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The Great Pyramids of Giza


In Humanities, we wrote an article about an achievement from an ancient civilisation. I wrote about the Great Pyramids of Giza built by the Egyptians. Below is the cover page from my magazine article.

If you want to read the full article, click here

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I am From…


In humanities, we created a poem, describing who we are. This is my “I am From” poem, the poem that contains me.

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Gordon Korman book review: Schooled


Hi guys! This is one of my book review for my Author Study, he book is called Schooled. The Author Study is when we choose an author and read book that he has written. Then we need to write different things about the book, and one of them is the book review. Hope you like this book and read it!



Capricorn Anderson knows nothing about middle school. He’s a hippie who lives on a farm with his grandmother and is home schooled (by his grandmother). But when Cap’s grandmother has an accident, Cap has to go to a public school, move in with a temporary guardian who has a fussy daughter, and basically everything is new to him. Popular kids bully, prank him, and even purposely elect him grade president even though he didn’t run for it. What will Cap do?

I think this book is a very interesting and inspiring book. It talks about how Cap solves his problems and tries to help people. When Zach, the most popular kid in 8 grade keeps pranking and bullying him, Cap has never once got angry, mad, or sad, he just solved the problem. When the popular kids kept bullying Cap and keep failing, it made me think that Cap was invincible. Cap also never gave up trying to fit in. I thought it was inspiring to me because he was always very calm, and I think that’s a good thing because when you’re calm, you can do anything without any problem. I think that when Cap keeps trying it’s a good thing too because you have to keep trying and have a growth mindset because if you stop trying, you won’t get better at it and you won’t get to try anything new.

I think the reading level for this book would be grade 3-5 or above. But if it’s the right reading level for you, you should definitely read it, it is a amazing book, and you will enjoy it a lot. Also, you can read other Gordon Korman books, the author if this book!

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Gordon Korman book review: Masterminds


Hi guys! This is one of my book review for my Author Study, the book is called Masterminds. The Author Study is when we choose an author and read book that he has written. Then we need to write different things about the book, and one of them is the book review. Hope you like this book and read it!



Serenity is probably the best town in the world. Everyone is honest and never lies. Everyone believes Serenity is the best, and don’t want to ever leave. Why would anyone in such a perfect place? That is, until Eli Frieden’s friend Randy, leaves town and leaves a note for Eli. Eli gets help from his friends: Tori, Malik, Hector, and Amber. “Something screwy is going on in this town were his exact words.” Together the kids sneaks into the factories, plans escapes while they find out what exactly is going on Serenity. “Criminal Masterminds.” “Getting weeded.” Can the kids get out before it’s too late?

Masterminds is an amazing book. It’s really interesting, and the way the author, Gordon Korman makes it so realistic that it makes you think that it could really happen, is happening. The story is so interesting that when you start it, you can’t put it down, like you’re trapped in it. It just sort of pulls you into the book, and you’re right there with the characters going through the events, like a portal to a world called Masterminds. At the beginning of the book, you don’t really know anything. How to solve the problems, what’s happening, nothing. I really like it at the end, when all the pieces of the puzzle comes together, everything makes sense, and in your mind it goes like, “Oooooohhhh yeahhhhhhh!”

The reading age of this book I think is about maybe 3-5 grade. But if you can read it, do read it! You’ll miss out on it if you don’t! This book is a series, so there is another book after this one. Don’t forget to read other Gordon Korman books too!



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Gordon Korman book review: The Hypnotist


Hi guys! This is one of my book review for my Author Study, he book is called The Hypnotist. The Author Study is when we choose an author and read book that he has written. Then we need to write different things about the book, and one of them is the book review. Hope you like this book and read it!


The Hypnotist:

He can make people do what he wants. Now they want him to do what they want. Jax is a regular teenage boy, until he finds out that he can hypnotize people. He learns to control it in a company full of hypnotist called Sentia. But when he finds out what they want to do with him and his parents are on the line, he has to…you have to read to find out.

I think this book is a really interesting book, whenever I start reading it, it just sort of sucks me into the book, and I’m there experiencing the events happening in the story. You can’t stop reading it. Gordon Korman, the author of this book,  usually writes fiction, and I think he’s good at that. He takes different characteristics of fiction and ties them together in a book, such as super powers, a GOOD AND EVIL. But he also makes some things realistic, for example, they don’t live in a imaginary world, Jax lives in New York City.

