Blurb: Xavier lived an extravagant life, one filled with luxury, money, and delight. His father was a leading representative at SpaceX but one day because of the emissions regulation of 2039 that Xavier’s Dad had lied about, in result, the entire company was getting shut down, Xavier’s family was getting kicked out of their home, everything they owned was getting taken away by the government. As they struggle to survive in their new situation, Xavier’s Dad is enrolled in prison. Discover what happens to Xavier’s family.  Full story: 2050 Eric.H Sci-fi Narrative  


Eggs in Corn Syrup and Water Experiment


This is what we did for the experiment, we first put an egg into vinegar to get rid of the shell. We then put an egg into the water and an egg into corn syrup and the eggs would shrink or expand. Below are some pictures of my investigative design, data table, and initial and final models from this experiment.

For my Investive Design, something I could have improved on is maybe having my procedure on my Investive design, My design can be repeated by others because everyone’s Independent Variable and Dependent Variable will be the same.  Something that might have been an issue is that we couldn’t soak the eggs in either Vinegar, corn syrup, and water for exactly 24 hours, because there isn’t always exactly 24 hours between classes. I have also collected additional information by putting the egg that had already shrunk from the corn syrup into the water, and vice versa. And also my data table shows our data through the different experiments, and it shows how two of our eggs broke during the experiment.

For my Initial model, I described the phenomenon and what was happening to the eggs but I did not explain why that was happening. But for my final model, I described the phenomenon I  knew that the water particles are small enough to be able to pass in and out of the egg membrane, but sugar particles are too big to do that. So that’s why when we are putting in corn syrup, the water particles from the egg move out of the egg, and the sugar particles stay out, and the egg shrinks. And when put it into the water, the water particles are able to move inside the egg now and fill up all the space that is in the egg with water molecules now because now without the shell they are able to pass through the egg membrane.

What? So What? Now What?

An issue we are facing today that will get worse with a growing population is climate change. Last year when I was researching world problems to write essays on I found lots of articles talking about climate change, a big factor is meat consumptions especially beef. It is the biggest Greenhouse gas maker in Agriculture. I was amazed by the fact that a kilogram of beef is responsible for the equivalent of the amount of CO2 emitted by the average European car every 250 kilometres, and burns enough energy to light a 100-watt bulb for nearly 20 days (New Scientist magazine, 18 July 2007, page 15 )

I haven’t stopped eating beef though because I love it too much, but one thing I have started to do is not using almost any single-use plastics. I started this because another massive greenhouse gas Producer is Plastic, I think that this is more manageable for me. And For almost 6 months I haven’t used a single plastic water bottle.


River Field Study – Data Collection 3

This was on November 20 of 2018, We went to the Wenyu River, we collected data on how many insects they were in our two quadrants. One is near the actual river and one is far away from it. The first image is of our data table. It consists of all the Data we have collected so far. Today on our Study we have found zero insects and we have noticed that there is barely any green. The second is photo is of our first quadrant last month when we collected data and the Last photo is of the same quadrant but taken today, you can tell that there is a lot less green.

2050 – Will We Survive?

This is the first Sketch of my Poster, I had split everything Into little sections on the poster, for example, I had the timeline In one section and the Icons in another. But when I finished around half of the poster I realized that it didn’t really fit or work really well, So I started to make a presentation, I made this also Into sections so, for example, I made foragers into one section or farmers into one section like this. Then I also had my explanations for the Icons underneath the Icons along with why I chose the colours.

The reason I chose Red For Foragers was that I think Red symbolizes Blood and In foraging times they used to hunt for food so there would be lots of blood

I reason I chose Green for farming was that Green represents Growth and I think the can represent farming because plants are growing

I chose Grey because During the Industrial Revolution there was lots of grey smoke.

I chose Blue because I believe Blue represents Discovery, Technology, and the Future


I also made my timeline into two slides because it would not fit into one slide. So this is one of two of the Timeline Slides

Click on 2050 to see my whole Presentation

River Field Study – Data Collection 2

 Today first we went to the Quadrant 1 and we saw absolutely no life, all we saw was a bunch of leaves. And at quadrant 2 we saw one spider.

Stories of the Future:Day Zero

These are the three biggest world problems

1. Global warming ( Climate Change)

2. World hunger

3. Over population

Two wonders

  1. I wonder If Elon musk’s plans to go to mars ever happened

2. I wonder how they can create more resources to stop lack of resources and over population


I believe I am a optimist

After all the things we did today I still believe am a optimist and I think that there will solutions to these problems but I don’t believe it will be that easy, because I think when they fix an big problem like that I think there will be several problems so I there will still be separation between the rich and the poor and the rich will always have bigger and better lands. But if we do accomplish going to mars and building houses and cities then there won’t be overpopulation thus no lack of resources lack of space.


Headline : I believe we can solve these problems but it’ll be very hard


Is the Internet Stalking you?


