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288.36-A video about migrant workers.

This year I made a capstone movie about migrant workers. I interviewed my Ayi, I think it helped me with my video because it shows that everyone has a special experience in their life journey. And without that they won’t be like what they are now. My video focuses on migrant workers because I think most people don’t realise the importance of them, so I wanted to find more information about them. I also want to make people care about them and to help them when they can.

Characterisation-The Giver

Revolutionary voices journal

In this e-book, I wrote about Marie Antoinette’s daughter, which was the princess during the time revolution time. This book focuses on the French revolution. I think one thing that would benefit the readers is it introduces the French Revolution in a fictional  way, so it should be more interesting than informational text.

In humanities Daniel and I made a video about the French Revolution. In the video it shows our opinion about the French revolution.  We think that the peasants has the right to revolt against the monarch. So, we think that people have the rights to use violence to overthrow the injustice leaders. However, people should balance between a little bit of violence and madness. Because we could see that the the Reign of Terror is way too radical.

Historical Fiction Theme

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