Nowadays, people use technology very often, and their are positive and negative about that. First of all, I think the positive effect of using technology is, it is really easy to maintain relationships between long distances. Even if you don’t get to see the other person in person, you could easily use FaceTime or Skype to call them. And that gives you the benefit to see them even if you are far away. Also, if you are stressed out, you could use technology to relieve your stress. Watch fun videos, or listen to songs that you like. Technology also gives students the benefit to improve academically, students could learn from videos easily ¬† without having to find a tutor, or to ask the teacher the next day. Students could also learn extra information ¬†online to extend their learning.

However, there are negative effects of technology too. There are so many apps that would make you addicted, they make you procrastinate and you wouldn’t get your work done. Not just addiction, lots of teenagers get cyber bullied, and that would affect their lives. Teens could get depression, or their might be even more serious effects.

At last, I think if people control their use of technology, technology would influence them in a good way.