Eric Ho G7 Big Data Essay    

According to Instagram, over 60 million Photos and videos are uploaded daily, and over 5 billion YouTube videos are watched daily. YouTube and Instagram both track your every move, so they know what you watch, and what you post. Then they put all this data into their AI and Algorithms so this is how they know basically everything about you, so that’s how they recommend videos that they know you will watch. Although you might think this is quite creepy and scary, but I believe that the benefits of these companies collecting Big data will out weight the negatives because of how much more convenient and safer big data will make our lives world. 

Big Data will lead to new innovations and technologies that will improve our lives and the world. One way Big Data will improve our lives and world is by creating new innovations. Many innovations that we rely on today for pretty much everything we do, like the internet, were invented because scientists needed a faster and more efficient way of transporting and creating data. According to “Big Data” by Ted-Ed ,Big data creates challenges and it pushes people to invent new technologies to improve our lives. The more data we have, the more challenges and problems will occur, this will continue to push scientist to create more efficient and better technologies generations.     

Another way Big data will improve our lives is by making our society and Environment safer. According to “Big data is better data” by Kenneth Cukier and Ted-Ed in Japan they are using Data from sensors that are in cars to know your body shape and size so your car can know when thieves are trying stealing your car. The car can recognize and then stop. They can also help the driver to be more focused and be more careful on the road because of the artificial intelligence. The AI can figure out when you are fatigued or tired because of, for example how you are sitting. When you are so tired that you begin to fall asleep the car will ring alarms and light and it will help you wake up and stay awake.    

According to BBC news and Wall street journal, In China the government are building millions of high tech Facial recognition cameras that can track your every move and identify who you are, where you live, who are your relatives, and your family basically they know more about you that you know about yourself. These new cameras can find people that are missing very easily because of how many cameras there are and how spread out they are. These cameras can also recognize when people are doing something illegal on its own like a car crossing the road when the light is red. When these cameras find like a person that escaped from a prison, for example, it immediately contacts the local police. They have already placed hundreds of thousands of these cameras off over China and they plan to have millions more.     


But we also need to acknowledge that many people believe that this is an invasion of their privacy, but personally I believe that if all this data is in the right hands like the government then nothing bad will happen to you. You might be wondering what if the government got hacked, well these companies have hired hackers to hack their software and then software developers make sure that they can’t hack it again. Also, according to “Surveillance technology raises concerns about privacy violations” by The Guardian there have been many innocent people who arrested in the US, I personally think that the government made a mistake here because the way that AI works is that the more information the AI has the better it works. I think what happened in these arrests is that the AI did not have enough information thus it failed to work so if I think they had collected more data none of this would have happened. This AI is also being used in China as I said earlier and it is more advanced because of how much more data they have.    

Big Data also can make your lives more convenient, many of the high tech cameras I mentioned earlier are inside office buildings. These cameras can recognize your face and then give you authorization to enter the building so you don’t need a card to enter an office building anymore you only need your face, if we had this technology everywhere life would be much more convenient, for example, every time you bought coffee all you would need is your face you wouldn’t even need your wallet, you wouldn’t need your phone. All you would need is your face. And this technology is already implemented into everything you do for example the iPhone X is unlocked using Facial Recognition and just the other day I was at a Mcdonalds and they scanned my face for meal recommendations.   

In summary, even many people believe that we shouldn’t give up our privacy, I believe the benefits that will come if you give up your privacy will outweigh the negatives, first Big Data will make our world much more convenient, by using these high tech cameras these cameras can make your everyday life easier, for example since these cameras can scan your face, at places like Mcdonalds you can pay for your meal by just scanning your face, big data will also make our community and world much safer, this is also done these high tech security cameras but these have special with facial recognition and artificial intelligence technology in them so these cameras can detect when someone is committing a crime and they can find a person that’s has gone missing. In China: the world’s biggest camera surveillance network (BBC, 2018) The news reporter tried to escape from the police and it only took them 7 short minutes to find the reporter. And you still might not be convinced that Big Data is worth sacrificing your privacy but In the same BBC news report I mentioned earlier, the reporters went to a police station and basically what they got from going there was “If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.” (James Sudworth, 2018) So I think that this is why Big Data is the key to leading us to the future.    









































Eric Ho’s Music Project


The music statement thingy  

I chose the music by numbers. The first thing I did when making my piece was figuring out what key would it be in, then I figured out what I would play for my left hand, I could only think of three notes so I just played them over and over again. Then for the melody, I was sick, so my data for sleep and Screen time shot up so I made it be ascending upwards.  






I have feeling no one will see this me is sad 🙁

Make it Reflect and Exhibit

Looking back at this project I learned a lot with different things like Adobe Illustrator, I learned how to create words and designs
and then print and cut them out in real life using Acrylic and other materials. I learned how to use sanders on acrylic to make the edges more smooth I also learned how the stick things on with different objects like magnets and velcro and suctions cups etc.
I think our biggest mistake was cleaning the board by our selfs thus scratching the different boards and making everything with soap on them


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