Stay healthy everyday!

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to explain about the 5 leading causes of death, and how to prevent those diseases.

As you can see in my table, exercising everyday is really good for your body. Because exercise makes your heart pump fast, which will make your obstacles in vessels will flow away. Drinking large amount of water is also good for your health, as water takes 70% of our body. Fruits and vegetables are also very good for body, they give a wide range of vitamins. The left column will make your body healthy and avoid you from the diseases that you clearly don’t want to get!

And on the right side of my table, you can see the stuff that are BAD for your body, which will make you likely to have the diseases! Smoking is really bad for our body, as it gets in to our respiratory organs, such as a lung. Stress is also very bad for your body, it make you get stroke because you have too much stress in you, you sometimes have to let your stress go and gain happy energy!

If you follow the left side of the column and stop the right side of the column, you will get healthy, and your body will be able to avoid a lot of diseases!

Healthy food sharing party!

Homemade orange + lemon juice

Ingredient: orange, lemon Food group: good fat Nutrients: vitamins

I brought this because my mom and I sometimes make this juice so we can have enough vitamins, and I also want everyone to have enough vitamins! This food collaborates with the dishes because they only brought whole foods, and they might need some drinks! And they will gain their necessary vitamins!


A box… AND WHAT?

I feel like I’m opening a box that is from stranger, I’m excited but I’m scared too. I feel excited because I’ll have my own blog to write as I’m thinking what’s in the box, but I feel scare because there might be a cyberbully anonymously, as I’m scared of what’s in the box, there might be a violent object. I have mixture feeling about starting blog.