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Make It: Define and Inquire

For our Ignite Week project, my partner and I are planning to make a record player with an old bicycle wheel.

When I was working with Makey Makey (Makey Makey is the concept of programming and doing other things with a circuit board) on the first day, I learned how to use a circuit board to make more  complex circuits. I also learned that there is so much you can do with ordinary classroom materials, a circuit board, and some wires. With Scratch (Scratch is an online program where your can program you own games, etc.), I also learned that you can compose a song by programming notes and rhythm.

Our target audience can really be anyone, as they simply spin the wheel, and they will be able to hear a song, just like a record player.

We were inspired by the combination of experimenting with the “piano” on the first day, and the bike wheel we say lying around. We thought, “What if we put aluminum foil around the bike, connect them to wires, and when it spun around, it would play?” We thought this would be a really cool and creative idea to work on, however, there are many difficulties around this project. We need to make sure the aluminum foil is the right size, so it would play the length of each individual note. We have planned our project out so we know what we are going to do, and I hope that this works out how we planned it to.


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  1. Hey Emily! I’m super excited to see how your project will turn out. I think you have a great challenge ahead of you for the week!

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