The Key to living a long life!

These are the top 10 things killing people and I’m going to show you how to prevent it.

Fung and I brought several fruits Such as (Banana, Apple and Oranges.) We brought Fruits because it is very good for you because it has nutrients such as Vitamins C and healthy sugars, potassium and fiber and many more healthy nutrients that protects you from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.  


Creative Title

I chose the Apple Logo, because I just saw the Samsung Note 8 conference yesterday, and I found out that a lot of Iphone and IOS users are switching to Andriod and Apple is Meh right now and that’s what I feel about the blog, Meh because I have already used this before.

Spring Break,Piano insanity!


My spring break was very piano related well first on the 27th of March My sister and I had a performance at BSB, and a piano master came and gave us classes. The next day my sister and I again had a piano class because we where getting ready to get our exams. The next day my sister got early because she had to get her piano the exam. So I had to tag along and practice for my piano exam the next day.

The next day I woke up at 8:00 because I was very nervous then I went the piano studio too warm up my hands,the actual exam went pretty good I didn’t make to many mistake in the aural , sight reading,scales and pieces. later we went to eat lunch, then we had a (boring) lecture about ,Bach ,Beethoven,and Mozart.

Then on Thursday and Friday my mom and I played tennis. On Saturday we had lunch and went to watch Batman VS Superman and went to another lecture about Romantic music.

Then on Saturday we went gokarting then there was big line so I just played a car game thing. Then My family went car shopping. Then on Monday We had a barbecue we had so much fun at the barbecue I hope we can do it again.

My crazy weekend

My weekend was insane first on Saturday I was late to go to the swim meet I was suppose to be there by there at 7:45 but there was so much traffic so we got there at 8:54 I swam 100IM and 50 breast 50 freestyle 200IM relay 200 freestyle relay and I got 2 third places and 3 fourth places.Then later that day I watched a movie at 9:55 called “Zootopia”.The next day I had another tennis tournament I was early so I was sitting around doing nothing the tournament was very fun the couch told all of us we had to do 5 matches.My partner and I got fourth place which is not good but I got to have fun and thats what really maters! But my basketball had to be cancelled.Unknown

My real introduction

Hello my name is Eric but my real name is Kun Wai Eric Ho. I have 1 sister and I’m from Beijing I have been living here since 2005 which means I have never left.

More Star Wars stuff

One of my favorite story’s/movie is Star Wars and Here is my 5 thoughts of what should be in the Star Wars movie(8)

1:they should get  Anikin skywalker back and 

2:they should reveal who is Rey’s parents and why she is on Jaqu

3:they should get a Jedi worrier to partner with Rey and train kill the new villain

4:the new villain is supreme leader “snoke” and he has a apprentice.

5:the new Jedi is Anikan sky walker and he kills snoke!!!

Peace dragons!!!!!!!!!!

Today our class met Linda Ragsdale she is in ISB to talk about (PEACE) I think her stories (including hers) was all very inspiring I find her very special because she kept her calm when she found out she had cancer and she had to do chemo.

I think what she’s doing is very great because not a lot people is making a difference in the world now.

she also explained to us our fire(your feeling and anger) and where her husband came in and said “where are my sock” then she said”your a big boy find them yourself” then he turned to the oldest brother and he said”Eat your breakfast”then he turned to his little brother then he said

“you eat your breakfast” than he turned to his little sister and said “Eat your breakfast” then she turned to the cat and said”yoyjfwekaioefwbjehejf” and if his husband just waited and asked her the fire would of never happened.

Who can go to mars!

Nasa have to pick team of smart intelligent and corroporative people.The trip is nearly 7 million miles from earth it will take 3 whole years. This study is to show how people can live lonley in a faraway land so the astrunauts are going to Antarticta to train.If the group don’t corroporate it can lead to illness.Each astonout has its own stregnth and weaknesses and thats what makes then such a good team.

I choose this because I have been wondering what is on mars since the first transformer movie(2009) and recently I saw this movie called the mation and I noticed that this is idetical to the movie.




Hey friends at the Star killer base/ death star 3

Hello My name is Darth Elhoesba/ Elhosaly I am 76 years old my have 6 sisters and I was born an Tatooine one day I was taking a walk then some storm troopers captured me. my master kylo ren said I connection with the force.I have been trained by the great Kylo ren about the dark side of the force. After 50 years battling the resistance I was brought to the light side by the great Luke Skywalker then two years later I found a boy abandoned on jaku I was surprised that I had feeling that he should be apprentice then I killed the Sith lord Darth sisdoious.Now back to the person i found on jaqu two he went running toward a hut then I realized that he was my nephew because his mother is my sister is the great Jedi knight princesses Amdadala the daughter of queen amhamadala