I would recommend this book to grade 3-5, or above, because you’re never too old for fiction. If you have the right reading level, I totally recommend you read this book, you will not regret it!

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The Cool and Beautiful Lakeside Great Wall 水长城 (But CRAZILY STEEP!)


During Spring Break I went to 水长城. It is the place where a part of the Great Wall has gone into the water, but it’s not like the normal place that some of you know of, it’s at HuaiRou 怀柔. At the beginning of our trip, we had to climb some really steep stairs of the Great Wall. Some steps were super high and steep, and once I lost my balance and almost tripped and fell. We had to climb 3 sets of looooooooonnnnnnnggggggg steeeeeeeeeeeeeeep steps and when we finished the third one, my parents decided to come back down. Double the hard work. At least we didn’t go even further, or it would be a longer way back down. Even though it was a really tiring way up and down, it was really fun. I ran with my brother down the stairs and up, leaving my mom and dad behind. It was fun and the view was AMAZINGLY AWESOME. All the cherry blossoms had bloomed and when I got really high, you could see lots of things. I saw the car park at the bottom of the mountain,  the lake the Great Wall went under, and all the mountains covered in flowers and cherry blossoms. It was especially beautiful because there was no pollution on that day! On the first set of the Great Wall stairs, it went all the way down to the water and came up at the other side. There was a wall in front of us so I had to tip toe over it so I could see the part that was broken off. If you didn’t know that it went under the water, you’d probably just think it broke off, because at the edge it’s all broken because people stepped on it. We also went on a boat to the other side and we walked in a park. When we were going to a bridge that was up close to the part where the great wall split, we saw a car that looked like a big jeep but the it was green and grey, like the camouflage military clothes. It drives into the water across the lake but you don’t get wet. When you go down the slope into the water some people were screaming, so I guess it’s like a roller-coaster and is sort of scary. I wanted to, but did not go ride it because we bought boat tickets for the ride to and back already. After we crossed the bridge, we could actually go further and and go to a part where the Great Wall was actually going into the water, without a wall blocking us. We went there and took a few pictures at the edge, but we defiantly did not go into the water. I thought that it was really cool because I wondered how the people built it underwater. Maybe they built it when there wasn’t water and after a while the lake got filled with water and covered up the part of the great wall. It was really cool being so up close to the part that broke off. After that we went back on the boat and back to the car park and went back home. I thought it was a really fun experience for me and I had a really good time.


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Newsela Article-Beautiful Venetian Glass Art


In Newsela, I read an article about a short history of Venetian Art. Venetian Art is melting the glass so it’s nice and soft, and then you twist it to make it turn into different shapes, to make a glass vase, bottle, wine glasses, fancy goblets and bowls. People started making these a really long time ago in Venice, Italy. When they first were making the glass, the glass-makers were not allowed to tell anyone how they did it, so no one knew for a long time. Right now when people make the glass they go in rooms that have bright light and lots of fresh air. They also use very hot ovens that run on electricity called kilns. Before, the glass-makers had to go to an island called Murano, and they did not have good ovens like the ones today, and the rooms were very hot and did not have much fresh air. The glass-makers also used gold paint and a liquid called enamel to decorate the glass, and it was very hard. They also had to bake it in very high heat. The used wood to make the fire, and the had to hold the glass above a fire that is really hot, not like putting it in an oven. William Gudenrath is an artist and a teacher and he found out the secrets to making the glass. He teaches how to make Venetian glass making and started doing it himself when he was just 11. He studied the art in museums all around, old and new. Gudenrath has been posting guides on a website , and there are pictures and videos. He also posts how he thinks the glass-makers from a long time ago made the glass. Gudenrath said that what the artist could do then was amazing, and because of that, they kept their art a secret and people were trying to find that secret out.

I agree with Gudenrath that the Venetian Glass Art is a very beautiful art, and that the people back then without any electricity or resources as good as today were still able to make really cool and beautiful art. I think that the glass-makers a long time ago shouldn’t keep their art a secret because when you share things, you can learn form others and others can learn from you! And I wonder what is the penalty if you tell someone the secret? It think it would have been pretty hard to make the art when everything is way past boiling hot: the room, the glass, the kiln… I’ve atually been to Venice, Italy, and atually seen a glass-maker make the glass and twist it around. I thought it was pretty cool. I think that the Venetian art is a very interesting art because it’s sort of a combination of something like painting (from the decorations) and sculpting a statue (from making the vase) and something of it’s own because this is the only art I know of that has a bingo for all three things: melting glass, twisting it around, and baking it by holding it on top of a super hot fire. Event though I think Venetian art is really cool, I don’t want to be a glass maker when I grow up because A. I already set my mind on something else, and B. It’s really hot and I think I’ll mess it up on the twisting the shapes and holding the glass on top of the fire, but it would be cool to try once.

