invent new spacecrafts.

First of all, I think scientists in NASA should focus on finding life beyond Earth. Which they are trying to find in on Saturn. This is because I think that if one day Earth is destroyed, people could escape by planning to move to another planet before hand. Also it is proven that scientists found lots of hydrogen on a tiny, ice-encrusted ocean world on Saturn. So this means that maybe their could be life on Saturn! “We now know that Enceladus has almost all of the ingredients that you would need to support life as we know it on Earth,” Cassini’s project scientist, Linda Spilker said at a NASA news conference. And the more we explore other planets, the more we would actually get use to it when we move to that planet someday.

Secondly, scientists should design new types of space crafts to find for more information about space. Recently a new spaceship will fly around the Europa. The Europa Clipper mission would possibly start as early as June 2022. I think scientists should spend their energy to advance the technology of the spacecraft, so we could use more advanced technology to discover more in space.

At last, I think that NASA should focus on life beyond Earth, and designing new spacecrafts.

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