My group and I are planning to make a pencil case out of old books and cloth. We found this idea online, and we thought it was a really cool idea that was also able to reuse so many books that would usually just be thrown away. We are also thinking that after “gutting” the book (taking the pages out of the book), we would have a lot of paper that might go to waste, so we’re going to make paper pencils out of the book pages. Because after people have already bought our pencil case, and don’t know what they’re going to do with their old one, we plan for them to trade in their old pencil case in return for a precious plastics or hand sewn cloth keychains. Our target audience is mainly middle school students, since we think they are the group in the ISB community that has the most need of pencil cases.

Our initial design for our book cover pencil case.

Our inspiration we found online for our pencil case.

book clutch with stationary supplies

A photo of inside the pencil case from our online inspiration.