River Field Study – Data Collection 6

Today On April 8, we found around the same amount of insects that we found last month but we found more species. We also found lots of more Flowers blossoming and more trees starting to grow leaves again. This is because the weather is getting warmer,  spring is here. I noticed that the data during the Winter months ex. December, January, etc. there was no insects or signs of them at all but whenever it gets warmer, they start to appear again. Next time we collect data, I wonder if there will be an increase in plants and insects, if so how many more, and what new species may we encounter.

Quadrant 1 Data

Quadrant 2 Data

This is Quadrant one, as you can see like I said before there is now flowers in our quadrant now.

A closer look at the flower from the last picture


A graph of the Number of Insects In our Quadrants in the last couple of months.





In our first Position

Second position

Us as a Door

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that freedom and power are related, the more freedom you have the more power you have. Usually if you can do whatever you want, you have lots of power to do anything you can or want.

For example, a child working in the Congo has less freedom then say a child in the US and the Child in the US has more power because of freedom.

Before this project I used to think that everyone should have freedom of speech now I think there should be some limitations, for example hate speech. Looking at both sides made me understand how each side had their valid points and you can understand the topic more deeply.

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I now realize that there are millions of children working all over the world to make things for the biggest companies in the world,

For example, Apple, Hershey, Starbucks, Nike, Walmart, Nestle, Etc.


River Field Study – Data Collection 5

This is our Data table so far, we found lots of spiders today, there was a lot more compared to last month’s 0 insect

This is a photo of Quadrant one

In March, we found lots more insects than we found last month and we also found some plants to be growing, I believe that this is because that the weather is getting warmer, and spring is coming. I noticed that the data during the Winter months ex December, January, etc. there was no insects or signs of them at all but whenever it gets warmer, they start to appear again. Next time we collect data, I wonder if there will be an increase in plants and insects, if so how many more, and what new species may we encounter.

Considering Viewpoints – Demonstration of Learning


Reflect and Exhibit Final Post

I chose Creativity and Innovation for my L21 focus, I think I learned a lot during this project about Innovation and creativity I learned that 90% of the time your first design is just not going to work. I also learned lots of skills involving how to use paint on foam, shaping foam, waxing wood and lots more. One example of me problem-solving is when my first plan of cutting the foam block and spray painting it directly, didn’t work at all. The foam was very rough and scratchy after I cut it and I couldn’t get any spray paint. I solved this problem by cutting out small pieces of foam and then hot glueing them to my foam block.

I enjoyed challenging myself to learn how to work with foam and other materials I never worked with before.

This will help me in the future whenever I work with foam or polishing wood etc. Overall, this Ignite week helped me grow because now I have more experience and skills working with foam, wood wax, paint, sanding, and etc.

Below are some photos of my Final Design, and sketch.

• Make It: Create and Improve

  • One of the biggest challenges was the foam block not being smooth after cutting it.
  • I struggled to find a way to get the Foam smooth. I tried to sand it using the electric sanders and the manual sanders but just didn’t work for what I had planned to do with the foam and It made a huge mess everywhere and was probably poisonous.
  • So I solved that problem by just using other pieces of foam and sticking it to my main piece of foam.


Below are some photos of my sketch and prototype for my rings around the handle.
















Make It Develop and Plan

For my project, I first planned to create the Batarangs from The Dark Knight but my Facilitators and I agreed a creating a project that would be less dangerous to build and to exhibit. So I have decided to create Thor’s hammer from ‘Thor: A Dark World’ Mjolnir. During this project, I will need to use such as foam, wood, sandpaper, wood wax, and paint. I will need to learn how to wax wood, improve my skills on sanding and cutting wood, working with foam, and spray painting. I plan to use an electric sander, saws, spray paint, drills, and wood wax to help me level up my skill level with Wood, foam, and Paint,

I got my ideas from watching a youtube tutorial on how to build this hammer while giving me tips and tricks.

Link To Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRjI-dvK_eo

Below is a sketch/model of my design.







Make It Define and Inquire

For ignite week, we are creating an artifact from either a book or story that we are a fan of. First, I wanted to create something from the Marvel universe, but most of the projects I was interested in making, were either to difficult to build or would take too long. I have decided to make the Batarang from the Movie “The Dark Night Rises” because that wouldn’t take too long and not too difficult to make. Here are some pictures that inspired me:

I hope I am able to make something that others can recognize and know what it is.

I believe my audience would be anyone who is interested in Batman or know even a tiny bit about him, also I think my friends would be my audience because they are also big fans of the MCU and the DCEU.

Some things that would be challenging for me would be working with metal to make something because I have never worked with metal before. I think another challenge would be cutting the metal to have the shape I want. Another challenge would be Spray painting for me. I think working with Spray paint will be very new to me.

One Day Box Reflection

For One Day I made my box with cut pieces from a long Wooden plank, I faced lots and lots of challenges such as cutting the wood exactly the length, and also making sure I drilled in the right places and that everything would fit correctly into place and not crack the wood are anything. The Dimensions are 30-20-10 Cm


Picture of Box

One Day: Planning

For my One day project, I plan to create a box made of several pieces of wood cut from a board I got at the fab lab. I plan to cut 6 pieces of wood around 30 centimetres long each and I plan to cut some pieces and then drill them together. In the end, the box will have a measurement of 30cm-25cm-13cm

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