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Practicing Badminton for ISAAC tryouts


On Sunday, I went to the dome to practice badminton with my dad and my brother for the ISAAC badminton tryouts this Monday and Tuesday. My dad and I practiced drop-shots, the shots when they hit really up close to the net. I needed a lot of practice on that maybe because I wasn’t tall enough so I had to remember to lift my arm really high to get a good drop-shot. I also practiced to hit really far and high by reloading my arm really back, behind me. But sometimes a problem with that is that I hit to far I hit out of bounds. My dad also corrected how I serve. I also have reload really back and swing the racket behind my shoulder, sort of like golf I noticed. I had to do that so my serves would go really far an high so I’d be on a good start on the game, but I still need to practice for that. I really hope I get chosen to be in the ISAAC Badminton competition, I think I’m pretty good, I’ve practiced a lot, and put my effort into it, and I really love Badminton. It’s my favorite sport. Today is the first tryout, Monday, so wish me luck!!!

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Linda Ragsdale-KEEP YOUR PEACE!


Recently, Linda Ragsdale came and visited ISB. She first talked to my class in an assembly with the whole grade and then she talked to our class separately. She travels all around the world to send the message that you have to keep your peace and don’t let the fire spread to you. She also talked about being peaceful and how peace talks. If someone is trying you spread the fire to you (saying things to you that are in an angry tone because they are angry but don’t mean to) you have to talk to them and tell them to chill, and cool down, so the fire won’t spread to you and that person won’t give it to someone else. She taught us that we have to be heroes, and even though we’re not involved in the situation, we have to help out and try to help the 2 victims of the fire calm down and make peace with each other. We made up a list of what it is to be a school hero, for example being neutral, peaceful, helpful, kind, etc. She gave us lots of example about one time how the fire started with her husband and the cat stopped it because he didn’t know what was going on, and Ms. Ragsdale asked us where the fire could have stopped (and told us many different examples). Ms. Ragsdale had cancer before. She told us how she had to make many hard decisions, and she tried really hard to keep her peace.

I really liked that Ms. Ragsdale came and told us about all her peace talk because it inspired me a lot about not letting the fire spread, keeping you peace, and being a peace maker and a hero. I also really liked how she put passing on the anger in a very special and unique way, not letting the fire spread, and telling other people to calm down to stop the fire. I was most inspired by how she had to try so hard when she had cancer and make so many hard decisions. I can’t imagine what it would be like to go through a time when you had cancer. Ms. Ragsdale made a huge impact on how I think to help others out in difficult situations about anger and fire, and I thought it was great to have her visit us, I had lots of fun learning.

By the way, she also gave out free rubber bracelets that said HERO and a dragon next to it, and you got to chose a tattoo with a symbol that represents PEACE DRAGONS.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.14.21 pmUnknown-3


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AMAZING BOOK-The Golden Door


I’ve recently just finished my book club book called The Golden Door. It is the first book of a series, the second is called The Silver Door, and the third is called The Third Door. I REALLY like this book, it’s AWESOME, one of the my favorites (I say most books I read is my favorite) and I totally, of course suggest you to read this book (I suggest almost everyone to read the books I read), but my point is that you should read this book because what’s so great about it is that it’s really interesting and it pulls you into the book so it’s like you’re seeing it right when it’s happening and you can’t stop, you just have to keep going and going and going (and that I love books). Emily Rodda, the author of the book ties mostly everything you could have in a fantasy book into The Golden Door. Mystery, Monsters, Beast, Evil, Heroes, people that turn from shy to brave and saves the day…even a bit of love! I just love reading fantasy books, it’s the most favorite genres of books to read for me, but after reading The Golden Door, I like fantasy even more! It’s had lots of different things you can have in fantasy, and Emily Rodda made up different things in the book, so it’s really unique. I definitely will keep reading the next two books, and after you read the first one, you will want to read them too.

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